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10/23 Powell’s WWE Raw audio review – Shane McMahon and Smackdown invade Raw, WWE Survivor Series match announcements, AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz, Sheamus, and Cesaro

Jason Powell reviews WWE Raw: Shane McMahon and Smackdown invade Raw, WWE Survivor Series match announcements, AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz, Sheamus, and Cesaro (43:06)…

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10/23 Powell’s WWE Raw Live TV Review: Brock Lesnar returns to address Jinder Mahal’s Survivor Series challenge, WWE TLC fallout including whether Braun Strowman survived the garbage truck

By Jason Powell

WWE Raw on the USA Network
Live from Green Bay, Wisconsin at Resch Center

[Q1] Raw opened with still shots of the WWE TLC main event… The broadcast team was Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Booker T…

Raw general manager Kurt Angle made his entrance while the broadcast team put over his return to a WWE ring for the first time in eleven years. The fans gave him a “you’ve still got it’ chant. Angle said every story has a beginning, middle, and end, and last night he wrote a new chapter. Angle said it was a dream come true to wrestle in a WWE ring again. He said that was last night, but this is tonight. He mentioned Survivor Series and debuting at the event 18 years ago.

Angle announced Survivor Series matches Alexa Bliss vs. Natalya, The Miz vs. Baron Corbin, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose vs. The Usos, and Brock Lesnar vs. Jinder Mahal. He also said there will also be men’s and women’s elimination matches. Angle said he will make sure that his show is the most dominant show in WWE.

The Miz’s music played and he made his entrance along with Sheamus, Cesaro, and Curtis Axel. Miz said Raw is his show. He complained about Angle replacing Roman Reigns at TLC, saying it should have simply been Rollins and Ambrose facing his team. Miz accused Angle of abusing his power.

The four heels surrounded the ring and climbed onto the apron. Graves emphasized that Angle is a general manager. After an awkward pause with the heels standing on the apron a few seconds too long without doing anything, The Shield music played. Rollins and Ambrose made their entrance and joined Angle in the ring. The heels dropped down.

The Miz said the odds are not in favor of Angle, Rollins, and Ambrose. Angle booked Miz, Cesaro, and Sheamus vs. Rollins and Ambrose and a partner who decided to stay an extra night on Raw. AJ Styles made his entrance. Cole said the six-man tag match was coming up next… [C] An ad for Smackdown hyped the return of Shane McMahon…

Powell’s POV: A good opening segment, though the announcement of the Survivor Series was rather sudden and lacked fanfare. It will be interesting to see if there’s a secondary title and/or women’s title change between now and Survivor Series to avoid having heel vs. heel matches. The idea of Styles sticking around for another night definitely goes against the brand split. We’ll see if they explain it beyond Styles just sticking around for an extra night.

[Q2] 1. AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus, Cesaro, and The Miz (w/Curtis Axel). The fans changed for Styles before he tagged in for the first time a few minutes into the match. Styles worked over Cesaro until the Miz distracted him long enough for Cesaro to clothesline Styles using the top rope. The babyface trio performed simultaneous dives over the top rope and onto their opponents heading into a break. [C]

The heels isolated Ambrose until he made a hot tag to Rollins, who then worked over his opponents. Rollins hit a Blockbuster on Miz and followed up with a Falcon Arrow and went for a pin that was broken up. Miz kicked a distracted Rollins in the knee and then DDT’d him for a good near fall at 13:20 before they went to a commercial.

[Q3] [C] Rollins made a hot tag to Styles shortly after they returned from the break. Styles worked over Cesaro and got a two count off a neckbreaker slam on his knee. Cesaro came back and had Styles beat, but the pin was broken up. Rollins and Ambrose performed stereo suicide dives after ducking under a Cesaro clothesline attempt and took out Miz and Sheamus on the floor. In the ring, Styles hit a Phenomenal Forearm on Cesaro and got the pin…

AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose defeated Sheamus, Cesaro, and The Miz in 19:45.

After the match, Kane made his entrance and entered the ring. He ended up getting the better of Rollins, Ambrose, and Styles singlehandedly. Yes, really. The heels returned and helped him out. Kane chokeslammed Rollins and then tossed Ambrose to ringside…

Cole announced that Asuka would debut on Raw later in the show. Graves hyped Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman appearing… [C]

Powell’s POV: A hot match, pay-per-view worthy match to open the show. They are a little shorthanded with Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt sidelined, so it was wise to go with a lengthy show opening match for that reason as well. I could have done without Kane singlehandedly got the better of them after the match. Putting over his monster status should not come at the expense of making three popular babyfaces look weak.

[Q4] The broadcast team recapped the Kane attack and then still shots aired of the TLC main event while focussing on Braun Strowman being placed in the back of a garbage truck…

Kane was still standing in the ring. He said he heard the stories through hellfire and brimstone about how he roared, rampaged, walked away from an ambulance crash, destroyed Big Show, and broke Roman Reigns. Kane said he liked what he heard about Strowman, but what he found was trash.

Kane said he put Strowman where he belonged in the back of the garbage truck. Kane said he is and will always be Raw’s only monster. Kane said that with Strowman gone, he wants competition or else. Finn Balor made his entrance. Cole said Kane vs. Balor was coming up after the break… [C]

Powell’s POV: This will be an interesting match in that the company should be leery of doing anything that would damage either man. Balor is coming off a big win over Styles, and they are obviously building toward a Kane vs. Strowman match. In other words, this would be a good time for a cheap or non-finish.

2. Kane vs. Finn Balor. Kane was dominant early in the match with Balor selling his power moves.

[Q5] Balor came back and put Kane down with a running dropkick. Balor went up top for his finisher, but Kane sat up and ended up chokeslamming him off the top rope. Kane picked up Balor and then chokeslammed him again. Kane picked up Balor and performed a third chokeslam before pinning him clean…

Kane pinned Finn Balor in 7:00.

Powell’s POV: Awful for the reasons mentioned before the match. Kane could have destroyed anyone in this fashion. One loss won’t kill Balor, but the timing is bizarre considering he was coming off such a big win over Styles at TLC.

Cole hyped the Lesnar appearance, and Graves hyped that Angle will announce the Raw male team for Survivor Series…

Backstage, Angle was on the phone telling someone that it’s the only time of the year that Raw competes with Smackdown and it should be awesome. Angle hung up the phone when there was a knock on the door. Shane McMahon entered the room and they exchanged pleasantries.

Angle thanked Shane for letting him use Styles. Shane pointed out that he was also on Raw. Angle said he would love to have him permanently, but Shane said he didn’t think that would happen. Angle said he didn’t think Smackdown would stand a chance without Styles. Shane wasn’t pleased.

Angle ran through the Raw talent compared to some of the Smackdown talent and said he hopes Shane won’t feel bad when Raw wins. Shane pointed out that Smackdown won last year. Angle said he wasn’t general manager last year. Shane said he was there to personally tell Angle that Smackdown will destroy Raw. They then had a laugh and shook hands…

An Asuka video hyped her as coming up next… [C]

Powell’s POV: The rivalry between Angle and Shane over the Raw vs. Smackdown matches felt as lighthearted as smack talk between two friends who play in the same fantasy football league.

Some guys who were beaten by the Minnesota Vikings last week were shown in the front row…

[Q6] 3. Asuka vs. Emma. Cole said Emma asked for the rematch because Asuka stole what should have been her night at TLC. Asuka slammed her ass into Emma to knock her off the apron. Emma ended up slamming Asuka’s face into the ring post to take offensive control. Asuka went for a backslide, but Emma avoided the pin. When they stood up, Emma clotheslined her.

Emma ran Asuka into the corner while Cole raved about how surprising Emma had been thus far. Asuka came back with a missile dropkick. The women traded blows in the middle of the ring. Asuka dominated that sequence and performed a German suplex and then ran her backside into Emma for a two count. Emma came back with a rollup, but Asuka kicked out and then applied the Asuka Lock for the win…

Asuka defeated Emma in 5:20.

Alexa Bliss was shown walking backstage… [C]

Powell’s POV: Man, Green Bay is not Asuka country. The Minneapolis crowd at TLC gave her one of the best pops of the night, but this crowd was flat for her for some odd reason.

Alexa Bliss came out wearing the Raw Women’s Championship and delivered a promo in the ring. She said she will show Natalya that there is only one true goddess. Bliss said she had the performance of her career at TLC and gets zero respect. She said Balor and Styles can stare into each other’s eyes for ten minutes and fans will chant “this is awesome.” Bliss said the fans are jealous of her. She wanted them to chant ‘you deserve it” for her.

[Q7] Mickie James made her entrance. Once in the ring, James kicked Bliss and DDT’d her. James stood over Bliss with the mic and said, “Alexa, you do deserve it”…

Powell’s POV: It’s nice to see James is still in the title mix and isn’t simply back to the women’s undercard where they feud over hashtags.

Kurt Angle was shown watching on a backstage monitor when Sasha Banks and Bayley entered the room. Angle said the Raw women’s team needs a captain and he felt they would be the best option. Alicia Fox entered the room and was upset that she wasn’t the captain. Angle booked them all in a Triple Threat to determine the captain of the team. Angle told Fox to remember that pinfalls only count inside the ring. She told him that he is so silly… [C]

Powell’s POV: So Fox is in the match to put over the captain? By the way, has anyone ever figured out why these teams even need captains from a storyline standpoint?

