Pro Wrestling Revolver “Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em” results: Vetter’s review of Trey Miguel vs. Alex Shelley in a 30-minute Ironman Match for the Remix Title, Jon Moxley, Sami Callihan, and Arn Anderson appear, Swerve Strickland vs. Myron Reed, Rich Swann vs. Brian Pillman Jr., Bandido vs. Ace Austin vs. Zachary Wentz, Jessicka Havok vs. Allie Katch

By Chris Vetter, Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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Pro Wrestling Revolver “Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em”
Streamed on FITE TV
November 12, 2022 in Dayton, Ohio at Calumet Center

The venue  is a gymnasium, and it was packed with perhaps 500-700 fans. Veda Scott and Bork Torkleson provided commentary. Pro Wrestling Revolver also has now joined Fite+, so I am sure a lot of subscribers will be checking out a PWR show for the very first time. The sound and lighting was great, and I really enjoy Veda’s color commentary. This is Sami Callihan’s promotion, and he would make an impact later in the show.

1. Mike Bailey defeated Jake Crist at 7:09. This is billed as a first-time-ever matchup. They immediately brawled and Bailey nailed a dive through the ropes. In the ring, they traded forearm shots, and Bailey hit his corkscrew senton. Crist hit a sit-out powerbomb for a nearfall. Crist applied a Sharpshooter, at 4:00, but Bailey reached the ropes. Bailey hit his speedball kicks to the ribs. Bailey hit his tornado kick in the  corner, then the Ultimo Weapon second-rope moonsault kneedrop, but Crist’s cornerman put Crist’s feet on the ropes. However, Bailey got up, hit a spin kick to the head, and scored the pin. Shockingly short.

2. Allie Katch (w/Phil Stamper) defeated Jessicka Havok at 4:58. Havok came out first and got on the mic and demanded to fight Katch now. Katch ran into the ring and they immediately brawled. Havok missed a running Stinger Splash in the corner. Stamper choked Havok behind the ref’s back, and Katch was in control early. Havok hit a spin kick to the head at 4:00, then a running crossbody block for a nearfall. Tyler Matrix and Logan James appeared, hopped up on the ring apron, and distracted Jessicka. It allowed Katch to get a rollup with her feet on the ropes for the tainted pin. Not good.

Damian Chambers hit the ring, angry that he once again isn’t booked. I think this is the fourth or so straight show where he’s made an open challenge, only to get destroyed. He is a great heel and has a decent look. Veda points out it never goes well for him. Out of the back came… Arn Anderson? With him is Brock Anderson! Arn said that Jon Moxley encouraged him to check out a PWR show. He said Brock would accept.

3. Brock Anderson (w/Arn Anderson) defeated Damian Chambers at 6:55. They opened with some really basic mat reversals, and Brock hit a butterfly suplex. Brock started to take over, so Damian rolled to the floor and stalled. In the ring, Chambers hit a chop block to the back of the knee at 3:30, and he immediately began working it over. He went for a Figure Four Leglock, but Brock escaped. Moments later, Chambers was able to apply the move but Brock reached the ropes.

Brock took over control again but sold the pain in his knee. Chambers kicked at Arn on the floor, so Arn punched Chambers. Brock immediately hit a Spinebuster for the pin. Alright; there is just something “missing” in Brock. He needs to be doing shows like this every weekend to improve. I really like what I’ve seen from Chambers.

4. Zachary Wentz defeated Bandido and Ace Austin (w/Gia Miller) in a three-way at 6:37. Wentz replaced KC Navarro, who joined the commentary team, saying he has decided to “take the night off.” In my eyes, Wentz is a great upgrade from KC. Quick reversals to open and it appeared Wentz and Bandido were going to work together. However, Bandido hit a top-rope corkscrew press on Wentz. Ace paused on the floor to passionately kiss Gia. Ace hit his punt kick on Wentz’s chest as Ace was standing on the ring apron at 3:00.

Wentz hit a German Suplex on Bandido, then a running Shooting Star Press for a nearfall on Ace. In one of those “I’ve never seen that before” spots, Bandido tied up both guys in a surfboard move, and the crowd popped. Bandido nailed his one-armed Gorilla Press on Ace for a nearfall at 6:00, and he hit the 21-Plex on Ace. However, Wentz jumped in the ring and hit a springboard cutter on Bandido for the pin. That was a blast but way too short, and I’m a bit surprised that recent AEW-signee Bandido loses here.

5. Steve Maclin defeated 1 Called Manders, Mance Warner and Crash Jaxon in a four-way at 13:18. All four brawled at the bell, and immediately went to the floor, with Jaxon and Manders paired off, while Maclin and Mance brawled on the opposite side of the ring. They started throwing chairs at each other’s heads, and I hate to see that. Maclin dove through the ropes and barreled into Crash, sending him through a door set up at ringside at 4:00.  Manders and Crash chokeslammed Maclin through a door, as Veda noted that Steve just got married a few days ago (to Deonna Purrazzo.)

