6/6 NXT TV results: Moore’s review of a battle royal for a shot at the NXT Women’s Title, Eddy Thorpe vs. Damon Kemp, Rip Fowler, Jagger Reid, and Ava vs. Julius Creed, Brutus Creed, and Ivy Nile, Mustafa Ali vs. Joe Gacy, Dani Palmer vs. Blair Davenport, Ilja Dragunov returns


By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center
Aired live June 6, 2023 on USA Network

[Hour One] Vic Joseph and Booker T were on commentary. Alicia Taylor was the ring announcer…

Baron Corbin arrived at the WWE Performance Center and marched through the halls. He passed by several wrestlers like Tyler Bate or Eddy Thorpe. Corbin passed by the Gorilla Position and asked them to play his music. Corbin made his entrance to his 2nd Happy Corbin theme (ugh). A replay aired of Corbin’s attack on Carmelo Hayes last week to close the show.

Corbin said he never thought he’d be back in NXT. He said when he got called up he cleared his locker and never looked back. Corbin talked about how he went on to main event PPVs. Corbin said he’s watched wrestlers get called up alongside him and he saw them full of talent and hunger. Corbin said something change because the call-ups nowadays have ego and attitude.

Corbin said people be entitled, twiddling on their cell phones. Corbin said he sees the current crop of NXT talent expecting greatness or complaining about not being called up. Corbin said they are living in the house that Corbin and the OGs built. Corbin said he and the crew from FCW made NXT into a brand that sells out arenas like Barclays. He said the locker room is soft and weak.  Corbin said he’s going to take control of the next draft class by making the locker room regret signing a WWE contract.

Corbin talked about Carmelo Hayes thinking he’s all high, but he beat down Melo last week and held the title over his head. Ilja Dragunov interrupted the promo with his entrance. He was wearing his fancy suit and turtleneck. He introduced himself to Corbin by name. Baron asked Ilja what he wants? Ilja said he came out her to look Corbin in the eyes and say he’s not soft and week. He said he’s the most intense person in NXT.

Ilja said he’s putting himself first in line to face  Melo for the title. Baron said that’s arrogant to say. Baron said he’s been to 6 WrestleManias, retired Kurt Angle, done a bunch of things, and was the last person to pin Roman Reigns. Ilja said he doesn’t mind pushing Corbin aside to get what he wants. Corbin said he’ll jump the line because he’s the biggest star in the building. Ilja said while Corbin bakes assumptions, Ilja makes challenges. Ilja challenged Corbin to a match on this week’s show.

Corbin asked Ilja if he’s sure after that match at Battleground. Ilja said he definitely is. Ilja revealed a blue bruise across his gut. Corbin said Ilja may have one bruise now, but he’ll have many later on. Corbin was posing in the ring after Ilja left. Trick Williams jumped Corbin from the ring. Trick stood tall in the ring to end the segment…

John’s Thoughts: One of the best serious promos Corbin has cut in his career. He’s spent so much time on the main roster as a court jester, that you wonder if he has it in him to be treated seriously? Here he showed he can. I hope we see more of this Corbin. What he did gain from his time as a clown, is better mic presence and confidence. That’s something that’s night and day compared to when he was in NXT the last time and he seemed a bit nervous. One thing they need to do is get rid of his Happy-ish Corbin entrance. Go back to his Lone Wolf stuff.

The show cut to Thea Hail and Duke Hudson outside. Hail was exhausted. Charlie Dempsey showed up and congratulated Hail for a good training session. Hudson was confused and Hail said she loves the techniques she’s learning. Hudson continued to be confused ad Hail liking the people that made fun of her and made her cry. Hail was her usual excited self…

Ava and The Dyad made their entrance. Joe Gacy headed to the back…[c]

During the commercial break, Bron Breakker beat down Ilja Dragunov backstage. The referees sent Breakker away while Ilja writhed in pain…

1. Julius Creed, Brutus Creed, and Ivy Nile vs. “The Schism” Ava, Jagger Reid, and Rip Fowler in a mixed tag match. Fowler and Julius started the match. Julius took down Fowler with an armbar. Fowler dragged Julius to his corner and tag in Reid. Reid escaped a hold and gave Reid chained Belly to Back suplexes. Brutus tagged in. The Creeds ping ponged Reid with knees to the gut.