Elias sat in the ring on his stool and strummed his guitar before asking who wants to walk with him. He said the crowd’s response was strong, but added that anything was strong compared to Aaron Rodgers’ collarbone. The Green Bay crowd chanted “Go Pack Go” and he said they should all just go home.

Elias played his guitar and started to have some “technical issues.” He had more issues. Elias rolled to ringside and took a mic and said he didn’t know who the technician was, but he was heading backstage to beat the hell out of them. Jason Jordan made his entrance, and Cole said you have to believe Jordan was having fun with Elias. Cole hyped Elias vs. Jordan for after the break… [C]

[Q8] 4. Elias vs. Jason Jordan. The match was joined in progress. Cole recapped the finish with Elias’s shoulder being up when Jordan got the pin at TLC. Graves said Jordan went to his father and asked for a rematch because he’s such a good person. Vomit. They went to ringside and Jordan picked up Elias and ran him into the barricade a few times. Elias responded by hitting Jordan with his guitar for the DQ. Trainers came out and checked on Jordan, who was holding his left arm in pain. There was a big welt on the side of his arm and the trainers and refs helped him to the back…

Jason Jordan beat Elias by DQ.

Graves hyped Lesnar and Heyman for after the break… [C]

Powell’s POV: The live crowd was so quiet during the match that you would have thought they just finished watching the Vikings beat the Packers again. Anyway, that was one hell of a swing by Elias. Oh, and congratulations to Darin Corbin for landing the gig as a WWE medic this week. Forget the degree, the years he’s spent working as an independent wrestler clearly qualify him for this position.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman made their entrance. Footage aired of Jinder Mahal delivering his challenge on Smackdown. Heyman spoke about how “this same someone” issued the challenge and barely survived the challenges of Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura. Heyman said we live in the age of trash talking.

[Q9] Heyman said the king of the trash talk is the man with the mic in his hand. Heyman said he doesn’t trash talk Lesnar’s opponent because any man worthy of entering the ring to face Lesnar must be a real man. Heyman said he didn’t trash talk Samoa Joe or Braun Strowman.

“But you, Jinder Mahal?” Heyman asked. “The make believe Maharaja?” He accused the Singh Brothers of stealing his schtick by introducing Mahal. Heyman ran through a list of worthy WWE Champions that included Lesnar, and said fans don’t think of Mahal that way. He said Mahal was a consolation prize when Smackdown got the shaft in the Superstar Shakeup.

Heyman said the brand that brags Brock Lesnar is the flagship brand with the number one brand and the place to be in WWE. Heyman said that because Mahal disputes that fact, “you’re going to Suplex City.” Heyman said the last time a Smackdown wrestler (Randy Orton) faced Lesnar, they had to stop the match. He said people were in shock and the locker room was in an uproar. He said Lesnar violated the rule and regulation of the PG era. Heyman accepted Mahal’s challenge on behalf of Lesnar…

Powell’s POV: The crowd was flat during and after the promo. They are going to have a tough time getting the masses excited about Lesnar vs. Mahal.

The broadcast team spoke about the match and hyped it as being four weeks away. The broadcast team narrated highlights of Enzo Amore beating Kalisto to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at TLC…

Backstage, Charly Caruso interviewed Kalisto, who hopped into the picture. She asked how he is handling his loss of the title. “Basically, I’m fine,” he said. Kalisto said it was his dream to be a champion. He announced that he would use his rematch on 205 Live. He said tonight is about familia. Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander, Gran Metalik, and Mustafa Ali entered the picture. They ended up doing a “lucha” chant…

Graves hyped the Kalisto led team vs. Enzo, Tony Nese, Drew Gulak, Noam Dar, and Ariya Daivari in a ten-man tag match. Cole hyped Angle announcing the Raw team at Survivor Series. Graves hyped the women’s three-way… [C] A breast cancer charity video aired…

[Q10] 5. Sasha Banks vs. Bayley vs. Alicia Fox in a Triple Threat to determine Team Raw’s captain. They cut to break a couple minutes into the match while Fox was down at ringside. [C] Bayley sold at ringside while Banks and Fox fought inside the ring coming out of the break. Fox set up for a superplex, but Bayley returned and turned it into a powerbomb/superplex combo at 7:45.

At 9:00, Fox went to ringside and took the bell from the timekeeper and rang it repeatedly. The referee asked what she was doing. Banks tossed the bell to the floor. Bayley hit her finisher on Fox, but Banks broke up the pin. A short time later, Fox mimicked the movements of Bayley and then performed her own finisher on her. Banks put Fox in the Bank Statement. Banks escaped and ended up running Banks into Bayley, then covered Bayley for the upset win. Fox celebrated with the Packers players at ringside because they are all heels…

Alicia Fox beat Sasha Banks and Bayley in 11:30 to become the captain of Team Raw at Survivor Series.

A WrestleMania video aired… The broadcast team hyped the cruiserweight match for after the break…

Powell’s POV: Well, that was unexpected, but I’m cool with it. After all, it’s a meaningless captain’s role and it’s something different. I reserve the right to change my tune if they get too ridiculous with Fox’s over the top crazy woman gimmick. The finish was comical in that Sasha ran Banks into Bayley, who was on the apron, yet it was Bayley who fell into the ring and Sasha ended up at ringside afterward, which pretty much went again the laws of physics.

[Q11] [C] Enzo Amore and the other heels made their entrance together and did his shuffle of the stage together. Drew Gulak took the mic in the ring and said that he had a prepared statement from Enzo, who suffered a vocal cord injury. Gulak read Enzo’s usual entrance schtick. It also included a line about Kalisto being a bigger letdown than the Packers. He added that Enzo was Anthony Barr while Kalisto was Aaron Rodgers. The heels spelled out the sawft part and then the babyfaces all made their entrance to Kalisto’s music…

6. Kalisto, Rich Swann, Mustafa Ali, Cedric Alexander, and Gran Metalik vs. Enzo Amore, Drew Gulak, Ariya Daivari, Noam Dar, and Tony Nese. Some of the babyfaces caught a protesting Gulak with a group superkick that knocked him off the apron heading into a break a couple minutes into the match. [C]

[Q12] Enzo ended up being tagged into the match. The other heels were down at ringside so he couldn’t get out of it. Kalisto worked over Enzo for a bit. Enzo came back and performed his DDT off the ropes. The other babyfaces dig their big flip dives onto the heels at ringside and then Kalisto performed Salida Del Sol on Enzo and pinned him…

Kalisto, Rich Swann, Mustafa Ali, Cedric Alexander, and Gran Metalik beat Enzo Amore, Drew Gulak, Ariya Daivari, Noam Dar, and Tony Nese in 9:00.

Kurt Angle was shown walking backstage. Cole said Angle would announce who is on Team Raw at Survivor Series coming up after the break… [C]

Powell’s POV: A logical finish to the 10-man tag given the title match on 205 Live tomorrow night. I can’t blame them for not televising all ten entrances, but seeing them all come out to either Enzo or Kalisto’s entrance music added to the feeling that the division is about the champion, the challengers, and everyone else is just everyone else.

Graves hyped Enzo vs. Kalisto for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship on 205 Live on Tuesday…

Kurt Angle made his entrance. Once in the ring, Angle set the stage to announce Raw’s male team for Survivor Series. Before he could introduce his first man, Shane McMahon’s music played. Shane most of the Smackdown roster through the same area The Shield would enter. The Smackdown wrestlers, all wearing Smackdown t-shirts, surrounded the ring while Shane entered it.

“Under siege,” McMahon told Angle, who then left the ring. Once Angle was at the top of the ramp, Shane told the Smackdown wrestlers to go get him. The Smackdown wrestlers went backstage where they first encountered Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews. New Day acted happy to see them, but they led the attack on the duo. Corbin beat up a production crew member. Bobby Roode and Tye Dillinger tipped over a television that had the Raw logo on the screen.

[Overrun] Goldust, Rhyno, Heath Slater, and Curt Hawkins showed up and tried to fight, but they were quickly destroyed. They entered a locker room and beat up Jason Jordan. Finn Balor and Matt Hardy exited the bathroom of the locker room and were also beaten up. They entered another locker room and beat up more wrestlers.

The Smackdown crew encountered a group of Raw female wrestlers. The men stepped aside and the Smackdown women beat up the Raw women with ease despite not having a numbers advantage. Shane was shown nodding in the ring while the crowd booed. Backstage, Rollins and Ambrose tried to fight off the Smackdown crew, but they were outnumbered.

Corbin and Rusev brought Angle into the area and showed him what they did to Ambrose and Rollins. They led Angle back onto the stage. Shane motioned for his wrestlers to bring Angle to the ring. Shane told Angle that he wants Angle to bring his gold medal, what’s left of his roster, and they will finish what they started. “Oh, it’s true, it’s damn true,” Shane told Angle. The Smackdown wrestlers slammed their hands on the mat like dorks. Shane’s music played and he led the Smackdown wrestlers up through the crowd in the same area they entered while Anlge stood in the ring with a look of shock to close the show…

Powell’s POV: On one hand, I applaud the effort to make the rivalry seem heated for a change. On the other hand, Shane and the Smackdown wrestlers look like complete heels for this and that’s clearly not what WWE wants long term. For that matter, they shouldn’t want the fans to choose between the brands either. I still believe they would be better off skipping the brand vs. brand theme, and it’s going to be very awkward when these wrestlers who teamed up tonight all go back to feuding with one another on Smackdown. I will have more to say about this in my members’ exclusive audio review and in Tuesday’s WWE Raw Hit List. Thanks for watching along with me.

