6/30 AEW Dynamite results: Barnett’s live review of AEW Tag Champions The Young Bucks vs. Eddie Kingston and Penta El Zero Miedo in an Eliminator match, Miro vs. Brian Pillman Jr. for the TNT Title, MJF vs. Sammy Guevara, Britt Baker and Rebel vs. Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero, Jungle Boy vs. Jack Evans

By Jake Barnett, ProWrestling.net Co-Senior Staffer (@barnettjake)

AEW Dynamite (Episode 92)
Jacksonville, Florida at Daily’s Place
Aired June 30, 2021 on TNT

[Hour One] Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone started the show on commentary. Chris Jericho made his entrance to join the commentary team. He had to make a long walk on a narrow walkway while he soaked in the cheers. Eddie Kingston and Penta El Zero M made their entrances, followed by the Young Bucks for the opening match. Nick wore a hideous Fu Manchu and Matt had a porn mustache. The announcers had a laugh at their expense. A brawl broke out in the ring as the ref cleared streamers from the ring. 

1. AEW Tag Champion “The Young Bucks” Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson vs. Penta El Zero M and Eddie Kingston in an Eliminator match: The bell rang with all four men in the ring. Penta sent Nick to ringside, and Kingston pulled Matt into a backslide for a two count. Penta kicked Matt, and Eddie rolled him into a pinning situation for a near fall. Eddie held Matt’s legs to Penta could come off the stop and stomp on his groin area. 

Matt recovered a moment later and shoved Penta into his corner for a tag out. Nick and Matt took over with double team offense, and taunted the crowd with pelvic thrusts. Matt threw Penta underneath the ropes, and Penta caught him for a backbreaker when he dove to the outside. He then made a tag to Kingston, who sent Matt to the floor and landed a Fisherman’s Suplex pin for a near fall. 

Matt pulled Eddie to the outside, but he ended up tossing Matt with an exploder suplex for his trouble. Nick knocked Penta off the apron, and then he and Matt double splashed Eddie on the floor. Nick covered back in the ring for a one count. The Bucks isolated Eddie in their corner, and worked tags and double team offense until Eddie hulked up and started chopping them both. Nick replied with a running knee strike to Eddie and Penta, and then Matt continued grinding down Kingston. 

Nick climbed to the top rope, and Eddie sent Matt into the corner, knocking Nick down onto his groin. Eddie followed to the top and landed some headbutts, and then a superplex. Eddie couldn’t make cover. Eddie beat Matt to his feet and made a tag to Penta. He entered and landed a rolling DDT and took down both Nick and Matt. He then landed a corkscrew code red on Matt that appeared to get a three count, but Rick Knox called it a near fall. 

Penta set up for Fear Factor, but Matt reversed and sent him into the boot of Nick in the corner. Nick then followed up with a huracanrana. Penta landed a superkick to Nick, and then Eddie landed a suplex, followed by a backstabber from Penta. He made a cover, but Matt broke it up at the last second. Penta and Nick traded standing switches, but Nick hit a low blow that Rick Knox didn’t call. 

Matt and Nick landed a double stomp piledriver on Kingston, but Eddie made a dramatic save. Kingston landed an exploder suplex on Nick. The Good Brothers were at ringside. The Bucks both landed superkicks on Kingston. The interference backfired on the Bucks, as Matt took the cold spray to the eyes. Kazarian took out Brandon Cutler on the outside. Penta hit Fear Factor on Matt, and then Kingston landed a kick. Penta made the cover and got the win. 

Eddie Kingston and Penta El Zero M defeated The Young Bucks at 15:46 in an Eliminator match

Eddie and Penta celebrated. The Announce Team ran down the rest of the card, featuring Miro and Brian Pillman Jr. in the main event. Jungle Boy vs. Jack Evans is up next. Backstage, Christian said he was proud of Jungle Boy. He told him to take something from his loss, and to be better than ever. He told him he thought he would be Champion someday, but told him to focus on tonight when he could become the first AEW Superstar with 50 wins. Luchasaurus walked up and said Dinosaurs are very loyal, and told Christian he had his back now. Christian told him he was a quarter Triceratops on his Mom’s side. Ethan Page is up next…[c]

My Take: A fun match to open the show. It was very much a bag of tricks match, and I’m not sure if Rick Knox botched that 3 count, or if he was supposed to give the Bucks a second chance, but the crowd called him out. The Bucks were given every excuse for the loss, and I’m sure they will get their win back in the eventual title match.