Reid hit Julius with a back elbow. Julius lifted Reid deadlift style from sitting on his butt. It was impressive. The Creeds did their signature quick tag delayed vertical suplex baton pass. Julius finally hit the suplex and did a kip up. Reid went for a Monkey Flip, but Julius landed on his feet and landed a dropkick on Reid.

Ava tagged in, meaning Ivy Nile is required to enter. Nile dared Ava to come at her. Ava tagged out. LOL. Julius had to come in, and he hit Fowler with a knee to the gut. Brutus blind tagged nd hit Reid with a big double axe handle dive. Brutus did a backflip over Fowler and hit Fowler with a Military Press into a standing Moonsault. The Diamond Mine performed suplexes on each other to hit Fowler. The show cut to regular commercial.[c]

The Dyad cut the ring in half on Brutus. Brutus tried to fight out of the corner, but Fowler hit Brutus with a throat punch. Ava gave a cheap shot to Ivy. Reid hit Brutus with an assisted Sliced Bread for a two count. Baron Corbin vs. Trick Williams was announced for later in the night. Brutus managed to land a deadlift suplex on Fowler. Reid tagged in and cut Brutus at the pass with a sleeper.

Brutus struggled, but managed to get Julius for the milked hot tag. Julius suplexed the Dyad all over the place and did kip ups. Julius hit Reid and Fowler with a double Northern Lights. Julius hit The Dyad with a Best Moonsault Ever. Reid managed to hit Julius with a dropkick. Brutus hit Fowler with a Brutus Ball. All four men traded moves and took each other out.

Ivy Nile tagged in, forcing Ava in the match. Ava and Ivy traded right hands. Ivy hit Ava with a nice kick combo. Ava tagged Ivy with a Scorpion Kick. Ivy put Ava in the Dragon Sleeper. Reid broke the sleeper. Ivy made Reid pass out to a sleeper. While the referee was distracted by Reid, Ava hit Ivy in the face with their Schism mask. Ava picked up the win.

The Schism defeated Ivy Nile, Julius Creed, and Brutus Creed via pinfall in 13:27. 

John’s Thoughts: Fun tag team stuff between The Creeds and Dyad. The Dyad are in their lame duck phase of taking losses (surprised they won here), but they are being featured well and are not phoning it in with one foot out the door (Heck, Zack Gibson is still saving off his signature beard). The Creeds continue to wow with their athleticism and innovative power moves. Ava, is obviously not ready for prime time in terms of ring work. She’s been in the PC for a while, so I wonder what’s holding her back?

Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo met Tony D’Angelo at the prison meeting window. Tony said he’s happy because Knuckles is in jail with him, which means he gets good steaks. He said they even hooked him up with the Peacock Network in prison. Tony asked Stacks if they found the rat. Stacks said he has Kim Kardashian helping him out.

Tony said he doesn’t want to put his life in Kim K’s hands. Stacks said that their mafia family has many enemies like Legado Del Fantasma and others. Tony told Stacks to figure it out because he got promoted to Underboss…

John’s Thoughts: Oh lord, how many mafia clichés can WWE stuff in one segment? I did get a laugh out of Tony plugging the Peacock network from jail.

A sponsored replay aired which replayed Blair Davenport making her NXT return last week…[c]

Vic Joseph and Booker T checked in from commentary. Booker plugged the Most Wanted Treasures show…

Vic sent the show to Von Wagner and Robert Stone at the therapist office. Stone said they’ve been to many therapists already and none of them worked. They cut to a flashback where a therapist tried to address Von’s anger issues. Von told the therapist to “go f–k yourself”. Cut back to today, Von said that therapist was a jackass.

They then showed a flashback of Von choking another therapist. Stone said he really thinks this one is going to work. A random man that looks like a WWE developmental wrestler walked out of the office crying and thanking the doctor. Von said there’s no way he’s doing this. Von said he doesn’t know what his dad would think. Von was about to walk out, but the doctor revealed she was a sexy shawty.

Von said maybe he’ll give it a shot. Von told Stone to stay here because “I got this”. Von gave Stone a wink before going into the doctor’s office…

John’s Thoughts: What in the Porn Hub was that? It did crack me up though. With BDSM torture, sexytaries, sexy businesswomen, Nikkita Lyons, and now potential doctor office sex? Are HBK and crew trying to create a NXT Porn Division? I kid, I kid.