10/23 Live: Jason Powell and Jonny Fairplay discuss WWE TLC featuring Kurt Angle’s return to the ring and Finn Balor vs. AJ Styles, Impact Wrestling severing business ties with Jeff Jarrett, and more Live featured Jason Powell and Jonny Fairplay discussing WWE TLC featuring Kurt Angle’s return to the ring and Finn Balor vs. AJ Styles, Impact Wrestling severing business ties with Jeff Jarrett, and more (68:46)…

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Powell’s WWE TLC Hit List: Finn Balor vs. AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose vs. Braun Strowman, Kane, Sheamus, Cesaro, and The Miz in a TLC match, Asuka vs. Emma

By Jason Powell Live is on the air today at 3:00 CT/4:00 ET. Guest host Jonny Fairplay is filling in for Will Pruett this week and will join me in taking your phone calls coming out of WWE TLC at


Finn Balor vs. AJ Styles: The show saving match. WWE TLC looked downright lousy on paper before the lineup changes triggered by the viral infections that sidelined Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt. It was set up to be a one match show with an undercard that consisted mostly of matches one would expect to see on Raw. And while I sympathize with the sidelined wrestlers, this match was so much better than the campiness that was naturally expected from the Demon vs. Sister Abigail match. The crowd was red hot for Balor vs. Styles from the entrances through the “too sweet” exchange from the former Bullet Club leaders that occurred afterward. This match looked great on paper and lived up to high expectations. It makes you wonder why WWE doesn’t deliver more of the type of matches that their diehard fanbase wants to see. WWE officials showed that they knew the demand was there by going to it when they were in a pinch, yet for some reason we are more likely to see these diehard fan dream matches at the NXT level rather than on the main roster. I’m all for saving certain matches for bigger shows, but this company has an incredible roster and they are capable of delivering these types of matches more often than they do.

Kurt Angle, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose vs. Braun Strowman, Kane, Sheamus, Cesaro, and The Miz in a TLC match: An entertaining brawl that was given ten more minutes and one more garbage truck than needed. It was fun to see Angle back wrestling in a WWE ring for the first time in over a decade. It’s a shame that they couldn’t save his return for another show and deliver the type of build that it deserved. That said, WWE deserves credit for scrambling to save the show by making lineup changes and for sending Triple H to the Smackdown live event in Chile on Sunday to make up for the absence of Styles and Kevin Owens. They were wise to write out Angle to get him out of the match for a stretch and to build in the easy pop for his return. However, everything involving the garbage truck was ridiculous. Strowman being put chokeslammed through the stage and then having chairs dropped on him by Kane would have been a sufficient way to take him out of the match. Instead, they got campy by putting him in the back of a garbage truck and flipping the compactor switch. Still, everyone worked hard despite the awkward nature of the handicap match, and they had the crowd reengaged once the action returned to the ring.

Asuka vs. Emma: The match went longer than expected and did bring back some memories of Shinsuke Nakamura’s main roster debut match against Dolph Ziggler at WWE Backlash. The Nakamura vs. Ziggler match was far more competitive than it needed to be and didn’t get Nakamura’s main roster run off to the hot start that it should have. In this case, the match was more competitive than expected, yet I still came away feeling like Asuka shined. Emma is talented and gained something in defeat, but her social media obsessed gimmick is dreadful.

Alexa Bliss vs. Mickie James for the Raw Women’s Championship: A nice match with the expected outcome. This was better than their previous outings even though there was nothing particularly memorable about it. James benefitted from the post match interview. Her comments were simple and effective and sent a positive message coming out of her title match loss. Here’s hoping the company intends to showcase her beyond this match and it’s not a return to the nothing she was doing before her latest run with Bliss.

Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher vs. Rich Swann and Cedric Alexander: A minor Hit for a decent undercard tag team match. The fans were up for the flashy offense of the babyfaces even if I didn’t get the sense that they were particularly engaged in the actual feud between the four wrestlers. Despite the Hit, I couldn’t help but feel like the wrestlers are capable of more than the Raw or 205 Live match they delivered.

Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox: A minor Hit for the Kickoff match. The outcome was never in doubt, but the live crowd liked Banks and was up for the first match of the night.

WWE TLC Misses

Kalisto vs. Enzo Amore for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship: The live crowd was hot for nearly everything other than the matches in the Miss category. Enzo regaining the title and being the face of the cruiserweights does nothing to make me feel like the division is in a good place. His promos and charisma bring some added attention, but what else in the division is worth drawing attention to? Insert the usual comment about how the wrestlers in the division are talented, but creative doesn’t do them any favors. So much damage has been done to the wrestlers that they desperately need some fresh faces from NXT or even outside the company to freshen things up. Placing two guys who fans perceive as heavyweight failures at the top of the division just isn’t enough.

Jason Jordan vs. Elias: Elias continues to draw good heat for his musical insult routine and has been a pleasant surprise since being called up. The crowd seemed fairly into Jordan throwing produce at Elias to stop his musical performances. And then the bell rang. The match was a Simon & Garfunkel classic in that it played to the sound of silence. Jordan is a hell of an in-ring talent, but he’s shown very little on the mic and has yet to connect with the fans. Creative doesn’t give him great material to work with, but he just hasn’t clicked yet as the ultra nice guy babyface. I keep waiting for them to move toward the Angle’s son storyline being a ruse. Even if they do, there’s no telling whether Jordan will be able to hold up his end on the mic as a heel, but it’s still a chance I’d take since what they are doing with him now just isn’t working. I can’t help but wonder where things would be if Chad Gable had been pegged for the Angle son role rather than Jordan.

Impact Wrestling terminates business relationship with Jeff Jarrett and GFW, Jarrett no-showed an independent event on Saturday

Impact Wrestling issued a brief statement on Monday to announce the end of their business arrangement with Jeff Jarrett. “Impact Wrestling announced today that it has terminated its business relationship with Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Entertainment Inc., effective immediately,” reads the statement at

Powell’s POV: Jarrett worked for the RCW promotion in Canada over the weekend and I’ve heard some disturbing reports regarding his condition at Friday’s event in Calgary. Meanwhile, Jarrett did not appear as advertised for the promotion on Saturday in Edmonton. Promoter Steven Ewaschuk issued a statement on the RCW Facebook page stating that Jarrett “boarded a plane and left the country on his own accord” on Saturday morning “due to his own issues.” Jarrett has yet to comment on Impact Wrestling or the RCW no-show.

Stan “Big K” Kowalski dead at age 91

Former AWA wrestler Stan Kowalski (Bert Smith) died on Friday at age 91. Kowalski’s son Scott Smith spoke with about the reaction to his father’s death. “The outpouring that has happened in the last 48-72 hours,” he said. “I’ve seen grown men come to him and cry over him. I didn’t know he was a hero to everybody else.”

Powell’s POV: Kowalski was known as “Krusher” Kowalski and “The Big K” during his AWA days. He teamed with Tiny Mills as Murder Incorporated and the duo were the first AWA Tag Team Champions. Kowalski also wrestled for the WWWF as Krippler Karl Kovac. Kowalski served in the Navy in World War II, and he was very active with veteran charities and even had a VFW award named after him. My condolences to his family and friends.

10/22 ICW TV Taping in Bristol, England results: Four-way tag team main event, Bram vs. Lionheart, BT Gunn vs. Wolfgang for the ICW ZeroG Title

We are looking for reports on all WWE, NXT, GFW, ROH, Evolve, and other notable live events. If you attend a show, you are encouraged to send a report or even basic results to

ICW Fight Club taping
Bristol, England at The Marble Factory
Results courtesy of Insane Championship Wrestling

1. “The Marauders” Mike Bird, Wild Boar, and Iestyn Rees defeated Kenny Williams and “Polo Promotions” Jackie Polo and Mark Coffey.

2. DCT defeated Big Grizzly.

3. “The Kings of Catch” Lewis Girvan and Aspen Faith defeated Brendan White and Beano.

4. BT Gunn defeated Wolfgang to retain the ICW ZeroG Title.

5. “Kinky Party” Jack Jester and Sha Samuels defeated Joe Hendry and Leyton Buzzard.

6. Bram defeated Lionheart.

7. Jimmy Havoc & Kasey defeated “The Filthy Generation” Stevie Boy & Kay Lee Ray, Mikey Whiplash & Jokey, and Chris Renfrew & Viper in a four-way tag tream match.

The next show is a Road to Fear & Loathing Fight Club taping at the O2 Academy in Liverpool (England), on Saturday, November 4.

10/21 ICW TV Taping in Sheffield, England results: Joe Coffey vs. Wolfgang for the ICW Title, Bram vs. Lionhart, BT Gunn vs. Jimmy Havoc for the ICW ZeroG Title, Joe Hendry vs. DCT

We are looking for reports on all WWE, NXT, GFW, ROH, Evolve, and other notable live events. If you attend a show, you are encouraged to send a report or even basic results to

ICW Fight Club taping
Sheffield, England at Plug
Results courtesy of Insane Championship Wrestling

1. Viper defeated Kasey.

2. Kenny Williams over Aaron Echo.

3. Joe Hendry (w/Leighton Buzzard) defeated DCT.

4. “Kinky Party” Jack Jester and Sha Samuels fought “Polo Promotions” Jackie Polo and Mark Coffey to a no-contest.

5. Stevie Boy defeated Mikey Whiplash and Chris Renfrew in a three-way street fight.

6. Lionheart defeated Bram.

7. “The Marauders” Mike Bird & Wild Boar defeated “The Kings of Catch” Lewis Girvan and Aspen Faith to retain the ICW Tag Team Titles.

