2/3 Moore’s Lucha Underground TV Review: Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr. vs. The Disciples of Death, PJ Black vs. The Mack, Rey Mysterio Jr. chats with the “New” Dragon Azteca

By John Moore

Lucha Underground TV
Taped in Los Angeles, California on November 14, 2015
Aired on the El Rey Network on February 3, 2016

A recap video played and it featured Matt Striker and Vampiro talking about the “Darker Place”, plus clips from Season 1 with voices spliced in, and how the Dario Cueto and Black Lotus alliance started. Also El Dragon Azteca’s student taking his mask after he died was shown. This week’s episode was titled “The Dark and the Mysterious”.

Prince Puma was pumping iron backstage as clips of his Lucha Underground title loss flashed in his head. Pentagon Jr approached and thanked him from behind. He brought up them being partners tonight and how Puma will help him break bones for his master. Pentagon said that after beating the Disciples of Death, the next one will be Prince Puma. Pentagon said he was Pentagon Jr and Cero Miedo. Puma wasn’t having any of it and they initiated a fight scene. Prince Puma gained the upper hand with a Marshall Law kick. Puma walked away and Pentagon didn’t look pleased…

Mil Muertes was seated above the believers in the Temple and this week he had an arm brace due to Pentagon Jr breaking his arm. Striker asked if Pentagon’s actions were Vamp’s orders. Vampiro brushed it off. Striker sent it to Melissa Santos to announce the next match.

1. Johnny Mundo vs. Killshot. Vampiro said that KillShot was his favorite due to youth. Mundo was showered by “Johnny Puto” chants. KillShot dodged an errant kick from Mundo and sent Mundo to the outside. KillShot moonsaulted over the top rope to follow up. Mundo caught KillShot showboating by planting him with a spear.

Mundo was toying with KillShot in the ring, but KillShot countered with a rolling cutter. KillShot went for a powerbomb, but Mundo countered with a punch to the face. Mundo hit a Spanish fly outta nowhere, but got a nearfall out of it. KillShot didn’t allow Mundo to hit Fin de Mundo. When mundo got caught on the ropes KillShot hit a series of moves and a 450 to get a nicer nearfall out of it.

Mundo tried to duck out but KillShot kept pursuit. The two luchadores traded knees. Ref Bump! Mundo kicked KillShot in the balls. Mundo hit Fin de Mundo to get the victory

Johnny Mundo defeated KillShot via pinfall in 4:23.

Mundo said his name was Johnny Mundo. He said as far as he was concerned, that little earthquake that shook him us is nothing like what the end of the world feels like. Cage came outta nowhere and called Mundo out.

He said he was 100% unlike Muertes who sits on a throne. Cage said that once his booboo is healed the real challenge was here. Cage said he wasn’t a man, he was a machine (joined by the fans). Mundo mocked that catchphrase. Cage countered by saying that he beat Mundo’s ass the last time they fought. Cage joined Mundo in the ring as the crowd chanted “Cage is gonna kill you!”. Mundo cowered out.

Cage pointed and taunted Muertes. Mundo tried to blindside Cage but Cage countered back. Cage teased a power move which made Johnny cower out again. Cage’s music played as he celebrated in the ring… [C]

John’s Thoughts: Solid match between two athletic dudes. KillShot is still missing something to me that I can’t quite pinpoint. This was made to both showcase Mundo as well as introduce Cage as a new babyface. I’m not sure why they turned him as Cage was a strong heel, but the Temple loves Cage so it’s not too bad. We might get some good matches from these two, Mundo and Cage, so that should be fun.

Back to the show, we were in an eerie everyday house with Sexy Star fatigued on a chair. Marty the Moth Martinez walked over and scared Star with Moth. Marty said there was no reason to be afraid and that all this was for her own good. He said just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it blossomed to this beautiful butterfly. Marty said his sister said it’s almost time for her (sexy star) to spread her wings and return to the temple.

Marty said he was coming with her. Sexy Star’s anger boiled and boiled as she was bound to the chair. After that, a PJ Black vignette aired where he beat up bikers in front of a motel… [C]

John’s Thoughts: That was a bit uncomfortable and weird, but since this is a Rodriguez production, it’s expected. You see this type of stuff in Rodriguez/Tarintino films. While not my cup of tea with this one, I am looking forward to Marty’s “sister”.

2. The Mack vs. “The Darewolf” PJ Black. Black started the match with a headlock on Mack. Mack tried a headlock but Black used his agility to jump out of it. Black grounded Mack next with an armdrag. Mack turned the tide with a single leg dropkick. He then initiated a chest chop battle. Mack gained the upper hand this time with a leg lariat.

Mack worked on Black in the corners until Black blocked with his boots. Mack hit a Samoan Drop, kip’d up, and hit a standing moonsault for the two count. Another chop battle ensued. The chops turned into kicks. Black gained the upper hand with an uppercut. Black hit a blue thunder bomb for the nearfall. Vampiro mocked Striker for saying “Black to the Future”. Black went to the top rope for his signature 450 Splash. Mack rolled to the opposite side of the ring. Black cornersplashed Mack. Mack hit an RKO outta nowhere to earn the victory. Striker made a joke about The Mack or Black failing a wellness test as The Mack celebrated his win.

