NXT In Your House results: Moore’s live review of Bron Breakker vs. Joe Gacy for the NXT Title, Mandy Rose vs. Wendy Choo for the NXT Women’s Title, Pretty Deadly vs. The Creed Brothers for the NXT Tag Titles, Cameron Grimes vs. Carmelo Hayes for the NXT North American Title

By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

NXT In Your House
Aired June 4, 2022 on Peacock/WWE Network
Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center

Pre-show notes

McKenzie Mitchell and Sam Roberts were the hosts of the pre show. Both hosts ran through some initial thoughts on the advertised In Your House card.  The hosts first talked about the Cameron Grimes vs. Carmelo Hayes North American Championship match. Trick and Melo ended up interrupting via a picture-in-picture where both men hyped up the North American Championship match. After the promo, Sam Roberts picked Melo as his prediction.

The show cut to a hype package for Mandy Rose vs. Wendy Choo for the NXT Women’s Championship. Sam and McKenzie then gave their thoughts…

The show cut to Diamond Mine in the Diamond Mine gym. Roderick Strong ensured the entire Diamond Mine that if the Creed Brothers lose their match, they will be kicked out of Diamond Mine. Damon Kemp said he thinks the Creeds are ready. Strong said that the Creeds better by ready…

McKenzie and Sam interviewed Edris Enofe and Malik Blade. Edris was wearing African themed garb, while Malik was wearing formal clothes and a sweater vest. Malik said he thinks the Creeds will end up winning. Enofe said Pretty Deadly’s fashion is as bad as Malik’s fashion. Sam said he thinks Pretty Deadly are gorgeous. Sam then talked about how Pretty Deadly won the tag team titles in their first match in NXT. Edris and McKenzie made fun of Sam for being bald. Enofe and Blade picked the Creeds to win while Sam went with the heels as he usually does when it isn’t a foregone conclusion.

Legado Del Fantasma were shown entering the WWE PC. A hype package aired to hype up Legado Del Fantasma vs. Tony D’Angelo’s gang. Roberts ended up picking Legado Del Fantasma (there’s no clear heel in this one of course)…

The hosts discussed the Bron Breakker vs. Joe Gacy NXT Championship match. The expected hype package aired. The pre-show closed, heading into the obligatory Peacock ads…

Main Show Review

The intro was themed like the old WWF In Your House show. No Todd Pettengill this year though. The feed was interrupted by Joe Gacy acting creepy. His two druids were holding sledgehammers for some reason. Gacy took a zippo lighter and lit a In Your House logo on fire…

Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett were on commentary. Alicia Taylor was the ring announcer…

Legado Del Fantasma made their entrance. Elektra Lopez ordered the ref to clear the crowbar from the corner that was presumably planted by D’Angelo. A vignette aired of Tony D’Angelo’s gang. Stacks and Two Dimes hyped up D’Angelo. D’Angelo ordered the ref to look for brass knuckles, which he couldn’t find…

1. “Legado Del Fantasma” Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde, and Cruz Del Toro (w/Elektra Lopez) vs. Tony D’Angelo, Troy “Two Dimes” Donnovan, and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo. Wilde and Two Dies started the match. Dimes got a headlock on Wilde. Wilde escaped and hit Dimes with a step up dropkick. Stacks and Del Toro tagged in. The camera focused on Escobar and D’Angelo glaring at each other. Del Toro dominated the Lucha exchange. Del Toro hit Stacks with a huracanrana. Both men traded counters, ending in a stalemate.

D’Angelo and Escobar tagged in to much praise. Escobar took down D’Angelo with a dropkick. Eventually both teams cleared the corners and both three man teams ended up brawling. D’Angelo tripped up Escobar and tagged in a goon. Escobar managed to tag in Del Toro. Legado Del Fantasma traded quick tags to isolate one of the goons. Del Toro hit a goon with a Final Cut for a two count. Joseph said the goon was Two Dimes. Del Toro caught Two Dimes with a uppercut. Two Dimes dumped Del Toro to ringside and tagged in Stacks.

John’s Thoughts: Ok… I think I figured it out. Two Dimes has a hard to see beard.

Stacks and Two Dimes traded quick tags to cut the ring in half on Del Toro. Tony also got some shots in during the isolation sequence. After a few minutes, Escobar managed to catch the hot tag and clean house. Escobar hit D’Angelo with a huracanrana and gamengiri. Escobar hit D’Angelo with a top rope axe handle. Wilde and Mendoza took down Stacks and Two Dimes with dives while Escobar took down D’Angelo with the Arrow from the Depths of Hell dive.