8. BT Gunn defeated Jimmy Havoc to retain the ICW ZeroG Title.

9. Joe Coffey defeated Wolfgang to retain the ICW World Heavyweight Title.

MLW announces the “Never Say Never” main event

Major League Wrestling issued the following press release on Monday to announce the main event of the “Never Say Never” show that will be held on December 7 in Orlando, Florida at GILT Nightclub.

Major League Wrestling (MLW®) has signed the main event for MLW: Never Say Never on Thursday night December 7th in Orlando, FL at GILT Nightclub.

Matt Riddle will fight “Filthy” Tom Lawlor in a battle of two UFC fighters turned pro wrestlers. You can buy tickets now at:

Following a controversial victory over Olympian Jeff Cobb earlier this month at MLW: One-Shot, Lawlor called out Cobb’s tag team partner and friend Matt Riddle. Riddle publicly answered the challenge last week and officials have now made the match official.

Will Riddle avenge his “tag team bro” Jeff Cobb? Will Lawlor find another way to get a filthy albeit big win in his young pro wrestling career? Find out in 45 days at MLW: Never Say Never.

Tickets are on sale now at

Ticket prices range from $15 – $45 with a limited number of “Golden Ticket” VIP Packages also available.

More grapplers and matches will be announced soon at

MLW: Never Say Never is an all ages event.  Bell time is 7pm.

MLW: Never Say Never will be available within 72 hours of the event occurring on December 7th with Tony Schiavone and Rich Bocchini calling the action.  Learn more about at:

GILT is located at 740 Bennett Rd. in Orlando.

Dress code: There is no dress code for this event. If you stay for the after party at GILT there is a dress code of no hats, shorts or tank tops.

Parking: The venue has a parking lot. Space is available on a first come, first serve basis. There is a small fee for parking at the venue’s lot. Valet parking is also available at GILT.

Powell’s POV: You can order the “One-Shot” event for just $4.99 at MLW.TV. You can also read my full review of the event headlined by Ricochet vs. Shane Strickland here. The VOD for “Never Say Never” should be available within days of the event if the “One-Shot” show is any indication.

WWE TLC onsite report: The live perspective on Finn Balor vs. AJ Styles, comical garbage truck sound volume issue, notes on the main event, cruiserweight matches, reaction to Asuka, and more

Dot Net member Mafujon (Jon Leonard) attended the WWE TLC event in Minneapolis, Minnesota at Target Center and sent the following report.

-As far as attendance is concerned, the side opposite hard camera was about three-quarters full and some of the upper level by the stage was deserted. Other than that mostly full.

-The Kickoff Show was missable. The crowd did have fun booing Drew Gulak as he made his way around the set.

-There was a huge pop for the start of the show video package highlighting Kurt Angle’s return to the ring.

-A great pop for Asuka and glad to be a part of her debut. It was a much louder pop than what was reported to me by someone watching WWE Network. Asuka’s moves were over and though the in-ring was solid, nobody bought the two counts from Emma.

-Minimal reaction for the cruiserweight tag match. Unless you watch 205 Live, which I assume most in attendance didn’t given that nobody seemed to care for either of these four men. Like most of their matches, the only rise from the crowd was the high flying spots. This is a shame because I liked all of these men from the Cruiserweight Classic and NXT runs.

-I didn’t watch the Mickie James vs. Alexa Bliss match due to trying to get concessions, which was very understaffed. I walked away from the concessions after the match was over. What is it about Mickie James and Minnesota with shit storylines about weight or age? (see Bragging Rights 2010)

-Enzo Amore vs. Kalisto was the biggest nothing burger of the night. After Enzo’s promo, no one cared until the finish, which is sad because it wasn’t like it fallowed a hot match so no excuses.

-The Elias segments did get heat more than when WWE tried the same tactic at Elimination Chamber 2014 with Bad News Barrett.

-The Finn Balor vs. AJ Styles match felt like the match of the night. The crowd was into it from the get go and first time it truly felt electric in there. There was a big pop for the finish and the too sweet gesture at the end. There was a funny technical moment that I know didn’t make air. When the video wall started playing Balor’s video again after victory, the video wall at the small panel where people come out spasmed with logos for Ticketmaster, Fastlane, and National Guard before switching back to Balor.

-No one cared for the Jason Jordan vs. Elias match itself. We marked for Jordan’s interruptions but the match finish kind of confused us.

-The main event was a cluster f— from the get go. The crowd did lose interest in the match after Kurt Angle was taken out since everyone assumed either someone would interfere on behalf of The Shield or Angle would come back. The garbage truck spot did cause groans and laughs since the “noise” of the trash compacting was played much louder over the speakers like a sound effect. The match did send the crowd home happy with enough high spots to satisfy.

Biggest Pops
1. Kurt Angle’s return during TLC Match
2. A.J. Syles
3. Asuka

Biggest Heat
1. Elias
2. Emma
3. Drew Gulak (with everyone whose there at that point)

10/23 WWE Network Schedule: Live stream programming lineup

The following is the schedule for the WWE Network’s live stream for October 23, 2017. All times listed below are ET.

9:30 AM: WWE TLC 2017 replay

12:30 PM: Raw Talk TLC replay

1:00 PM: WWE TLC 2017 replay

4:00 PM: Raw Talk TLC replay

4:30 PM: First Look – The Shield

5:00 PM: Monday Night War (NWO)

6:00 PM: Total Bellas (October 12, 2016)

7:00 PM: Swerved

7:30 PM: WWE Ride Along (Angle, Show, Sheamus, Cesaro)

8:00 PM: WWE Countdown (Mysterious Wrestlers)

9:00 PM: WWE 24: Finn Balor

10:00 PM: Monday Night War (NWO)

11:06 PM: WWE Ride Along (New – The Shield, Sasha, Bayley)

11:36 PM: The Kliq Behind the Curtain

12:06 AM: WWE 24: Finn Balor

1:06 AM: Monday Night War (NWO)

2:06 AM: WWE Ride Along (The Shield, Sasha, Bayley)

2:36 AM: The Kliq Behind the Curtain

3:06 AM: WWE 24: Finn Balor

4:06 AM: Total Bellas (October 12, 2016)

5:06 AM: Table For 3 (Nash, Hall, Waltman)

5:36 AM: Table For 3 (Orton, Flair, Sammartino)

6:00 AM: WWE 24: Finn Balor

7:00 AM: Monday Night War (NWO)

8:00 AM: WWE Ride Along (The Shield, Sasha, Bayley)

8:30 AM: The Kliq Behind the Curtain

9:00 AM: WWE 24: Finn Balor

10:00 AM: Monday Night War (NWO)

WWE Raw in Green Bay with Brock Lesnar, Dot Net Audio, Carmella, The Harris Twins, Bad News Allen, D-Lo Brown, Bushwhacker Butch, Horace Hogan

By Jason Powell Live is on the air today at 3:00 CT/4:00 ET. Guest host Jonny Fairplay is filling in for Will Pruett this week, so Jonny and I will take your phone calls coming out of WWE TLC at

-WWE Raw will be held tonight in Green Bay, Wisconsin at Resch Center with the night after the TLC pay-per-view event. Brock Lesnar will appear to respond to the Survivor Series challenge issued by Jinder Mahal on Smackdown. Join me for live Raw as the show airs on USA Network at 7:00 p.m. CT.

-We are looking for reports for tonight’s WWE Raw in Green Bay and Tuesday’s WWE Smackdown in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If you are going to Raw, Smackdown, or an upcoming live event and want to help us out with off-air match result details, contact me at

-There is not a WWE Smackdown live event tonight due to the crew traveling back to the United States from their South American tour.

-Dot Net Members are listening to the WWE TLC pay-per-view review that Jake Barnett and I recorded on Sunday night. Please note that there will not be a Q&A audio show this week due to Live this afternoon. Join us on the ad-free version of the website and special section of our free iPhone and Android apps by signing up for membership today via the Dot Net Members’ Signup Page.

-There are no dark match advertised for tonight’s Raw show on the arena website.

Birthdays and Notables

-A very happy birthday to my lovely lady Christina, who is 29 (again) today.

-Ron and Don Harris are 56 today.

-Carmella (Leah Van Dale) is 30 today.

-D-Lo Brown (Accie Julius Connor) turned 47 on Saturday.

-Butch Miller turned 73 on Saturday.

-Horace Hogan (Michael Bollea) turned 52 on Saturday.

-The late Bad News Allen/Brown (Allen Coage) was born on October 22, 1943. He died of a heart attack at age 63 on March 6, 2007.