Entrances for the next match took place…

2. Blair Davenport vs. Dani Palmer. The match started out with a collar and elbow. Blair gave Dani a flapjack. Blair womanhandled Dani across the ring. Blair hit Dani with a gutbuster. Palmer came back with a rollup for a two count. Dani hit Blair with a leaping meteora for a two count. Davenport tossed Palmer off the top rope. Blair hit Dami with a Kamigoye and Falcon Arrow for the victory.

Blair Davenport defeated Dani Palmer via pinfall in 3:01.

Dana Brooke was in the parking lot and she said she was in NXT to join the number one contender’s battle royal. Vic Joseph reminded viewers that Brooke is a “free agent”. Vic also plugged Trick Williams vs. Baron Corbin for later in the show…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Good return match for Blair to get her reintroduced to the NXT audience. She’s definitely a person to look out for as a potential main event player in the WWE women’s division. Cool to see Dana Brooke back in NXT. She’s someone, like Corbin, who could use time to refresh themselves off of the main shows.

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Tiffany Stratton about Dana Brooke showing up. Tiffany said she is not shocked because she made the title must-see. Tiffany said people are coming from all corners. Tiffany said no one was happy to see her win, even McKenzie. McKenzie asked Tiffany who her favorite to win was? Tiffany said that the only person she thinks would win is Lyra Valkyria because Lyra pushed her to the limit and she can’t see anyone else doing it.

Baron Corbin made his entrance to his goofy ass theme. Corbin wore a tank top and shorts (Kinda like his old Indianapolis Colts roommate, Pat McAfee). His opponent is Trick Williams. A tweet showed that Carmelo was not here and selling the injury…

3. Baron Corbin vs. Trick Williams. Baron dominated the match with overhead strikes. Corbin worked on Trick with methodical strikes. Trick managed to avoid a Stinger splash, allowing him to overwhelm Corbin with strikes. Trick hit Corbin with a pop-up right hand heading into picture-in-picture.[c]

Trick slammed Baron’s face on the announce desk. Corbin sidestepped Trick and hurt his knee by running into the announce table. Baron went to town on Trick’s injured knee. Corbin tossed Trick knee first into the steel steps. Corbin hit Trick with a spinebuster and put Trikc in a single leg crab on the injured knee.

[Hour Two] Trick got to the bottom rope for the break. Trick rocked Corbin with an Eddy Gordo Roundhouse. Trick rallied with right hands. Trick hit Baron with a high knee. Trick hit Baron with a flying clothesline. Trick hit Corbin with a rolling neckbreaker. Trick caught Corbin with a sliding handstand roundhouse.

Corbin hit Trick with a Deep Six for a two count. Trick fought to escape the top rope. Trick tossed Corbin into the ringpost. Trick knocked down Corbin with alternating hands. Trick went for a Tornado Kick but his injured knee buckled. Baron Corbin hit End of Days for the win.

Baron Corbin defeated Trick Williams via pinfall in 11:25. 

Corbin’s goofy music played. Corbin went to the camera and said he’s going to try to qualify for Money in the Bank on Smackdown this Friday, but he’ll be back on NXT next week. Corbin called out Ilja Dragunov…

John’s Thoughts: Corbin’s style can be a bit plodding, but he was solid here in carrying the rookie Trick Williams. I’m liking disgruntled veteran Baron Corbin and it works in NXT where he could be the vet that doesn’t like what NXT has become. Trick Williams has had several good showings recently. He really benifited from WWE not over-exposing Trick’s inexperience. He’s been hidden well and his gift of being featured off screen on live events and Level Up has done him favors of impressing in a good way.

Nathan Frazer’s John Oliver inspired news segment aired, Hard Hitting Home Truths. Frazer started the match with a NXT Battleground recap. Frazer talked about how he and Dragon Lee prevented Noam Dar’s new “megagroup” from stealing the NXT Championship last week. Frazer introduced his “Senior Global Correspondent” Dragon Lee. Dragon spoke in Spanish and Frazer didn’t understand.