The Mack defeated PJ Black via pinfall in 4:44.

John’s Thoughts: Decent debut for PJ Black, but the person who stood out was Mack. Mack has a wide body type, yet he moves around like a luchador with flips and high kicks. He’s also adopting a bit of a wrestler mimic gimmick which was spurred from him doing the Stone Cold Stunner last year against Cage. Cage vs. Mack was a hidden gem from last season and it’s cool to see Mack back at the temple.

A mysterious luchadora was shown beating up people in the streets. She said she was called many things in her life: coldblooded, sinful, evil, sexy, venomous. She said the truth is she was all of these things and together they make her deadly. A title flashed on the screen saying that “Kobra Moon strikes next week!” as Kobra struck a snake wushu pose…

John’s Thoughts: Another cool vignette that was put together well with what the new female wrestler was saying. I’m getting a street-fighter type of aura from her as well as a snake-like character.

As Mil Muertes looked on from his throne, Catrina led the Disciples of Death to the ring. Pentagon Jr and Prince Puma had separate entrances. Puma still wears a Puma pelt on his head. Muertes developed an angry scowl as Pentagon entered due to Pentagon’s actions last week to his arm. Of course as usual, Los Angeles was extremely hot for Pentagon…

3. The Disciples of Death vs. Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr. Mil Muertes calmed down as the main event began. Striker said that this match was made as revenge for the end of last week’s episode. Pentagon and Puma cleared the disciples quickly from the ring. Pentagon hit a Tope con Hilo on the Disciples who were outside of the ring. Puma one-upped Pentagon with a shooting star from the top rope.

Puma and Pentagon jawed at each other showing that they weren’t on the same page. The silver guy took advantage of this and dominated Puma. Pentagon stayed outside and didn’t care to help Puma. The gold guy tagged in next to try to tear Puma’s mask. Cero Miedo chants took over the temple. The Purple guy got a dropkick to continue the dominance. Pentagon came in when a pinfall came into play. The Disciples then turned their attack to Pentagon.

Pentagon Jr got his tailbone kicked by the gold guy. Puma and the Purple guy were the legal men as the Disciples made quick tags while isolating Puma. Puma managed to make the gold guy DDT the Purple guy by hitting him with a cutter. Pentagon took out the silver guy with a super kick. Pentagon Jr gave the other two guys slingblades.

The Disciples all ate loud slaps to the chest from Pentagon. Pentagon almost ate a dropkick from Puma which may have been accidental, but put a wedge between the two. The disciples took advantage of the disgruntled partners again. The purple guy tried to tope Pentagon, but he moved the gold guy in the way to take the tope on a chair.

Puma worked on the silver guy in the ring and hit a 630. Pentagon got a blind tag and stole the win away from Prince Puma.

Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr defeated the Disciples of Death via pinfall in 7:32.

Puma and Pentagon were at odds next and after a lungblower, Pentagon put Puma in position to break his arm. Puma escaped and Pentagon ducked out. This ended Lucha Underground.

But wait, there was more! A voice that sounded a lot like Rey Mysterio talked with Dragon Azteca’s apprentice from last season. Rey talked about the history and power of Dragon Azteca’s mask and how Dragon Azteca was a mentor to him. He asked the apprentice if he was ready for that power. Rey said that he was supposed to inherit that mask, but he took a different path, and now the apprentice will be known as the new Dragon Azteca because it was the apprentice’s destiny. The camera panned over with epic music to show that the mystery speaker was in fact Rey Mysterio…

John’s Thoughts: Decent match but nothing mind-blowing. That said, not every week has to be mind-blowing and we had a few new characters introduced and a few storylines slowly forwarded. The story out of this match was an easy one to tell and that was that Puma and Pentagon are still rivals to each other. The Disciples of Death looked better in the ring this time, but they barely win or get the upper hand. The guys are the Putty Patrol, they are cannon fodder, and it just looks like these weak guys are holding the Trios Titles hostage and in the background. Hopefully the titles are taken from them soon or at least put into a meaningful program.

Speaking of new characters, we were introduced to the “New” Dragon Azteca at the end of this episode as well as Rey Mysterio, who was the huge “get” for this season. Of course, we need a new Dragon Azteca since he was a martial arts master and Black Lotus killed him last season. New Dragon Azteca is El Hijo De Rey Mysterio (II) from AAA which AAA made to replace Rey when Rey went to the United States. If this guy is supposed to be the chosen heir apparent to Rey Mysterio and we also have Rey on the roster, these two can be really fun this season.

Overall, a basic episode of Lucha Underground that wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t amazing either. Since I was sitting in the front row during the taping of this episode, I can tell you that it was heavily edited from what I saw. While most of the edits were good, I’m not sure why they cut out a bulk of Mundo’s standout promo that he cut to heel it up on the crowd. Hopefully things pick up next week. Thank you for reading the written review of Lucha Underground and make sure to check out Will Pruett’s audio review later today.

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