In the ring, Crash hit headbutts on Mance, then Manders. Crash hit a Death Valley Driver on Mance through an open chair at 6:30. Maclin re-entered the ring and beat up everyone with a chair. Maclin speared two guys in two separate corners as they were tied upside down, and the crowd chanted, “This is awesome!” The ring is littered with shards of these cheap doors. Crash hit a top-rope frogsplash on Mance for a nearfall, but Maclin made the save.

Crash hit a a Saito Suplex on Manders. Everyone took turns slamming door debris on Maclin’s head, and Steve collapsed at 11:00. Mance and Manders speared Crash through a door in the corner. Sami Callihan jumped on commentary to shout, “This match is f—ing awesome!” Mance and Manders set up a double-decker door bridge. Manders slammed Mance through it. Crash hit a sit-out powerbomb on Manders, but Maclin hit Crash over the head and made the cover on Manders to steal the pin. Good brawl that didn’t go into the weapons (light tubes, glass, pizza cutters, staple guns) that I absolutely hate.

* Maclin got on the mic and said he “should be on his honeymoon right now,” but he said this was too much fun.

INTERMISSION MATCH: Crash Jaxon vs. PCO vs. Warhorse vs. (Mad Man) Fulton in a Monster’s Ball Match. This match occurred at the September show in this venue, and I watched and reviewed it at the time. I reiterate how much I love that PWR shows an intermission match to those watching at home, rather than showing a blank screen.

6. Rich Swann defeated Brian Pillman Jr. at 12:53. If you haven’t seen it, Swann’s ring entro to Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long,” just keeps going and going. Standing reversals to open with Swann hitting some deep armdrags. Swann hit a dropkick, so Pillman bailed to the floor to regroup at 3:00. Back in the ring, Swann hit a hurancanrana, then a baseball slide dropkick to the floor, and a summersault dive off the apron to the floor. Back in the ring, Pillman hit a dropkick as Swann was seated in the corner, and Swann crashed to the floor at 6:00, with Veda pointing out he landed awkwardly on his left knee.

On the floor, Pillman hit a Dragonscrew Legwhip and Pillman sold the pain in his knee. In the ring, Pillman targeted the damaged leg. He applied a half-crab, and he tied the knee in the ropes at 8:30, and Brian is really turning up the heel mannerisms. Swann fired up and hit a spin kick to the head for a nearfall at 11:00. Pillman hit an inverted DDT for a nearfall. Swann nailed a Lethal Injection handspring-back-stunner for a nearfall. Swann avoided a superkick, got a rollup, and scored the clean pin.

7. “Infrared” Tyler Mannix and Logan James defeated Mike Outlaw and Warhorse at 15:12. Outlaw and James started, and Veda said this Outlaw’s PWR debut; he is a Black man and part of Davey Richards’ “Team Ambition” squad from St. Louis. Mannix and Warhorse traded offense, and Warhorse hit a powerslam at 2:30. Warhorse dove through the ropes onto two guys on the floor. In the ring, Warhorse hit a top-rope missile dropkick for a nearfall. The babyfaces began working over Mannix.

Warhorse got dumped to the floor, and James whipped him into a ring post at 5:30. The heels immediately began working over Warhorse in the ring, hitting a team suplex for a nearfall. Mannix hit a back suplex, but he missed a Swanton Bomb. Warhorse went for the hot tag, but Outlaw was yanked off the apron to the floor. Warhorse hit a missile dropkick and made the hot tag at 9:30. Outlaw hit a clothesline. Outlaw had an awkward exchange with the Infrared duo as they weren’t on the same page on whatever he was trying to do to them.

James hit running clotheslines in the corner on Outlaw, then a flip dive to the floor on everyone. Mannix hit a Swanton Bomb in the ring on Outlaw for a nearfall at 12:00. Warhorse clotheslined Mannix, and Outlaw immediately hit a top-rope elbow drop for a nearfall. Warhorse and James brawled to the floor and over the guardrail, leaving Outlaw and Mannix in the ring, and they traded rollups. James got back in the ring, and Infrared hit a team Curbstomp move on Outlaw for the pin. Alright match.

8. Swerve Strickland defeated Myron Reed at 13:16. Swerve is a heel here, and he attacked Reed as Myron entered the ring. Myron hit a dropkick that sent Swerve to the floor. Myron hit an impressive dive over the top rope at 1:30. Swerve snapped Myron’s left arm over the top rope, and Myron immediately sold pain in the arm. Myron hit a stunner, and he went for a move off the ropes, but Swerve caught him with a dropkick for a nearfall at 5:30.