Lee then introduced a Top 5 List, the Top 5 potential names for Noam’s new group: 1) Two awful chat show hosts plus two, 2) The Oro Mensah Experience, 3) The Jakara Jackson 5 minus 1, 4) The long Lost Legends with Lash, and 5) Noam’s rent-a-friends. Frazer said Noam is a fraud that already lost to Frazer two weeks ago. Frazer challenged Noam to a Heritage Cup match next week. Frazer closed the show and said the ball is in Noam’s court…

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Mustafa Ali about arriving in NXT. Ali said he’s excited to be a free agent and he might finally become a champion (didn’t he win the Cruiserweight title?). Wes Lee introduced himself to Ali. Ali said he’s happy to be here and maybe he’ll have a match against Lee down the road for the belt, as long as Lee is still champion by that time. Mustafa Ali made his entrance to the Performance Center ring…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Dragon Lee’s not ready yet for comedy, but maybe practice would make perfect. If anything this experience would maybe get him out of his shell a bit. The top 5 list was a bit cringe. Though I did like the Oro Mensah Experience line if only for the Prince reference. Frazer continues to be the star of these news segments. The concept of being Pro Wrestling’s John Oliver shouldn’t work, but Frazer is the one coming out of his shell and showing that he’s a good talker.

Joe Gacy made his entrance with his weird orange shades…

4. Mustafa Ali vs. Joe Gacy. Gacy turned Ali inside-out with a lariat. Ali went for a slingshot but was shoved to ringside (which Ali sold like he got shot, good sell). Gacy got a two count after a Uranage. Gacy hit Ali with a snap DDT for a two count. Ali hit Gacy with a roundhouse and rolling neckbreaker. Gacy caught Ali on the top rope with a right hand.

Ali hit Gacy with a big Sunset Bomb. Ali hit Gacy with the 450 for the win.

Mustafa Ali defeated Joe Gacy via pinfall in 3:12. 

Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid ran in from the back to put the boots to Ali. Tyler Bate and Wes Lee cleared the heels from The Dyad from the ring. Ali cleared Gacy from the ring with a superkick. The babyfaces stood tall to end the segment…

John’s Thoughts: Ali should be a treat in NXT, but I don’t want him hanging around the Schism to long. Gacy and Ava have potential, but I wonder how strong they’d be allow to look before The Dyad leave? I also looked it up, Mustafa Ali never won the Cruiserweight Championship!!! I remember all those great 205 Live feuds he had and he never won the title! He’s never won gold in WWE. The guy’s so good that he doesn’t need a title to be interesting. Here’s hoping he gets to main event a WrestleMania one year because the guy definitely has the talent to do so. I wouldn’t mind if he whips out the DSLR again and start doing his old Chicago Cop story again.

Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen were backstage hyping up Fallon Henley for her upcoming battle royal. Edris Enofe and Malik Blade approached Briggs and Jensen and said it’s their fault for gassing up Hank and Tank. Blade and Enofe gave Briggs and Jensen some newlywed game questions and they got the questions right.

Hank and Tank showed up and invited Briggs and Jensen to go to the bar. Briggs and Jensen agreed and left with Hank and Tank. Gallus showed up and Joe Coffey mocked Enofe and Blade for not being champions. Gallus left. Enofe and Blade said that they were ready to face Gallus in a tag title match…[c]

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Noam Dar and his group. Noam said this is not “my” group, it’s “our” group. He said since he’s a Supernova, he has to surround himself with bright stars. Noam introduced Oro Mensah as undervalued and underappreciated. Oro thanked Noam for bringing him on a PLE. Noam then introduced “Action” Miss Jackson. Noam said Jackson was on NBC’s Titan Games. Jackson said she  bout to become a Titan in this game. Noam responded by saying “Heard dat!” (Yo! Mah man! No am! This guy is the best!)

Noam introduced Lash The Legend. Noam said that Lash will beat you physically, emotionally, and mentally and is a future GOAT. Lash said the screen can handle this brightness because they all shinin’. McKenzie asked Noam about Nathan’s challenge. Noam deflected and said that there’s no disrespecting “The Metaphor”…

John’s Thoughts: “The Metaphor” Is that their name? Ok? Maybe not. What I am happy about is how this faction is panning out. Oro’s obviously the weakest on the mic, but he’s talented in the ring and is surrounded by a ton of charisma in Lash and Noam. Miss Jackson has looked solid on the mic from what little we saw of her. This crew has the potential to be one of my favorite factions in WWE, solely because of the entertainment potential all up in Noam and Lash.

Damon Kemp made his entrance wearing a Donkey Kong inspired singlet (Get it? DK)…

5. Eddy Thorpe vs. Damon Kemp. Thorpe worked on Kemp with a side headlock. Thorpe hit Kemp with a corkscrew crossbody. Kemp came back with a Death Valley Driver for a two count. Vic Joseph hyped Reggie/Scrypts vs. Dabba-Kato for after the break. Kemp hit Thorpe with a suplex. Kemp grounded Thorpe with a backbreaker. Kemp bout Thorpe in a modified Camel Clutch. Thorpe tried to escape, but Kemp turned the move to a Rear Naked Choke.

