2/10 NXT UK TV results: Gibbons’ review of Nathan Frazer vs. Teoman, Saxon Huxley vs. A-Kid, and Amale vs. Nina Samuels

By Laurence Gibbons, ProWrestling.net Contributor (@Gibbonsgob)

Taped in London, England at BT Sport Studios
Streamed February 10, 2022 on WWE Network and Peacock

The broadcast team was Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness… Amale made her entrance to start the show whilst a recap of her altercation with Nina Samuels from last week. Nina Samuels made her entrance…

1. Amale vs. Nina Samuels. Amale brought the aggression to control the start of the contest. Samuels leapfrogged over Amale and hit a hip toss to swing things her way. Amale fought back with a wrist lock. Amale went for the kick in the corner but Samuels rolled to the outside.

Samuels swept Amale to the apron and trapped her between the ring curtain. Samuels beat on Amale and sent her back inside. Samuels dominated Amale with a flurry of moves including a flipping leg drop from the outside of the ring in. She then locked on a headlock for a few moments. Samuels came close to a win with a backbreaker.

Samuels missed a kick in the corner, allowing Amale to knock her to the canvas. Amale hit the kick in the corner and the Hope Breaker for the win.

Amale defeated Nina Samuels in 5:17.

Gibbons’ Opinion: This was a really decent showing from both women. Samuels dominated Amale for most of the contest once she had used her heel tactics to gain the upper hand. Amale was explosive and impressive in her closing sequence.

A-Kid attempted to teach Saxon Huxley a limerick ahead of their match later on in his latest attempt to make Huxley less of a wildman…

Sha Samuels and Noam Dar were locked in their dressing room…

Moustache Mountain congratulated Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter on winning their match to earn a shot at the NXT UK Tag Team Championship. Carter claimed they would take their championship from them. We got confirmation that the match would happen in two weeks time…

Mark Coffey – joined by Joe Coffey and Wolfgang – welcomed us to Noam Dar’s Supernova Sessions which they renamed Gallus Boys On Top. They introduced Jordan Devlin to the show. Devlin said he had agreed to come on Dar’s show not this. Coffey asked Devlin what was next for him but then said it was time to end the show. Sha Samuels and Noam Dar made it out of their dressing room. Samuels told Mark Coffey to ‘jog on’. Dar went to pick up his Heritage Cup Championship but Joe Coffey  stopped him and said he needed to keep a tight grip on the Cup…

Backstage, Dave Mastiff and Jack Starz dissected their loss to Carter & Smith last week. Mastiff got angry with Starz for touching his jacket. Starz said he wanted to be like Mastiff and have his own jacket. Mastiff said he’d have to earn it…

Kenny Williams cut a promo about thunderstorms being a temporary thing that runs out of steam. Williams claimed it was a fitting moniker for Sam Gradwell and that he could weather his storm… Saxon Huxley made his entrance. A-Kid made his entrance…

2. Saxon Huxley vs. A-Kid. The two locked up but A-Kid rolled away from Huxley. A-Kid played possum with Huxley whilst the commentators referenced how Huxley seemed calmer than usual. A-Kid slapped Huxley which woke the beast. Huxley charged at A-Kid who repeatedly kept him at bay with kicks to the face.

Huxley caught A-Kid off the top rope and hit a throwing slam. Huxley rammed A-Kid into the turnbuckle and then hit a backbreaker. Huxley continued to use his strength to control A-Kid. Huxley eventually missed a lunge at A-Kid. A-Kid hit a dive from the top rope and went for the Fujiwara arm bar. Huxley lifted A-Kid out of the arm bar and hit another backbreaker.

Huxley went to send A-Kid into the turnbuckle again but he put his feet on the top rope to reverse into a reverse bulldog. A-Kid hit the spinning DDT from the top rope for the victory.

A-Kid defeated Saxon Huxley in 7:02.

Gibbons’ Opinion: This match was announced cold last week but the added storyline of A-Kid trying to tame Huxley ahead of this match made things more interesting. I enjoyed that they added a story to this match.

Jordan Devlin hit Wolfgang in the back with a chair… A-Kid was cutting an interview when Charlie Dempsey walked past and A-Kid asked if they could do the interview later…

We got confirmation of Devlin vs. Wolfgang and Sam Gradwell  vs. Kenny Williams for next week… Teoman made his entrance flanked by Die Familie…

3. Teoman (w/Charlie Dempsey, Rohan Raja) vs. Nathan Frazer. Teoman and Frazer locked up to start the main event. The two traded blows until Teoman took Frazer to the corner. Frazer countered with a rolling headlock takedown. Frazer worked the headlock for a few moments.

Frazer went up top but Teoman grabbed him and pulled him onto the rope. Teoman hit a stiff neckbreaker across the turnbuckle. Teoman attacked the neck of Frazer to swing things his way. Teoman continued to focus on the neck of Frazer to keep him grounded.

Teoman lunged at Frazer who evaded to send the German through the ropes. Frazer went for a baseball slide but Teoman wrapped him up in the ring apron. Teoman sent Frazer to the barrier but he leapt onto it to hit a moonsault to take out Teoman. Raja distracted Frazer which allowed Teoman to stamp on the neck of Frazer.

Back in the ring, Teoman again inflicted punishment to the neck of Frazer with strikes and submissions. Teoman came close to winning from a tope rope dropkick to the back of the neck. Frazer hit a massive superkick which nearly kept Teoman down. Frazer hit a sling blade and sent Teoman outside.

Frazer landed a top rope crossbody to the outside on all three members of Die Familie. Frazer went for a springboard moonsault but Teoman dropkicked him. Teoman hit the running forearm but Frazer kicked out at two.

Teoman stamped the neck of Frazer into the bottom rope repeatedly. Frazer kicked Teoman to the mat and went up top. Dempsey and Raja tried to knock off Frazer but he fought them off and hit the corkscrew 450 for the win.

Nathan Frazer defeated Teoman in 13:15.

Gibbons’ Opinion: This match was booked after Frazer said what most people are thinking with his claim that Dempsey and Raja aren’t Teoman’s family but merely his henchmen. The three men retaliated with a parking lot attack last week. As a result this match had a great aggression from the start that lasted throughout. The match swung nicely back and forth between the two men and it seemed like Raja or Dempsey would play a deciding role in helping Teoman get the win. Frazer managed to keep them at bay enough to get the win. Teoman was calculating and aggressive throughout. Frazer was the plucky underdog that got the job done. This was an all round very solid match.


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