10/22 WWE TLC 2017 audio review: Kurt Angle, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins vs. Braun Strowman, Kane, The Miz, Sheamus, and Cesaro in a TLC match, AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor, Asuka debuts, Alexa Bliss vs. Mickie James for the Raw Women’s Championship 

Jason Powell and Jake Barnett review the WWE TLC 2017 pay-per-view: Kurt Angle, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins vs. Braun Strowman, Kane, The Miz, Sheamus, and Cesaro in a TLC match, AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor, Asuka debuts, Alexa Bliss vs. Mickie James for the Raw Women’s Championship (64:01)…

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WWE TLC Poll: Pick the best match and grade the overall show

WWE TLC Poll: Pick the best match of the night free polls
WWE TLC Poll: Grade the overall show free polls

Powell’s WWE TLC 2017 live review: Kurt Angle, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins vs. Braun Strowman, Kane, The Miz, Sheamus, and Cesaro in a TLC match, AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor, Asuka debuts, Alexa Bliss vs. Mickie James for the Raw Women’s Championship 

By Jason Powell

WWE TLC 2017
Aired October 22, 2017 live on WWE Network and pay-per-view
Minneapolis, Minnesota at Target Center

WWE TLC opened with a video package that focussed on Kurt Angle’s story getting a new chapter… The broadcast team of Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Booker T checked in from the stage. The stage area beside them was filled with tables, ladders, and chairs…

1. Asuka vs. Emma. Asuka applied an early armbar, but Emma reached the ropes. Emma slapped Asuka when they stood up. Cole said Asuka has sudden offense and is lethal. He also noted that it was Emma’s first singles match on WWE pay-per-view. Asuka slammed her backside into Emma, then Cole got all douchey by talking about how she loves to have fun in the ring and is all about entertaining.

Emma grabbed control briefly and then ate a couple of kicks before rolling up Asuka, who rolled through. Emma tied up Asuka in the tree of woe and then slid to ringside and pulled her hair to wrench her backward. Emma performed her sandwich splash in the corner and got a two count. A “let’s go Asuka” chant broke out. Asuka rolled up Emma for a two count, then performed a running kick.

Asuka threw more kicks and stomped on the fingers of Emma. Asuka performed a missile dropkick at 6:50. Emma came back and got a two count before driving Asuka’s face into the mat. Asuka grabbed her leg and applied an ankle lock. Emma got to her feet only for Asuka to perform a German suplex. Emma rolled to ringside. Asuka followed only to have Emma slam her off the apron and down to ringside at 8:55. Emma rolled Asuka back inside the ring and followed her. Asuka caught her with a kick to the head and then applied the Asuka Lock for the win…

Asuka defeated Emma in 9:25.

Powell’s POV: A quality match and a good debut for Asuka. This was longer than I anticipated, but it was a better showcase for the newcomer than Shinsuke Nakamura and Dolph Ziggler had at WWE Backlash. At the same time, Emma came away from this looking a bit stronger than she did going in.

A WWE breast cancer charity video aired…

The Miz, Sheamus, and Cesaro spoke backstage. Sheamus said Mick Foley never would have done what Angle did. He said it’s okay because he’s always wanted to Brogue Kick an Olympic champion. Miz said Angle only cares about himself. He said Angle could have postponed the match or even cancelled it, but he wanted to face him in the main event. Miz said he would meet a Monster Among Men.

Braun Strowman entered the picture and told Miz to save the pep talk. He said he was taking out all three men as along as his teammates stayed out of his way. Kane showed up and said he does whatever he wants. Miz said there will be enough of their opponents to go around and then they will run Raw. Strowman said there is no tomorrow for Angle, Rollins, and Ambrose. Kane said TLC will be hell on earth. Miz, Sheamus, and Cesaro did the Shield fist bump pose…

Elias sat on his stool on the stage and delivered the Prince opening lines to his “Let’s Go Crazy” song. He started playing his guitar only to have Jason Jordan come out and throw produce at him. Elias stopped playing…

Powell’s POV: If you missed the Kickoff Show, first of all, kudos to you for making the right time management decision. Second, Elias mocked Jordan for not being on the pay-per-view card in a backstage segment, so one can only assume that they were setting up a match between the two. Also, Sasha Banks defeated Alicia Fox in the only Kickoff Show match.

2. Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher vs. Rich Swann and Cedric Alexander. Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness served as the broadcast team for the cruiserweight match. The babyface duo jumped out to a fast start with some crowd pleasing offense that concluded with a flip dive by Alexander onto (or over) both heels at ringside. The heels ended up isolating Swann for a stretch.

Alexander checked in and the heels maintained offensive control with Kendrick applying his Captain’s Hook finisher. Swann broke it up with a Phoenix Splash. Moments later, Alexander hit the Lumbar Check for the win…

Rich Swann and Cedric Alexander defeated Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher in 8:00.

Powell’s POV: A solid tag match with the crowd being into the offense of the babyface team.

After some advertising, they showed a tweet from The Rock wishing Kurt Angle luck in the main event… A video package set up the Raw Women’s Championship match…

Backstage, Charly Caruso interviewed Alexa Bliss and noted that harsh words had been exchanged. Bliss immediately brought up biscuit butt and said she doesn’t understand it because her butt is cute. She said she knows Mickie was dedicating the match to her son. She spoke about the good old days for Mickie and said that after tonight they will just be old…

3. Alexa Bliss vs. Mickie James for the Raw Women’s Championship. Bliss received the stronger crowd reaction. Ring announcer Mike Rome delivered in-ring introductions for the title match. Alexa ducked through the ropes early on and Mickie responded by slapping her ass. A very male sounding crowd pop occurred. Bliss took offensive control and targeted the left arm/shoulder of James.

At 6:15, the women traded slaps in the middle of the ring. James got the better of it, but then they both connected with kicks to the head. James scored a two count at 8:15 that only Cole bought into. James rolled into a bridge for a two count at 8:40. Bliss came back with a sunset flip powerbomb for a two count of her own. Bliss threw a fit after not getting the win.

Bliss went for Twisted Bliss, but James avoided it. James performed a missle dropkick for a two count. Late in the match, Bliss feigned injury and then pulled James into the corner face first and then DDT’d her for the clean win. After Bliss left, Caruso entered the ring and interviewed James, who said she gave her heart and soul into the match. She said it won’t be her last time in a women’s championship match or as a women’s champion. She thanked the WWE fans…

Alexa Bliss pinned Mickie James in 11:25 to retain the Raw Women’s Championship.

Powell’s POV: Another solid match. This was a better match than they have had in the past. The effort was there, but there was nothing particularly memorable about the match, nor anything truly wrong with it either. I liked the James interview after the match. It was simple and she came off as genuine.

Backstage, Kurt Angle was getting ready for the main event when Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose entered the room. He asked if they were there to talk strategy. Ambrose said no. Angle spoke about not knowing what he had left after not being in a WWE ring in eleven years. Rollins cut him off and presented him with a Shield vest…

Elias sat on his stool on the stage for another attempt at a musical performance. He started singing a third time when Jordan pushed his shopping cart of produce onto the stage and threw more vegetables at him. Elias ran off…

Powell’s POV: Angle, Rollins, and Ambrose are super over with the live crowd based on their reaction to seeing them backstage. Elias also had great heat before Jordan came out.

The broadcast team set up a video package on the WWE Cruiserweight Title match…

Enzo Amore made his entrance and sounded hoarse as he performed his entrance routine. Once in the ring, he acknowledged that he lost his voice. He said he was celebrating his victory a little too hard the night before. He said his voice is the only thing he’s losing. He delivered a little heel mic work and said he would be a two-time cruiserweight champion because Kalisto is sawft. Kalisto made his entrance and then it was time to meet the international broadcast teams…

4. Kalisto vs. Enzo Amore for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Joseph and McGuinness were back on the call for the cruiserweight match. Early in the match, Enzo did a baseball pitcher windup before throwing a punch at Kalisto. At 7:40, Enzo performed a DDT after leaping off the second rope and got a two count. With the referee distracted, Enzo poked Kalisto in the eye and then performed the Jawdonzo (Eat Defeat) finisher and scored the pin. Afterward, Caruso interviewed Enzo, who said he owes all the thanks to himself and none to the fans…

Enzo Amore defeated Kalisto in 8:45 to regain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

Powell’s POV: Stay hot, trusty pick’em quarter (see my predictions piece). The hot crowd was not so hot during this match. It’s hard to blame them. Most fans wanted to cheer Enzo before WWE turned him because he was unpopular backstage, and Kalisto was losing to everyone until he moves to the cruiserweight division recently.

An ad for Raw focussed on Brock Lesnar responding to the Jinder Mahal challenge…

The broadcast team spoke at their desk after acknowledging a pair of military veterans in the crowd. The focus shifted to the AJ Styles vs. “The Demon” Finn Balor match…

5. AJ Styles vs. “The Demon” Finn Balor. Styles made his entrance and Cole emphasized that he was on a Raw show for one night only. Balor made his Demon entrance and was not in pumpkin head mode. Many fans stood and chanted “this is awesome” before the bell. Graves said that’s one of the first time it’s ever happened.

Powell’s POV: The first time I remember “this is awesome” chants before the bell at a WWE event was actually in the same venue. The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family at the Elimination Chamber 2014 at Target Center received the same type of reaction and chants. Well done, Minnesota. Oh, and a shout out to the guy in the third row wearing the Guns N’ Roses shirt, presumably from the amazing U.S. Bank Stadium show that I also attended.

At 7:10, Styles delivered a couple of hard chops. Balor returned the favor with a chop in the corner and then threw rapid fire punches and another chop. Balor whipped Styles into the other corner and performed a running chop. Moments later, Styles ended up on the ropes and was kicked down to ringside by Balor, who followed up with a flip dive.

Back inside the ring, Balor performed a sling blade clothesline. Balor charged him, but Styles caught him and dropped him across his knee at 9:05. Balor avoided the Styles Clash, but Styles still performed a sit-out facebuster for a two count. Styles ended up applying a Calf Crusher a short time later. Balor broke it by slamming the head of Styles into the mat a few times. Another “this is awesome” chant started up.