Ethan Page was in the ring with Schiavone, who asked him why he wanted a casket match? Page said what they had done so far is not enough, and then he erupted at the crowd for booing over his answer. He said his goal is not to beat Darby Allin, his goal is to exterminate Darby Allin. He said nobody has tried harder to cripple him more than him. He threw him down the stairs, into a crowd, and on the independents he busted his head and his elbow. Crippling him physically is not an option anymore, he has to cripple him mentally. 

Page addressed Darby and said he would beat him, and every time he goes up for a Coffin Drop, he would think of him. He would think of him laying him in a coffin and closing the door on his confidence forever. Sting interrupted and dragged a coffin to the ring. Darby’s music then played and a video showed Darby taking a flamethrower to a casket. He then emerged from the casket and applied a rear naked choke on Page. Sting gave Sky a Scorpion Death Drop. Darby then dug his fingernails at the eyes of Page. 

Referees pulled them apart, and Page grabbed a microphone and said Darby knows he can’t beat him at 100 percent. He called off the match for next week, and if Darby can keep his hands off him next week, maybe they could have their match at Fyter Fest. Jericho plugged his book on commentary. They then narrated some footage of Omega vs. Jungle Boy from last week. 

TH2’s music hit, and Jack Evans made his entrance for the next match. We got a picture in picture promo from Matt Hardy, who said he was sending Jack Evans after Jungle Boy to hurt him, and he doesn’t care if he wins or loses. That’s the cost of getting into HFO business. Jungle Boy then made his entrance with Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt. 

2. Jack Evans vs. Jungle Boy: We saw some early reversals with Evans cartwheeling out of an arm twist. Evans missed a dropkick, and Jungle Boy went for a Snare Trap, but couldn’t apply it. Evans quickly recovered, and landed a flying kick to the ribs. Jungle Boy replied with an acrobatic arm drag out of the corner…[c]

My Take: I’m not sure if there’s an injury preventing the Coffin Match from happening in Miami, or they just wanted to do it at Fyter Fest, but it was an odd way to back out of it. Page delivered an effective promo, otherwise.

Jungle Boy landed a flying kick. Evans avoided another Snare Trap by rolling out to the apron. Both men ended up on top, but Evans slipped out. He went for a German off the top rope, but Jungle Boy flipped out. He then landed a kick to the face and then applied the Snare Trap for the win. 

Jungle Boy defeated Jack Evans at 6:03

After the match, as you’d expect, a gang war broke out. Christian got a hold of Matt Hardy and landed an inverted DDT. The then choked him with his own suit coat. Jack Evans distracted Christian so Hardy could escape.

A pre-tape aired where MJF spoke about beating Jericho at his own game. He’s better than him in the ring, on the microphone, and he outsmarted him when he formed the Pinnacle. MJF said Jericho has responded by attacking him during interviews, after matches, and questioned how low he was willing to stoop to avoid the inevitable that MJF is just better than him. 

He offered Jericho another match down the road, but only if he met his stipulations. He said he would reveal his stipulations after he defeats Jericho’s loser buddy Sammy Guevara. He said he would beat Sammy Guevara later, and send him back to his Youtube vlog to cry to his fans about it. He told Guevara he was a punk, and he was better than him and he knows it. Jericho said he would accept almost any stipulation, and that MJF always takes too long to get to the point…[c]

My Take: Jungle Boy continues to shine in the ring. I am long past bored with all the gang wars post match shenanigans. I think they have to find some alternatives to moving stories forward. MJF was effective in his promo, and brimmed with confidence about his match with Guevara. I’m guessing he has a plan. 

Backstage, Andrade spoke about being interrupted by Matt Sydal last week. He addressed him as Matt Something, and said he interrupted his big announcement last week. Andrade challenged him to a match in Miami next week, and said he would make an example out of him. 

In the arena, Kenny Omega also wore a terrible bit of facial hair from the 1970s. He had a mustache that grew into his sideburns, but nothing on his chin. He looked like Triple H’s worst Lemmy Kilmister impression. Kenny grabbed the mic and rattled off a bunch of questions that he said Tony asked him earlier today. Tony said he didn’t ask him any of those things. Omega said he woke up today inspired. He had defeated the toughest guy in AEW, the highest merch seller, the best high flyer, and now the most promising up and comer in the company. Kenny said it pains his to say, with no one left in the ranks of AEW, he’s going to have to take a little time off to defend his Championships in other promotions.

The Dark Order interrupted Omega, and Evil Uno disagreed about Omega being out of challengers. Omega asked if he would send 5 after him again? He wouldn’t last two minutes in the ring with him, and told them to go back and play video games backstage. 