Thorpe got to his feet and worked on Kemp with right hands and clotheslines. Thorpe hit Kemp with a front and Pele Kick. Thrope hit Kemp with a hanging elbow drop. Kemp got to the bottom rope. Kemp almost pushed Kemp into the ref. Thorpe hit Kemp with a Bridged German for the win. (Kemp got a foot on the ropes, but the referee didn’t see it).

Eddy Thorpe defeated Damon Kemp via pinfall in 4:06.

Damon Kemp tried to plead his cases at ringside but the referee’s decision stands…

Gigi Dolin was talking to her brother on the phone, talking about how excited she was to have a chance to get the title later. After she got off the phone, Kiana James showed up to antagonize Gigi. Gigi called Kiana a stuck up elitist. Dabba Kato walked past both women looking intimidating heading into break…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Short match, but smart way to continue the feud. I was disappointed that Damon Kemp spent stretches of time off TV because he was so good on the mic and in the ring when feuded with Roderick Strong and Julius Creed in successive feuds. Here’s hoping Bobby Steveson gets more TV time now that he’s in somewhat of a feud. The finish gives him an out to get on the nerves of Eddy. Speaking of Steveson, where in the world is his famous Gold Medalist brother? Gable?

Dabba-Kato made his entrance. His opponent is Reggie, who’s still calling himself scrypts and coming out to his dark entrance theme. At least he doesn’t look like a tool anymore…

6. Dabba-Kato vs. Scrypts. Scrypts kicked and punched Kato, which Kato no-sold. Dabba then punched Scrypts in the kidneys. Scrypts hit Dabba with a chop, but was turned inside out with a Big Boot. Dabba hit Scrypts with 3 or 4 body slams. Dabba put Scrypts in a Bear Hug. Dabba dumped Scrypts to ringside. Dabba gave Scrypts a chest chop on the announce table.

Axiom showed up to distract Dabba. Dabba shoved Scrypts aside. Axiom jumped over Dabba to get Dabba’s attention. Scrypts did his trampoline jump into a punch. Scrypts sent Dabba into the ringpost and rolled up Dabba for the surprise win.

Scrypts defeated Dabba Kato via pinfall in 2:51.

Dabba Kato gave Scrypts a flapjack. Dabba swatted Axiom out of the air. Dabba choke slammed Axiom on Scrypts…

Joe Gacy was ranting in front of the Schism. Gacy said next week they will expose Ali’s alliance. Fowler talked about how he, Ava, and Fowler did the Schism well. Gacy congratulated them all and said he’s the one dragging them down. Gacy said that he needs to reflect. Ava said one root doesn’t have to stablize the tree. Reid said that they’ll all have his back next week…

John’s Thoughts: Here’s hoping Gacy gets some character development. Looks like they might be going for some. Good to see Scrypts get out of that awful mask. Damn that mask was ass. He’s also dropped the weird cursive writing thing for now. Here’s hoping that they take a bit of a serious turn for him. I posted that PBS documentary on him last week of how he got out of the Crips gang by getting into gymnastics. I’m guessing “Scrypts” will end up being revealed as his hood name.

Lyra Valkyria made her entrance. Cora Jade was the 2nd woman out for the battle royal…[c]

Mustafa Ali thanked Tyler Bate and Wes Lee. Lee and Bate said they’ll beat Schism last week. Ali told Lee and Bate to be more positive. Ali said the world wants to see Bate and Lee in a singles match. Bate said he doesn’t want to mess up their friendship.

Lee said with Bate being straightforward they’re all good. They did a secret handshake. Ali talked about having a Money In the Bank qualifying match and a six person tag next week. Ali said after that we’ll see Bate and Lee tear the house down…

John’s Thoughts: Damn. I really hope Ali gets all of this Positive-Ali stuff out of his system. It feels so fake when we seen him in the past come off as so real. Heck, when he was the leader of Retribution he came off as more “Real”.

Vic Joseph and Booker T checked in from the commentary table. Vic plugged Great American Bash ticket sales.

The following segments were advertised for next week: Tyler Bate, Wes Lee, and Mustafa Ali vs. Schism, Baron Corbin vs. Ilja Dragunov, and Noam Dar vs. Nathan Frazer in a Rounds Match for the Heritage Cup.