At 12:00, Styles set up for a Phenomenal Forearm, but Balor shoved to ringside. Balor delivered a kick from the apron and then performed a running dropkick that drove Styles into the barricade. Balor could have won the match via count-out, but he stopped the referee’s count and went back to ringside where Styles picked him up and ran with him until they both tumbled over the broadcast table. Both men returned to the ring at the same time to break the ref’s count. They performed simultaneous clotheslines and stayed down at 14:40.

At 15:15, Balor performed an overhead kick. Cole noted that Balor was still selling his leg from the Calf Crusher earlier. Balor got a two count off a 1916. Balor dropkicked Styles into the corner and then went up top, but Styles recovered and caught him with a Pele Kick at 16:50. Styles performed a huracanrana that pulled Balor off the top rope for a two count.

Styles went up top and fans chanted “this is awesome” again. Styles went for a springboard 450 splash, but Balor avoided it. Balor performed a running dropkick and followed up with the Coup de Grace for the clean win. After the match, Balor helped Styles to his feet and many fans chanted “too sweet.” Both men stared at one another and then made the “too sweet” hand gesture to a big pop…

Finn Balor defeated AJ Styles in 18:20.

Powell’s POV: A terrific match that the live crowd adored. The post match scene was cool with the former Bullet Club leaders performing the too sweet hand gesture in the middle of the ring. WWE officials obviously know matchups like this are crowd pleasers, so why don’t we see more of them? It seems like we’re more likely to get these types of “dream matches” in NXT than on the main roster for some odd reason. All of that said, this was really good and it’s hard to imagine a Demon vs. Sister Abigail match being nearly as satisfying.

Elias stood in the ring with his guitar and said he’s sick of Jason Jordan’s childish pranks, but he also knows that he didn’t have a dad around to show him the right way. He said he was going to perform a song for Jordan to play him to the ring. Jordan’s entrance music interrupted him…

6. Jason Jordan vs. Elias. Cole said the match was made after the last altercation the duo had. Jordan was in offensive control early, but Elias broke his suplex setup and then caught him with a knee to the back that drove Jordan into the corner. Elias put the boots to Jordan.

Jordan came back and got a two count off a suplex at 7:15. Jordan sat Elias on the top rope. They fought for position and Elias ended up catching a charging Jordan with a knee to the face. Elias picked up Jordan and tossed him into the corner. Moments later, Jordan caught Elias with an inside cradle and got the win even though Elias’s shoulder was clearly up. Booker T protested on commentary and the replay proved him right…

Jason Jordan defeated Elias in 8:50.

Powell’s POV: The Elias guitar segments with Jordan interrupting seemed to be well received, but the fans just sat on their hands during this match. The finish seemed designed to set up a rematch on Monday’s Raw.

The broadcast team hyped Survivor Series, and Raw Talk for after TLC with guests AJ Styles and Alexa Bliss. Cole said the main event was about tables, ladders, and chairs. A video package set up the main event…

Backstage, the Miz told his team that he had a surprise for them. He said they weren’t just going to win, they were going to treat their opponents like garbage, which he said you drive to the dump…

Powell’s POV: Curtis Axel hasn’t been with Miz today, presumably because he would get a favorable reaction in his home state. It will be interesting to see if he interferes or if they just keep him away from this match.

The crowd was fairly quiet for Miz’s entrance. Sheamus and Cesaro got a pop when they first came out. Kane received a decent reaction, and Cole noted that it was the 175th time he has competed in a WWE pay-per-view match. There was a pop when Strowman raised his arms on the stage and when he did it again in the ring.

The Shield music played for Ambrose and Rollins, who entered through the crowd to a good reaction. Angle walked out behind them wearing his honorary Shield vest. The fans still found a way to chant “you suck” at Angle. Funny…

Powell’s POV: Angle really should have received a separate entrance. Perhaps they are saving that for a singles match return?

7. Kurt Angle, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose vs. Braun Strowman, Kane, Sheamus, Cesaro, and The Miz in a TLC match. Angle, Rollins, and Ambrose surrounded the ring Shield style with chairs. Rollins sacrificed himself, which allowed his partners to hit the heels with chairs. Rollins joined them in clearly everyone from the ring and then hitting Kane with repeated chair shots. The fans chanted Yes!

Rollins and Ambrose grabbed one of the ladders that was set up at ringside and ran it into some of the heels. Angle grabbed another ladder and worked over Strowman with it. Kane grabbed Ambrose by the throat in the ring, but Rollins springboarded his way into the ring to break it up. The broadcast team spoke about how it seemed like the babyfaces were the team with the numbers advantage.

The babyface trio set up for a ladder spot, but Strowman broke it up. Strowman set up to put Angle through a broadcast table, but Rollins and Ambrose broke it up by hitting him with chair shots and then running him into the ring post at 5:00.

With Kane and Strowman laid out on broadcast tables, the babyfaces set up ladders in front of the tables. Rollins and Ambrose climbed the ladders and dove off, putting both big men through the tables. Cole pointed out that Rollins immediately grabbed his knee, then discussed Seth’s history of knee issues. Nothing from the replay looked out of the ordinary for Rollins, so he was likely selling.

Sheamus and Cesaro ended up working over Angle in the ring while the others were down at ringside. They placed a ladder in front of Angle in the corner and then kicked the table into him at 8:20. Miz returned to the ring and they set up for a Shield Powerbomb, but Rollins and Ambrose returned to the ring to break it up.

At 9:15, Angle performed three German suplexes on The Miz for a great reaction. Sheamus and Cesaro also took German suplexes from Angle, who then posed for the adoring crowd. Kane sat up and glared at Angle while fans chanted “you’ve still got it.” Kane tried to chokeslam Angle, but Angle took him down and applied the Ankle Lock. Strowman returned to the ring and broke it up before running Angle into the barricade at 10:30.

At 11:10, Strowman hoisted up Angle and performed a running powerslam through a table at ringside. Two trainers and two referees checked on Angle. The other wrestlers fought at ringside with the heels getting the better of Rollins and Ambrose with chair shots. The trailers helped Angle to his feet and started to lead him away while the five heels worked over Anbrose and Rollins inside the ring at 13:15.

Angle collapsed as the trainers were trying to help him up the ramp. He got back to his feet and walked gingerly while the in-ring beatdown continued. The heels took turns hitting Ambrose and Rollins over the back with chairs. Kane accidentally struck Strowman with a chair when Rollins and Ambrose made a brief comeback. Strowman turned around and shoved Kane to the ground. The other heels tried to make peace. Rollins and Ambrose jumped on their backs, but the heels put them right back down and put the boots to them.

At 18:00, Sheamus and Cesaro set up a table in the ring and performed a double crucifix that failed to break the table. Fans booed. They set up the table in the corner and Strowman whipped Ambrose through it. The Miz called for his teammates to follow him to the stage and then began motioning. A garbage truck backed onto the arena floor at 19:30.

The heels brought Rollins and Ambrose to the area behind the truck and tossed them inside. They quickly sat up and started fighting back. They climbed onto a bar on the back of the truck and dove onto four of the heels. The Miz was left alone and tried to run away, but Rollins and Ambrose caught him at ringside.

At 21:30, Ambrose and Rollins brought Miz to the stage. Kane hit Ambrose and Rollins from behind. They rebounded and set up for a double suplex through one of the tables used as part of the set, but Strowman broke it up. Kane punched Strowman and ended up chokeslamming him off the stage and through a piece of the stage next to the broadcast table.

Kane stood over the hole that Strowman was in while the broadcast team questioned why he attacked Strowman. Kane looked up at the chairs that were hanging as part of the TLC set. Kane pulled a string of chairs down onto Strowman, who couldn’t be seen when the chairs fell. There was a shot of Strowman a short time later with all the chairs on top of him.

Kane picked up Ambrose and punched him. Rollins recovered and both men threw punches at Kane. The Miz tried to help, but they ran him into the video wall a couple times. Kane grabbed Ambrose and Rollins by the throat and performed a double chokeslam that drove them both through tables on the stage at 26:15.

Sheamus dragged Rollins to the floor by the garbage truck, then Cesaro carried Ambrose to the same area. At 27:15, Strowman got up. Kane was shown shooting him a look. Miz got on his knees and pleaded with Strowman by saying “there’s five of us.” Strowman attacked Miz and other heels, then went after Kane and had him up in chokeslam position before Sheamus, Cesaor, and Miz stopped him.

Kane, Sheamus, Cesaro, and Miz put the boots to Strowman and threw him into the garbage truck. Miz barked at a man who had been standing beside the truck. The back of the truck closed and trash compactor style. Kane flashed a sadistic smile. The truck drove away with Strowman inside.

The remaining heels brought Rollins back to the ring and then they surrounded it Shield style. “This is completely beyond sports entertainment,” Cole said. Ugh. Sheamus and Cesaro covered Rollins, but Ambrose returned to the ring to break up the count.

Angle’s music played and he headed out wearing his Shield gear while the crowd chanted “you suck.” Angle worked over Sheamus and Cesaro and left them lying at ringside following some suplexes. Kane caught Angle with a clothesline and picked him up for a Tombstone, but Rollins and Ambrose broke it up with chair shots. At 32:35, Rollins and Ambrose ran Kane through the timekeepers area barricade.

The Miz snuck up behind Angle and performed his Skull Crushing Finale and covered him for a good near fall at 33:10. The Miz threw a fit and yelled at the referee. The fans chanted “USA” in support of Angle. The Miz set up for his finisher on a chair, but Angle countered into an ankle lock. Miz teased tapping, but ended up kicking Angle, who tumbled to ringside. Miz sold ankle pain.