Swerve slammed Myron face-first into the corner, with Reed still selling the pain in his arm. Reed nailed a superkick. Myron put Swerve’s feet on the top rope and hit a DDT for a nearfall at 8:30. Swerve nailed a backbreaker over his knee and a clothesline. Reed nailed a Cloud Cutter out of the corner for a believable nearfall at 10:30. Swerve nailed his leaping Flatliner faceplant. He went for the Meteora flying double knees, but Reed caught him and hit a stunner. Reed hit another stunner as he leapt over the top rope to the floor. Reed went for a springboard 450 Splash, but Swerve caught him and applied a Triangle Choke. Swerve snapped the arm, and hit the Meteora for a believable nearfall. Swerve then nailed his flipping powerbomb for the pin. Wow, that was really good.

* Swerve kept attacking Reed after the bell, until Rich Swann made the save. Swann and Swerve have been feuding here for months.

Jon Moxley, who was not announced as being on the show, hit the ring to a massive pop. He said they are doing some really special things in Revolver, and he has some “crazy-ass ideas” for the future that will happen in this building. Damian Chambers was drawing attention to himself in the crowd, and it caught Moxley’s attention. Chambers got on the mic and complained that Arn Anderson hit him in the face, costing him the match earlier. Sami Callihan appeared at ringside, and he threw Chambers in the ring. Moxley immediately hit the Death Rider double-arm DDT for a huge pop. Fun stuff.

9. Alex Shelley defeated Trey Miguel in a 30-minute iron man match to win the Remix Title at 32:42 (in overtime.) These two have been feuding in recent months, with Shelley as the heel, which has led to this iron man match. Trey immediately hit a dropkick in the corner, and they immediately brawled on the floor. Trey slammed Shelley on the ring apron, and like the prior match, he snapped Shelley’s arm over the top rope and began focusing on it. Trey began twisting the fingers on the mat, like Pete Dunne does. we have the clock in the corner, counting down toward zero.

The action has been mat-based with Trey finding different ways to work the damaged arm. Shelley applied a leglock around the head at 7:30. Shelley began focusing on Miguel’s arm, and he hit a middle-rope stomp on it as Trey was holding the top rope. Shelley switched to a single-leg crab, but Trey reached the ropes at 10:00. Shelley applied the Border City Stretch, but Trey reached the ropes. Trey hit an enzuigiri, and they were both down at 13:00. Trey hit a running flying double knees for a nearfall. Trey got a rollup for a pin at 14:07 to go up 1-0. We have a nice on-screen graphic letting us know the score.

Shelley applied a full nelson, and hit a Homicide-style Cop Killah for a pin at 15:44 to tie the match at 1-1. Shelley hit a baseball slide kick to the floor. He dropped Trey throat-first on a guardrail on the floor, then a kneedrop on Trey’s head as he was lying on the ring apron, and Shelley was now in full control. In the ring, Shelley hit a hard clothesline, then he captured a leg and hit a DDT for a pin at 20:56 to go up 2-1. Trey hit a dive through the bottom ropes, barreling into Shelley.

In the ring, Trey hit a Shell-shock swinging faceplant (Shelley’s move!) for a pin at 23:07 and it’s tied 2-2. Shelley hit a Flatliner into the middle turnbuckle. Miguel hit a top-rope Meteora for a pin at 24:45 to go up 3-2. Shelley hit a mid-ring Sliced Bread, and he went for a Border City Stretch, but Miguel got a rollup for a pin at 25:45. Miguel then immediately got a rollup for another pin at 25:57. Shelley hit a Shellshock to get a pin at 26:10. Shelley applied the Border City Stretch and Miguel tapped out at 26:41. Just like that, Miguel was up 5-4. Shelley hit a low blow and got a rollup for a pin at 27:02 and it is 5-5.

Miguel hit a low blow mule kick with the ref out of position, and they were both down at 28:30. Miguel got his title belt, but he gave it to the ref and didn’t use it. Shelley again applied the Border City Stretch, but Trey reversed it into a Crippler Crossface, and Shelley tapped out at 29:10. However, Miguel didn’t let go of the hold, so the referee disqualified Miguel! The time limit ended and the crowd booed, as we end at 6-6.

Miguel got on the mic and said he didn’t drive there in the first snowfall of the season for a draw, and he demanded sudden death. Trey went for a dropkick but hit the ref. Shelley immediately hit Trey in the face with the title belt, and he hit a Shellshock for the pin to win the title. Shelley gloated and celebrated in the ring. Shelley got on the mic and said he may not ever come back to defend this title because the crowd doesn’t deserve to see him. Fellow Rascalz Myron Reed and Zachary Wentz hit the ring and hugged them. Trey got on the mic and thanked the crowd for coming.

Final Thoughts: The tremendous main event you’d expect. Even as they worked at a slower pace in the first 10 minutes, they kept it interesting. I am not a big fan of rapid-fire pins and submissions, but they made it work. I like Shelley’s babyface work when teaming with Chris Sabin, but he’s such a tremendous heel.

Swerve vs. Myron was tremendous and easily deserves second-best. Swerve also works so much better as a heel. Despite being so shockingly short, I’ll still give Bandido’s match third place. That four-way brawl was among the better hardcore matches I’ve seen recently, and it deserves acknowledgement.

The show clocked in at 3 hours, 20 minutes.


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