Most of the women were already in the ring. Roxanne Perez and Dana Brooke got televised entrances.

7. Women’s Number One Contender Battle Royal. The usual madness ensued. Jacy Jayne eliminated a random blonde lady. Oro Mensah caught Miss Jackson to save her. Cora Jade eliminated Valerie Loureda. Dolin and James brawled on the apron. James used a kick to eliminate Gigi Dolin. Miss Jackson and Lash Legend eliminated “Jordan”. Mensah continued to hang around to catch Miss Jackson.

Thea Hail gave Mensah a Trust Fall to eliminate Jackson. Lash crawled under the 2nd rope to not eliminate herself. Lash gave Hail a Snake Eyes on the steel steps. Valentina Feroz used a huracanrana to get Lash on teh apron. Yulisa Leon got on the apron to help Feroz eliminate Lash with a kick. Lash and Miss Jackson eliminated Leon and Feroz by pulling them down. The show cut to picture-in-picture.[c]

[Overrun] Blair Davenport showed up to ringside, even though she wasn’t in the match. Perez hit Jade with a Russian Legsweep. Davenport called out Perez. Perez and Davenport brawled at ringside Tatum Paxley cave Perez a crossbody and eliminated herself. Paxley and Davenport put the boots to Perez and sent her back in the ring. Jacy Jayne eliminated Perez.

Lyra hit Jayne and Jade with Enziguris. Lyra hit Dana Brooke with a Missile Dropkick. Lyra hit Henley with a Crescent Kick. Jayne tossed Lyra over the top rope and Lyra skinned the cat. Lyra used a headscissors to eliminate Jayne. Jade used a dropkick to eliminate Lyra. Vic noted that Jade got revenge for being eliminated by Lyra in another Battle Royal.

henley almost botched but recovered well and hit Jade with a Blockbuster. Henley and James brawled to respark their feud. Henley managed to use a backdrop to eliminate James. Henley called James a “bitch”. Brooke took down Jade and Henley with lariats. Brooke hit Jade and Brooke with her signature flip elbows. Jade eliminated Henley with a dropkick when she tried to eliminate Brooke. Brooke and Jade took each other out with lariats.

Thea Hail appeared out of nowhere and showed she was not eliminated. Hail and Brooke double teamed Jade. Hail accidentally gave Brooke a flying clothesline. Hail held on from being eliminated by Jade. Jade hit Brooke with a high knee. Hail came in from behind to dump both Brooke and Jade to win the match.

Thea Hail won the Battle Royal in 13:05 to become the number one contender to the NXT Women’s Championship. 

The ring filled up with “Students” from Chase U (wow! WWE has a ton of wrestlers in their developmental pipeline). University of Miami College Basketball standouts Haley and Hanna Cavinder put Thea Hail on their shoulders. Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey showed up at ringside to give Thea her props. After running through the advertised card for next week. The show cut to Bron Breakker interviewed in the parking lot about his attack on Ilja Dragunov.

Bron said he’s tired that people like Ilja are spitting out garbage about being the most intense guy in WWE. Bron said he’s holding everyone accountable. Bron then said he’s calling out Seth Rollins, the Workhourse of WWE. Bron said Seth knows everything about NXT since he was the first NXT Champion. Bron said he’s the most dominant NXT Champion. Bron challenged Seth Rollins for a world title match (Date not disclosed)…

John’s Thoughts: Interesting hook. We can all assume they’re going to book it. Bron Breakker already going after the World Title, wowzers. I almost thought they were going to call him up, and they probably still will, but have him start with the Squashes. He’ll probably start with Squashes once on Raw and Smackdown, but this is going to be a fun match in Bron Breakker’s biggest match of his career. He’s doing good heel work and I’m all for this. (Update: Bron didn’t provide a date, so this can happen sometime in the future past next week)

As for the Battle Royal, your usual cluster of bodies bumping into each other until all the cannon fodder is cleared. In WWE developmental, some of that fodder don’t have names yet. Good win for Hail who’s been a key part of Chase U. All the main players of Chase U do awesome work. Hail also doing solid work as probably the youngest person on the WWE Roster (she’s 18? 19? I think?). As for the rest of the show, after the WWE draft, NXT has had a roster shift. Main roster members are doing double duty. I’m okay with this. Corbin looked really good in his jilted veteran role tonight.

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