Angle, Rollins, and Ambrose all got onto the apron Shield style and surrounded The Miz. Rollins caught Miz with a knee, Ambrose performed Dirty Deeds, and Angle performed the Olympic Slam. Angle, Rollins, and Ambrose performed the Triple Powerbomb (Graves called it an Olympic Shield Bomb). Angle covered Miz for the win. Angle, Rollins, and Ambrose celebrated in the ring to close the show…

Kurt Angle, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose vs. Braun Strowman, Kane, Sheamus, Cesaro, and The Miz in a TLC match in 35:25.

Powell’s POV: A fun brawl that felt like it overstayed its welcome when they were brawling on the stage based on the fans starting to tire out, but they got them back in the end. It was nice to see Angle work a safer brawling style without the big moonsault spot or anything too over the top. Kane’s actions seemed to confuse the crowd a bit, but obviously they are setting him up for a match against Strowman. The garbage truck was silly and they easily could have had Strowman stay down in the hole in the stage. Still, the main event worked for the live crowd, as many of them were on their feet for a good portion of the match.

Overall, the show was far more entertaining than it looked like it would be before lineup changes. That’s not a shot at anyone who had to miss the show, it’s just a simple truth. I will have more to say in the members’ exclusive audio review with Jake Barnett later tonight, and in my WWE TLC Hit List on Monday. Thanks for watching along with me. Live returns on Monday at 3:00 CT/4:00 ET. Jason Powell and guest host Jonny Fairplay (filling in for Will Pruett) will take your phone calls coming out of WWE TLC at

10/22 Powell’s WWE TLC Kickoff Show coverage: Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox, Mickie James and AJ Styles interview, Drew Gulak on the set

By Jason Powell

WWE TLC 2017 Kickoff Show
Aired live on WWE Network and social media
Minneapolis, Minnesota at Target Center

-Renee Young hosted the show and was joined by the panel of David Otunga and Peter Rosenberg. Young addressed the lineup changes with Kurt Angle replacing Roman Reigns in the main event, and AJ Styles replacing Bray Wyatt in the match against Finn Balor.

-The Miz checked in from backstage and accused Kurt Angle of trying to steal the spotlight from him again. He said the big news is that he and Maryse announced that they are having a baby girl. Miz said the numbers advantage will lead to a win for his team in the TLC main event. Miz said he wants Angle to come out and shake his hand on Raw to let him know there are no hard feelings about what he intends to do to him with tables, ladders, and chairs. Otunga noted that Miz was making it very personal between him and Angle. Miz said he’ll give Angle another broken freaking neck.

-Young hyped “The Demon” Finn Balor facing Styles, so it looks like the Demon persona is still in play. The panelists put over the match as being special.

-Charly Caruso checked in from the social media lounge where she will ask Mickie James the very worst of the questions that fans submit via social media.

-The panel shocking split when it came to predicting the outcome of the Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox match. Rosenberg picked a Sasha Banks win because it’s National Boss Week, while Otunga went with Alicia Fox.

-An Asuka teaser video aired. “No one is ready for Asuka,” she said.

-Backstage, Kayla Braxton interviewed Emma, who complained about all the attention that Asuka received compared to her. She showed Braxton comments from fans on her phone. She said all eyes will be on her, the creator of the women’s revolution. Meanwhile, Rosenberg and Otunga both predicted a win for Asuka over Emma.

-The WWE video game commercial that was cool the first time you heard it and now couldn’t be more annoying after 200,000 airings played.

-Backstage, Jason Jordan greeted Kurt Angle with a hug. Jordan asked if he was ready. Angle said he had to do something to fill the void. Elias showed up and said he wanted to make it a truly special night by delivering a musical performance. Jordan took exception to Elias interrupting with that request. Angle granted the performance and then asked for a moment with Jordan, who mockingly thanked Elias for saving the pay-per-view. “At least I’m on the pay-per-view,” Elias replied.

Powell’s POV: Get ready for Jordan vs. Elias.

-The panel discussed the WWE Cruiserweight Championship match. Drew Gulak interrupted with a siren on his megaphone. He complained that his advertised presentation was cut for time. He said he had 277 slides to show. He spoke through the megaphone and said it was the perfect time to start a “we will not be silenced” chant. He looked into the camera and said he believes in a better 205 Live and a better cruiserweight division. He wants to get rid of flying, use of the top rope, costumes, etc. Young spoke over him heading into a break.

-After a video package on the Raw Women’s Championship match, Mickie James was interviewed in the social media lounge by Caruso. The first question was how it feels going into the match knowing it could be her seventh title win. Amazing. The second question was whether age is catching up to James. No, absolutely not. She pointed out that she’s not the oldest female on the roster and she said half the male roster is older than she is. She noted that Fabulous Moolah was 76 when she won her last title. The third question was what the first thing she would do if she won the title. Give the title a facelift and FaceTime her son in the morning since it’s past his bedtime.

-In a shocking twist, the panelists split when it came to predicting the outcome of the Raw Women’s Championship match. Rosenberg picked James, Otunga went with Bliss.

-AJ Styles was interviewed by the panel as he stood backstage. He praised Balor. Styles also said he’s a pro and is ready for anyone. Styles said he’s heard that The Demon has never been beaten on WWE television and he’ll be happy to be the first to do that. After Styles checked out, Otunga said Styles has been traveling nonstop and he questioned whether that will be a factor in the match.

-The Raw broadcast team of Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Booker T checked in and recapped the Alicia Fox vs. Sasha Banks feud…

1. Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox. Alicia was out first and had feathers as part of her entrance. Sasha went right at Fox and dominated the offense until they cut to a break. [C] Fox came back and performed two Northern Lights suplexes and got a couple of two counts. Booker compared Fox to The Missing Link (look him up, kids). Fox caught Banks with a big punch late, but Banks came back and applied the Bank Statement for the submission win…

Sasha Banks beat Alicia Fox in 11:00.

Powell’s POV: The outcome was never in question, but the live crowd was into the match and clearly liked Sasha. By the way, the broadcast team and the panel have done a nice job of making the addition of Angle to the main event, and the Styles vs. Balor matches seem like major positives.

-The panel delivered hype for the 30-day network trial, NXT Takeover, and Survivor Series. They set up a video package that focussed on the addition of Kurt Angle to the main event.

-Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose stood backstage and were interviewed by the panel about teaming with Angle. Ambrose said he doesn’t know what Angle’s plans or motivations are, but he stressed that it’s war. Ambrose said Angle would do his thing, while they would do their thing. Rollins said he never dreamed he would be teaming with Angle. They were asked about a strategy for the main event. Rollins said The Shield always has something up their sleeve and this was no exception. Rollins said he doesn’t know what Angle has left in the tank, but he believes Angle will bring everything he has. Ambrose said he doesn’t care if Angle has nothing left, it he’s crazy enough to ride with them then he’s cool.

-The panel wrapped up the Kickoff Show.

Live coverage of WWE TLC is available on the main page.

Triple H returned to the ring for WWE on Sunday

Triple H returned to the ring at Sunday’s WWE live event in Santiago, Chile and defeated Rusev. He also took part in a comedic dancing moment with New Day that resulted in him hitting a Pedigree on Kofi Kingston.

Powell’s POV: Kevin Owens had to leave the tour due to a family matter, and AJ Styles was pulled so that he could work tonight’s TLC event. Triple H has stated in the past that Vince McMahon referred to his wrestling status as “in case of emergency, break glass.” I guess this situation fit that description. Kudos to WWE for making up for the absences of Styles and Owens at this event.

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WWE wrestlers attend NFL game, take part in pre-game ceremony

WWE wrestlers Sheamus, Cesaro, and Curtis Axel attended Sunday’s Minnesota Vikings game at U.S. Bank Stadium. They trio took part in the pre-game ceremony with hometown boy Axel blowing the giant Gjallarhorn.

Powell’s POV: Obviously, all three men are in town for the WWE TLC event that will be held up the road at Target Center in Minneapolis. Axel is a big Vikings fan based on his tweets during their games. Skol!

Cesaro’s two-word response to Vince McMahon saying he was “too Swiss” on the Stone Cold Podcast, explains why he tore the beachball at WWE SummerSlam

All Things Wrestling Radio with Cesaro
Host: Isaac Wenzel, Twitter: @ATWRadioTweets
Listen at

On Vince McMahon’s notorious “brass ring” comments about him on the Stone Cold Podcast on WWE Network: “I was actually listening to it on the drive to the next city…I was not very happy about it to say the least because I couldn’t disagree more. The next day I walked into his office and said, ‘challenge accepted.’ That’s how I deal with things – head on…I’d like to say I’ve been doing pretty good so far.”

On why he tore up the beach ball at SummerSlam: “It’s SummerSlam…arguably the second biggest pay-per-view of the year. Myself and Sheamus are out there against Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins for the WWE Tag Team Championships. We poured our hearts into this match and I look out and see some schmucks playing with a beach ball. So I decided to put an end to that because if I’m in the ring, that’s the most exciting thing to watch…the fans say ‘Cesaro is underappreciated’…and you have a hell of a match and they do something like that. So that’s just disrespectful and I put a stop to that. Not on my watch.”

