Jon Moxley on facing Chris Jericho in the AEW Revolution main event, Jericho ranking among the best ever

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Sporting News interview with Jon Moxley
Conducted by Steve Muehlhausen
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On facing Chris Jericho in the AEW Revolution main event: “It’s pretty big. Our pay-per-views are no joke. Those cards are stacked. If you’re going to be headlining an AEW show like that’s a hell of a card to be the last match on, especially this one. Our names are the marquee names. It’s going to have a big fight feel. It’s very cool. I think me and him are both similar in the sense that we’re both in the eight to 10 top guys in AEW. If we wanted to be in WWE right now, we could be. But we’re actively choosing to do something else. Chris was the first-ever undisputed champion. This is a guy I used to watch on TV on Nitro and Raw. (It) would’ve been really easy for him to just be a rock star and count his money and just be Chris Jericho and Y2J. He loves to do this. He wants new challenges and loves pushing himself. He really has a drive.

Moxley on Jericho ranking as one of the greatest of all-time: “I think his drive is to be the greatest of all time. I remember him telling me that when we were talking about ideas we had for an angle that we didn’t even end up doing because plans changed. He was gone for a while, and he’s like yeah, ‘I’m gonna call myself the greatest of all time’ because The Rock and Stone Cold (Steve Austin) and they hadn’t been here however long. I’ve been here for longer, been doing it at a higher level for longer (than) all these guys.’ I started thinking back then, and this is like 2015, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, you’re right.’

“Like this is one of the greatest of all time. He’s done so much else since then that it’s insane. I think his drive is to be in that top echelon of the greatest of all time. He’s definitely put himself in the conversation. It is rare that you get two guys with so much momentum. Chris Jericho is hotter than he’s arguably ever been in his career, and that’s really saying something. I got a whole hell of a lot of momentum behind me. I haven’t got beat in AEW yet. We both have so much momentum right now that I don’t think people can picture either one of us losing, but it’s one of those things where somebody’s 0 has got to go.”

Other topics include helping AEW move forward, how much fun he’s had in AEW, and his NJPW match with Minoru Suzuki.



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