Evil Uno said none of them have enough singles wins to challenge him, but they know someone who used to be good friends with Kenny who does. Omega said if they are talking about the same person he thinks they are, he wouldn’t appreciate Uno talking on his behalf. Omega then said that person is too afraid to challenge him, and doesn’t even believe in himself enough to think he has the right to hold up the AEW tile belt. Omega’s music hit, he bid them adieu, and he walked away…[c]

My Take: So…I guess Omega was right? Hangman not emerging at all left the crowd a bit confused. They are doing a long burn on this story, but this put Hangman on the back foot in an odd way. Hopefully he has something to say about it.

A pre-tape of Brian Pillman Jr was shown. He said he doesn’t share Miro’s faith, but he has friends and loved ones that stuck with him through thick and thin. He called this match an opportunity to prove that Miro isn’t God’s favorite champion, he’s nothing but a big bully. He then called Miro a big Bulgarian bitch.

[Hour Two] Pillman made his entrance with Griff Garrison and Julia Hart. Miro followed with some new music for his “The Redeemer” gimmick. The announcers spoke about Miro’s messiah complex, and spoke about him being undefeated in singles competition. Miro made his entrance.

3. Miro vs. Brian Pillman Jr. for the TNT Championship: Miro went for a sidekick out of the gate, but Pillman avoided it. He tossed Pillman into the corner, and then landed some hard punches. Miro landed a huge kick, and then a vertical suplex. Pillman hit the ropes, but Miro met him with a body block. A fallaway slam sent Pillman to ringside…[c]

Miro dominated during the break. He landed big chops across his chest from the apron. Pillman got some hope from a neck snap across the top rope. He then followed up with a springboard dropkick, and a dive through the ropes. Pillman tossed Miro into the barricade, and then tossed Miro back into the ring. He followed up with a springboard clothesline for a one count. 

Pillman landed a series of superkicks, and fired up the crowd. He went for a third, but Miro avoided it and landed a roundhouse kick of his own. He then landed a jumping side kick, and taunted the crowd. He then stomped on Pillman’s back and applied his Game Over Camel Clutch. Pillman eventually passed out. 

Miro defeated Brian Pillman Jr at 7:37 to retain the TNT Championship

Miro celebrated, and they threw backstage to Marvez with Dark Order. Adam Page was initially angry at Dark Order, but they told him that they don’t think he’s afraid of Kenny, they just think he’s afraid of failure. He mentioned knowing that they were going to do some thing stupid, but Grayson asked why he didn’t stop them then? They told him to get back on the horse, and that it was time to go after that title shot. Page was speechless, and stared at his drink…[c]

My Take: Miro is a beast, and it’s nice to see him excelling in this role. He’d fit right in for a G1 appearance with this style. I was glad to see them do the Page reaction tonight, otherwise the earlier segment would have been a weird place to end.

Backstage, Taz said Ricky Starks and Brian Cage were not there. He described their relationship as toxic, and Hobbs said they needed to figure it out real quick. Taz announced that on July 14th in Austin, Cage would defend his FTW Title against a medically cleared Ricky Starks to clean up the family business…

In the arena, Vickie Guerrero and Nyla Rose made their entrance. They were followed by Britt Baker and Rebel. The crowd cheered Baker and Rebel. 

4. Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero vs. Britt Baker and Rebel: Vickie shouted at Rebel, who shoved her down. Britt Baker slapped Vickie, who tagged out immediately to Nyla. Rose entered the ring and went after Baker, but Rebel jumped on her back. Nyla took control and dumped Rebel with a slam. She went after Baker on the apron, who dropped off. Nyla dragged Rebel to their corner and tagged Vickie…[c]

Rebel initially took over on Vickie, who scrambled to tag Nyla back into the match. Nyla went for a Beast Bomb on Baker, but couldn’t execute. She executed a chokeslam, and draped Baker over the top rope. Nyla went up top and landed a knee for a near fall when Rebel made the save. Nyla tagged out to Vickie. Baker shoved Vickie and caused Nyla to take a nasty fall to the outside, and Britt applied Lockjaw to Vickie for the win. 

Britt Baker and Rebel defeated Vickie Guerrero and Nyla Rose at 7:34

After the match, Nyla landed a Beast Bomb on Baker, and then a second one through a table at ringside. The announce team ran down next week’s card, including Andrade vs. Matt Sydal and a six man between Inner Circle and Pinnacle sans Jericho and MJF. Backstage, Hager and Proud and Powerful delivered a pre-tape promo. Hager said they would take an ass whipping next week, and said Warldow nearly earned his respect until what they had done to Jericho and Malenko. Santana said if Tully was going to be in the Pinnacle, Konnan would be in theirs. He said they would put down the Pinnacle for good. 