Escobar hit D’Angelo with a slingshot swanton for a two count. Escobar used a gamengiri to stagger D’Angelo on the top rope. Stacks tripped D’Angelo and Escobar off the top rope to prevent Escobar from hitting D’Angelo with a Superplex. Del Toro and Two Dimes tagged in. Dimes hit Del Toro with a forearm. Del Toro came back with a slingshot dropkick. Dimes avoided a Phoenix Splash. Stacks and Two Dimes hit Del Toro with stereo punches. One goon was dumped to ringside. Wilde and Mendoza hit the other goon with their legsweep finisher. The other goon broke up the pin.

Both teams took their time to recover, leading to a brawl again. D’Angelo and Escobar took each other out with stereo lariats. Elektra Lopez handed Escobar brass knuckles while Lorenzo handed D’Angelo a crowbar. Wilde stole the crowbar and knocked out Stacks. D’Angelo stole the knuckles and knocked out Wilde. The KO’d Stacks fell on the KO’d Wilde to give D’Angelo’s team the win.

Stacks, Two Dimes, and Tony D’Angelo defeated Legado Del Fantasma via pinfall in 12:45. 

Vic Joseph noted that per the stipulation, Legado Del Fantasma are now a part of D’Angelo’s mafia family. Highlights from the match aired…

John’s Thoughts: Some people can give or take the whole mafia war thing and it’s odd to have a heel vs. heel feud. That said, this was wildly entertaining with D’Angelo’s team being more brawlers while Legado provided the Lucha Libre. Escobar was more fast paced than he usually is here. Legado as a whole were more high flying then they usually employ. They came off as the de facto babyfaces. We didn’t get too much from the de facto heels. I actually prefer seeing D’Angelo in singles matches because he’s a natural in the ring as a brawler. Well, this story isn’t over, given Legado being forced to be reluctant subservients to D’Angelo.

An Alba Fyre vignette aired. She talked about how her heritage was from the legendary warrior women in Scotland. She talked about invoking the spirits of her ancestors. She acknowledged not having too much success in WWE so far, but now she’s becoming the fire keeper. Fyre said where there’s smoke, there’s “Fyre”.

An handful of developmental women were watching the vignette in the back. Lash Legend talked crap about the vignette. Tatum Paxley came to Fyre’s defense…

Bron Breakker was shown entering the WWE Performance Center…

Kayden Carter and Katana Chance got their full raver entrance. Toxic Attraction were shown in the garage coming out of a car driven by Mandy Rose. Toxic Attraction made their entrance. Vic Joseph brought up the possibility of Toxic Attraction all losing their titles on this show. Alicia Taylor (who isn’t shown on camera these days) handled the formal in ring championship match introductions. Toxic Attraction jumped the babyfaces before the bell. The babyfaces got the upper hand…

2. “Toxic Attraction” Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne vs. Katana Chance and Kayden Carter for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships. Chance and Carter traded quick tags to cut the ring in half on Jayne. Dolin got a blind tag in and got a two count after a PK on Chance. Toxic Attraction traded quick tags to cut the ring in half on Chance. This isolation lasted a few minutes. Chance managed to hit Dolin with a huracanrana. Chance flipped over Jayne to tag in Carter. Carter cleaned house. Carter hit Dolin with a dropkick and hit Jayne with a splash at the same time. Carter got a two count. Jayne caught Carter with a elbow.

Dolin caught Carter with a question mark kick for a two count. Toxic Attraction went back to the quick tag isolation. Carter caught Jayne with a dropkick and backstabber. Chance got a two count on Jayne after a double stomp. Chance and carter caught Dolin with stereo superkicks. Chance gave Jayne a Frankensteiner onto Dolin. Carter got a two count on Jayne. Dolin dragged Carter to ringside. Jayne pulled Chance off the top rope. Toxic Attraction hit Katana with a High Low combo. Carter shoved Jayne onto Dolin to break up the pin.

Carter managed to catch Jayne with a Diamond Cutter on the apron. Dolin and Chance traded forearms and chops. Chance hit Dolin with a kick comboand did a moonsault off Dolin’s back onto the back for a two count. Joseph pointed out how they didn’t catch the whole move. Chance and Carter hit their 450 finisher on Dolin. Jayne dragged Chance and Carter to ringside to prevent the pin. Carter knocked down Jayne. Carter rolled up Dolin for a two count. Jayne punched Carter from ringside. Dolin hit Carter with a German Suplex for the victory.

Toxic Attraction defeated Kayden Carter and Katana Chance via pinfall in 9:01 to retain the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships.

