Jim Powers on not getting along with tag partner Paul Roma, promises made to the Young Stallions tag team during their WWE run, his placement on WWE card

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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On if he wrestled in today’s era, would he be a big star: I don’t know. Back then, I feel like I had the body, the look, the ponytail, the tan, all the gimmicks, and all the tricks, but one thing I didn’t have was the willingness to playing politics. There were some pretty graphic things some of the boys did back then, that certainly were not me. I wasn’t going to play any games, I wasn’t going to do any sexual favors for anyone, I didn’t want to be in Vince McMahon’s inner circle, so I wasn’t going to get any higher on the card. So anyway, I would probably be one of the bigger guys in today’s wrestling I think.

On his placement on the WWF cards: Journeyman talent, enhancement guy, carpenter, you could say jobber if you want, but I hate that term. I think that’s a pretty ignorant term actually. I enjoyed wrestling, I would do it for nothing. Money was a by-product of doing something that I loved to do. I got the opportunity to do something that I enjoyed. I loved wrestling, especially wrestling in Madison Square Garden in New York. I feel like during my wrestling days, I never really worked a day because I enjoyed it so much. Getting paid for it was a bonus.

Promises made to him when he was a Young Stallion with Paul Roma: We were told a lot of things: Mr. T was going to be our manager, we were going to be WWF Tag Team Champions. There were a lot of promises made that were never kept.

Issues with Paul Roma: We were two different individuals that just weren’t able to connect. It was something that should have and could have been more than it turned out to be. We had a personality conflict, we came from two totally different worlds. I have no ill will for him, but we didn’t get along. Paul was more about money and more about business than I was. I was just happy to be there because I loved the business. We were just two young muscle-heads who couldn’t communicate with each other and it’s a shame.

The high point of the Young Stallions: The Young Stallions shared the first ever Survivor Series victory together in that big tag team match along with the Killer Bees back in 1987. Seems like it was all downhill from there.

Other topics include the different eras in the WWE, Big John Studd, backstage incidents with Paul Roma, how he was booked in WCW, Kevin Sullivan, Terry Taylor, Dean Malenko, retirement, and more.

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