Cesaro and Braun Strowman appeared on the show this week. Listen at

Powell’s WWE TLC predictions: Kurt Angle, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins vs. Braun Strowman, Kane, The Miz, Sheamus, and Cesaro in a TLC match, AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor, Alexa Bliss vs. Mickie James for the Raw Women’s Championship, Asuka vs. Emma

These predictions were made with no help from the betting lines because I’m not a cheater, nor a dirty, rotten, filthy, stinkin’ whore of a man. In other words, I’m guessing just like you are. Join me for live coverage of WWE TLC beginning with the Kickoff Show at 6CT/7ET. Dot Net Members will have exclusive access to the audio review that Jake Barnett and I will record after the show. Join us on the ad-free version of to gain access to over nine years of audio content via the Dot Net Members’ Signup Page.

WWE was put in a tough position when they had to make late decisions to pull Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt from the lineup due to medical issues. Obviously, our thoughts are with Reigns, Wyatt, and Bo Dallas in that we hope everyone gets well soon. To WWE’s credit, they managed to make the lineup look better on paper than it did originally. I’m not big on Kurt Angle returning on short notice, but I do understand and appreciate the desire to give the fans who were expecting The Shield reunion something special. Meanwhile, AJ Styles replacing Wyatt’s Sister Abigail persona and facing Finn Balor is far more appealing than the apparently Halloween themed insanity that WWE had advertised. Admittedly, I had a perverse curiosity when it came to seeing how Wyatt would wrestle as Sister Abigail, but Styles vs. Balor makes this event feel like more than the one match show that it did prior to the changes.

Kurt Angle, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins vs. Braun Strowman, Kane, The Miz, Sheamus, and Cesaro in a tables, ladders, and chairs match: The fact that Angle was ready on short notice begs the question of when or if he received medical clearance. Perhaps he was scheduled to return to the ring at Survivor Series and they just moved up his return date? If Angle did not go through the medical testing then the company is putting themselves at risk. Either way, here’s hoping we get a tame version of Angle. Does anyone want to watch a 48 year-old man with a history of major neck issues perform his moonsault from the top rope let alone from the top of a ladder? The appeal of this match is now seeing Angle wrestling in a WWE ring after more than a decade away. Fans will be more than satisfied with some suplexes, an ankle lock, and an Olympic Slam. Keep it simple. When an injury leads to a lineup change, the company typically delivers a happy ending to the match, so I’m going with the babyface trio.

Kurt Angle, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins win.

AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor: This match is a little tricker to pick in that either babyface winning clean would be a satisfying finish. It would be fun to see these guys get 20-plus minutes to work their magic before the match ends in a clean finish. I don’t think either wrestler would be damaged by putting over the other, and if there is a clean finish then my guess is that Styles goes over since he’s moving into a title feud with Jinder Mahal on the Smackdown side. However, I could see a Wyatt video flash creating a distraction that somehow leads to Styles going over while also keeping the Balor vs. Wyatt program alive.

AJ Styles wins.

Alexa Bliss vs. Mickie James for the Raw Women’s Championship: The old lady jokes are finished and it’s time for the match. Bliss and James have worked together in the past and have yet to deliver anything particularly memorable. Here’s hoping that changes this time around. As much as I think there’s a fun story to tell with veteran James winning the title and bringing it home to her young son, my guess is that they intend to keep the belt on Bliss until Asuka eventually defeats her.

Alexa Bliss retains the Raw Women’s Championship.

Kalisto vs. Enzo Amore for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship: The addition of Kalisto and Enzo to the cruiserweight division has made some fans care more about it. I can’t say that I’m one of those people. The division is horribly damaged and it’s going to take more than three Raw main event segments to make me feel like the company is truly committed to making this work. No, that doesn’t mean I want to see more of the cruiserweights in the final segment on Raw. It means I need to see a real creative commitment and ideally some new faces in the division. As for this match, I’m pulling out my trusty pick’em quarter. When I die someday, said quarter will be auctioned off on eBay for 20 cents. That’s the Jason Powell Effect.

Tails. Enzo Amore wins the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

Asuka vs. Emma: I normally push for WWE to do more with Emma. The best I can do this time is hope that they will give up this silly and ineffective social media and revolution starting silliness. As for the finish, they must do the right thing. This isn’t the time to get cute.

Asuka wins.

Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann vs. Jack Gallagher and Brian Kendrick: Creative has failed to make me care about the feud, but I am looking forward to the actual match. These four are more than capable of delivering a match of the night contender if they are given enough time and a quality finish. One of the problems with the cruiserweight division early on was the lack of heat put on any heels other than Neville. I’d put the heels over in a way that extends the feud. And by extend the feud, I don’t mean the babyfaces simply get their win back on Raw in another parity booking move.

Jack Gallagher and Brian Kendrick win.

Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox (Kickoff Show): Banks defeated Fox in the five-way elimination match on Raw a couple weeks back. They were reportedly planning to go with Banks vs. Nia Jax in this match, but once they found out that Jax wasn’t going to be available they decided to double down by having Banks beat Fox again in a singles match on Monday’s Raw. The big plan for setting up the need for yet another match was to have Fox do her ridiculously over the top crazy woman routine while attacking Banks in a backstage segment. Ugh. While I can’t rule out WWE going with an upset only to have Banks avenge the loss on Monday’s Raw, I’ll go with Sasha scoring the hat trick.

Sasha Banks wins. Live returns on Monday at 3CT/4ET with Jason Powell and guest host Jonny Fairplay (filling in for Will Pruett) taking your calls at

Kevin Owens explains his departure from the WWE South American tour

Kevin Owens was pulled from the WWE South American tour this week and offered the following explanation on Twitter. “I’m not sick. I’m not hurt. My family needed me home. Thank you to @WWE & the fans in Argentina & Chile for their support and understanding.”

Powell’s POV: It seems like a simple enough explanation. Here’s hoping that whatever the family issue is that caused him to return home is nothing serious.

10/21 WrestleCircus in Austin, Texas results: Shane Strickland vs. Brian Cage for the Ringmaster Championship, Joey Ryan and Candice LeRae vs. John Morrison and Taya Valkyrie, Jeff Cobb vs. Lance Hoyt, Sammy Guevara vs. Scorpio Sky

We are looking for reports on all WWE, NXT, GFW, ROH, Evolve, and other notable live events. If you attend a show, you are encouraged to send a report or even basic results to

Austin, Texas at South Austin Gym
Report by Stew Myrick of Sports Guys Talking Wrestling (Twitter @SGTWATX)

1. Lance Hoyt defeated Jeff Cobb and MJF in a triple threat.

2. Scorpio Sky (w/Kevin Condron, George Gatton) defeated Sammy Guevara.

3. “Extra Talent-ed” Ricky Starks and Aaron Solow defeated “Scarlet & Graves” Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz to retain the Big Top Tag Team Championships.

4. Sami Callihan defeated Jordan Len-X in a no holds barred match. After the match, while Callihan was delivering a promo, Jimmy Jacobs came to the ring. Jacobs challenged Callihan to a match in the future. Callihan tried to attack Jacobs, but Jacobs delivered a spear to Callihan.

5. Team Jervis (Gentleman Jervis, Super Thunderfrog, Supercop Dick Justice, Christi Jaynes, and Leva “LevaTaker” Bates) defeated Team Austin (Austin Heiberg, Rockstar Spud, J.C.Re.S, Dirty Andy Dalton, and Unholy Gregory James) in a 10-person elimination tag team match. As a result, Heiberg must leave WrestleCircus.

6. “The World’s Cutest Tag Team” Joey Ryan & Candice LeRae defeated “Team Abs & Ass” John Morrison & Taya Valkyrie.

7. Tessa Blanchard defeated Dave Crist to retain the Sideshow Championship.

8. Brian Cage defeated Shane Strickland to win the Ringmaster Championship. Cage benefitted from the assistance of Scorpio Sky, who hit Strickland in the head with a briefcase.

WrestleCircus will hold their next event on Saturday, November 18. The event will be live streamed via Twitch.

We’ll recap this event on Sports Guys Talking Wrestling, Wednesday night at 9pm CT. You can listen in Austin on 104.9FM/AM1260 The Horn, or you can stream it worldwide via or The Horn Austin app for smartphones.

10/21 Jersey All Pro Wrestling results: Blk Jeez vs. Keith Lee for the JAPW Heavyweight Championship, 2017 Best Of The Light Heavyweights, Matt Riddle, Michael Elgin, Homicide, Jonathan Gresham

We are looking for reports on all WWE, NXT, GFW, ROH, Evolve, and other notable live events. If you attend a show, you are encouraged to send a report or even basic results to

Jersey All Pro Wrestling (
Rahway, New Jersey at the Rahway Rec Center
By Shin-Blade (FB: @officialshinblade Twitter: @shinsationalone)

1. Private Party beat Coast 2 Coast.

2. Michael Elgin beat Shlak.

3. Joe Gacy over TJ Marconi.

4. Arcadia (w/ Colin West) defeated Jonathan Gresham to retain the JAPW Light Heavyweight Championship.

5. LuFISTO defeated Penelope Ford, Katred The Clockwork Angel, and Gabby Ortiz in a Fatal 4-Way for the JAPW Women’s Championship.

6. Matthew Riddle beat Kyle The Beast.

7. Anthony Bennett defeated Anthony Gangone, Rory Gulak, Jake Parnell, “Shred God” Brandon Watts, Danny DeManto, “Bad Apple” Matt McIntosh, and surprise entrant Homicide in the 2017 Best Of The Light Heavyweights.

8. Blk Jeez defeated “Limitless” Keith Lee to retain the JAPW Heavyweight Championship. Jeez won with the help of Homicide, Joker, and Julius Smokes.