Toxic Attraction celebrated their title win at the top of the ramp. Jacy Jayne continues to look like she’s having a lot of fun doing her stripper dance…

The show cut to the ads on the ad supported Peacock feed…[c]

John’s Thoughts: A well wrestled match by both women’s teams. Chance and Carter have been teaming up for years to the point where they have very creative offense. Jayne was a bit rough when they first put her together Dolin, but they’ve been pretty smooth in recent months. They were really good on their end in this match. I’m all for heels picking up dominant wins as it gives them credibility and drama in their matches.

Kit Wilson and Elton Prince, Pretty Deadly, were acting goofy, singing about how they were going to beat the creeds. The camera cut to the Creed Brothers sparring with each other…

The camera followed Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes coming through the Gorilla Position. Trick and Melo had a unnamed entourage waiting for them at the entrance. Cameron Grimes descended from an Elevator shaped like a space rocket. Alicia Taylor handled the formal in ring championship match introductions. Wade Barrett said that Melo wasn’t involved in the decision when he lost the title. Joseph reminded Barrett that he didn’t have to be involved because it was a ladder match…

3. Cameron Grimes vs. Carmelo Hayes (w/Trick Williams) for the NXT North American Championship. Both men went for rapid fire pin attempts. Hayes stopped on a dime to not walk into a cave in. Grimes hit Melo with a roundhouse, backdrop, and PK for a two count. Melo tripped Grimes off the apron after a baseball slide. Grimes blocked a dive with a gamengiri. Grimes hit melo with a high crossbody for a two count. Melo tripped Grimes after Grimes went for a PK. Melo hit Grimes with a One Final Beat on the apron.

Melo worked on Grimes with slow and methodical strikes. Grimes hit Melo with a back elbow. Melo came back with a roundhouse. Melo caught Grimes with a springboard Sling Blade for a two count. Trick used a bandana to tie Grimes’s hand to the middle rope, which was ineffective because Grimes quickly got free. Melo hit Grimes with a DDT for a two count. Melo worked on Grimes with a chickenwing. Grimes escaped with an armdrag. Trick distracted Grimes with a trip. Grimes caught Melo on the 2nd rope and flew him down with a reverse Spanish Fly.

Grimes and Melo traded fatigued strikes. Mello got a rally in. Grimes rallied back with shoulder blocks. Melo came back with a kick. Grimes hit Melo with a Frankendriver. Grimes caught Melo with a PK from the apron. Grimes hit Melo with a side slam for a two count. Grimes caught Melo with a superkick. Melo got his hand on the bottom rope. Grimes hit Melo with a Superman Forearm. Melo held on the rope to prevent a Frankendriver. Melo hit Grimes with a Codebreaker for a two count. Grimes dodged a Scissors kick and Blocked a Codebreaker. Grimes hit Melo with a Spanish Fly Power Slam for a two count.

Melo used a pump kick to block a Cave In. Grimes hit Melo with a Poisonrana. Grimes hit Trick and Melo with a flip dive. Grimes hit Trick with a Cave In on the apron. Melo back dropped Grimes on the top turnbuckle. Carmelo Hayes hit Grimes with the top rope Scissors Kick for the win.

Carmelo Hayes defeated Cameron Grimes via pinfall in 15:30 to become the new NXT North American Champion.

John’s Thoughts: I’m surprised the took the title off of Grimes so soon after putting it on him, but I also thought they were a bit pre-mature with putting the title on Grimes to begin with. Melo elevates the belt and the belt elevates Melo, that should be where you want the North American Title. Grimes is a good babyface, but they never gave him a journey or character development after being the goofball babyface. Hopefully this loss means they are actually going to tell a babyface journey with Grimes. After two fast paced spot matches, this match was a nice change of pace with both men telling a bell-to-bell story. Very NXT 1.0 Takeover style. Trick did get a bit of a distraction it, but I still thought the way Melo won was pretty solid.

Joe Gacy was shown in a dark room with his druids. He talked about time winding down on Bron Breakker’s title reign…

Peacock cut to their ads for the ad version…[c]

An ad aired for NXT’s Florida house shows…

Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett checked in from ringside. Barrett noted that it was the half-way point of the show. Joseph sent the show to a Mandy Rose vs. Wendy Choo hype package…

The show cut to Wendy Choo having a dream sequence of all the times she trolled Toxic Attraction. We could somehow see Choo dreaming that she’s the new NXT Women’s Champion. Choo woke up at the top of the stage. Wendy Choo wore a track choo this time instead of her usual Onsie. She brought her body-pillow and sip cup to ringside. Mandy Rose made her entrance by herself. Vic Joseph said that Mandy Rose has been champion for 220 days. Alicia Taylor handled the formal in-ring introductions for the championship match. Wendy Choo shot a random ball from a sling shot at Rose, which caused Rose to jump Choo…

John’s Thoughts: I like Choo’s tracksuit look over her shark-jumped onsie. I still wish she were still the cool Mei Ying character though.