Footage was shown of The Blade attacking Orange Cassidy with brass knuckles last week. Next week, Statlander and Orange Cassidy will take on Bunny and The Blade. In the arena, MJF made his entrance…[c]

My Take: Man they are cramming things into this show at an unreal pace tonight. I liked the post match between Baker and Rose to further their story, but everything about the finish of that match made no sense. There was no reason for Rose to tag Vickie into the match when she was in control.

Sammy Guevara made his entrance to a big reaction. 

5, Sammy Guevara vs. MJF: There was 25 minutes remaining in the show when the bell rang for the main event. MJF rolled to ringside early, and taunted the crowd. They traded avoiding each other’s offense, and taunting. MJF landed the first blow with a punch to the throat. Guevara landed a knee in response. He went for a GTH, but MJF blocked it. They traded some mat offense, and traded backslides and several pinning predicaments for two counts. 

Sammy landed a combination of offense, but MJF raked his eyes behind the ref’s back. Sammy slammed MJF and went up top, but he rolled out of the way and out of the ring. Guevara gave chase and landed a punch that staggered MJF. He then landed a double springboard cutter for a two count. 

The action moved outside again, where MJF tossed Guevara hard into the barricade. He sold his knee…[c]

MJF controlled the action during the break, and even bit his fingers. Guevara dumped MJF to the floor and hit the ropes, but MJF pulled him into the ring skirt and landed some punches. MJF set up for a piledriver, but Guevara dumped him with a back body drop. Guevara tossed him back in the ring and went for a springboard, but MJF countered with a Liger Bomb for a near fall. MJF placed Sammy on the top rope, and things got reversed up into a Spanish Fly from Guevara. 

Sammy landed a series of Lariats, followed by an enzuigiri in the corner. He followed up with a clothesline to the outside, and a tornillo over the top rope out to the floor. Sammy landed a springboard destroyer, which got a near fall. MJF tripped up Sammy and double stomped his arm. He then rolled to the floor and grabbed a chair, which was promptly kicked into his face by Guevara. 

Sammy the climbed to the top rope, and dove over the barricade to take out MJF in the crowd with a somersault senton. MJF made a great catch. Back in the ring, Sammy climbed the top rope, but MJF crotched him on the top rope. MJF then climbed to the top and landed a Tombstone from the second rope for a close near fall. MJF sold his knee immediately and couldn’t pull himself up to his feet. 

The referee checked on both men, and allowed the match to continue. MJF managed to pick up Sammy, but collapsed again. MJF got up again and limped, and Guevara pulled him into an inside cradle for a close near fall. MJF set up for a heatseeker against the ropes, but Sammy sent him backwards onto his knees. 

Guevara landed GTH and covered, but MJF got his foot on the ropes. Guevara was beside himself and called for the end with a throat slash gesture. Sammy climbed to the top for a 630. MJF pleaded with Guevara, but he landed the move and got another close near fall. Sammy couldn’t believe it, and Shawn Spears walked out. Jericho left the announce table, but Wardlow assaulted him. 

Spears had a chair, and Wardlow threw Jericho from the stage to ringside. Spears grabbed the chair and waffled Sammy with it over what looked like the back of the neck and back. He did get his hands up. MJF covered after the chair shot and got the win. 

MJF defeated Sammy Guevara at 20:19

After the match, Wardlow held up MJF. Jericho sold his elbow injury at ringside. The Pinnacle celebrated. There are 3 minutes left in the show. The announce team introduced a recap package of the pandemic period at Daily’s Place. The crowd cheered after the video package. JR signed off by calling the show WWE Dynamite. Whoops!

My Take: That was a very good match with some incredible risky spots. It’s a shame it had to end with more gang wars stuff. I think it would have had more emotional impact if Guevara just came up short and MJF got to throw it in Jericho’s face. Overall, a solid show, but subject to a lot of the same issues I typically have with AEW shows. Nothing gets more than 1 second to breathe, and the impact of the great action in the ring is often blunted by the show rapidly moving your attention to something else right after matches are over. 

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  1. Brawl before the match, interference during the match, a ref whose potential heel turn just looks like his regular incompetence, and now we’ll probably see another nonsensical match with Burger Kingston and the 3 midgets.

    I’m sure the regular 900k or so will watch, but the very first match was everything wrong with AEW once again.

    • You aren’t insightful or entertaining. If you are so against the product, don’t watch if it isn’t your cup of tea

    • Yet here you are taking the time to come to a website, scroll down and comment about it.

      Says plenty about you.

    • I enjoy Kingston as he comes of as real and can sell really well. I’ll even tolerate the Bucks for what they are. T

      The problems are Gallows, Anderson, that guy spraying hairspray, every match taking half an hour, and no move having any significance. Oh yeah did I mention that a run-ins would mean more if they didn’t happen every match.

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