4. Mandy Rose vs. Wendy Choo for the NXT Women’s Championship. Rose hit Choo with a nice fallaway slam. Choo recovered and caught Rose with a Yakuza kick. Choo missed a sleepy elbow drop. Rose hit Choo with some ground and pound. Rose got a two count on Choo. Rose worked on Choo with methodical offense, which included her signature body scissors. Rose dominated for a few minutes. Rose made sure her boobs didn’t fly out of her top while putting Choo in an Octopus Hold. Rose and Choo ended up trading rollups. Choo rallied back with forearms and a front kick. Choo gave Rose a Belly to Belly suplex.

Choo hit Rose with a cartwheel into a elbow. Choo hit Rose with a nap time elbow. Rose rolled to ringside. Choo caught Rose with a baseball slide. Rose caught Choo with a spinebuster on the ramp. Rose posed with the title belt while the ref counted. Choo beat the count at 9. Rose hit Choo with another nice spinebuster for a two count. Choo blocked Rose’s knee finisher with the body pillow. Rose ripped apart the Body Pillow. Choo caught Rose with a Shotgun Dropkick. Choo gave Rose clubbing ground and pound. Choo slammed Rose and ripped open the track suit to reveal she was wearing a Toxic Attraction shirt with X’s on TA’s faces.

Choo put Rose in a body scissors into a Rear Naked Choke with her nap pose. Rose rolled to the bottom rope for the rope break. Choo caught Rose with a Full Nelson Slam. Rose recovered and pulled Choo off the top rope. Rose caught Choo with her running knee finisher for the win.

Mandy Rose defeated Wendy Choo via pinfall in 11:08 to retain the NXT Women’s Championship. 

Rose, Dolin, and Jayne posed with their titles heading into the break…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Holy crap, color me surprised. That match exceeded my expectations. My expectations were understandably low due to a combination of the feud being atrocious and Rose being fairly clunky in the ring despite improving every time she wrestles. This was the best Mandy Rose match I could remember since her match a long time ago against Sonya Deville. Rose was actually pretty clean here in terms of not botching any moves. There were some rough points, but it seemed to stem from Choo being a bit on the shorter end. Credit to Wendy Choo too. She’s really good in the ring, despite the horrendous gimmick. I wouldn’t mind if Choo and Boa get called up to Smackdown to reform Tian Sha with Xia Li. Karen Yu deserves way better than the dead end Wendy Choo gimmick that was dead after the first week.

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Tiffany Stratton and Roxanne Perez about their upcoming match on Tuesday for the Breakout Tournament finals. Both women trash talked each other. Perez talked about how Stratton was given her opportunities while she fought for one. Stratton yelled at McKenzie and walked off when McKenzie was trying to handle the interview outtro…

Bron Breakker was shown shadow boxing backstage…

A video aired showing the timeline of the Creed Brothers life. It showed their childhood, to college, to WWE. This led to Julius and Brutus Creed making their entrance to the WWE PC. The Creeds wore yellow singlets and the camera showed that their parents were in the front row. Pretty Deadly got the old slo-mo John Morrison entrance. Wade Barrett said that Pretty Deadly were two pieces of hot British Beef. Alicia Taylor handled the formal in-ring championship match introductions…

John’s Thoughts: Yellow/gold gear and the front row parents. Usually that means a title win. I kinda hope that they break the trope and that Pretty Deadly retains. The storyline is clearly putting the Creeds against Roddy right? I mean, I can still see the Creeds winning and Roddy still kicking them out, out of spite.

5. “Pretty Deadly” Elton Prince and Kit Wilson vs. “The Creed Brothers” Julius and Brutus Creed for the NXT Tag Team Championships. Brutus worked on Kit with chained German Suplexes and an alligator roll. Brutus boulder tossed Kit Wilson around the ring. Wilson shoved Julius and taunted for him to come in the ring. Wilson baited Julius into his corner and put the boots to him to tag in Prince. Julius managed to toss around both Pretty Deadly Members. Julius hit Kit with a Straitjacket Suplex. He hit Prince with a German Suplex.

The Creeds hit Pretty Deadly with Stereo German Suplex. Julius put Kit in a Ankle Lock while Brutus put Prince in a Stretch Muffler. Pretty Deadly both got to the ropes for the break. Julius put Prince in a deep armdrag. The camera showed the Creed’s parents looking happy at their sons dominating. Prince managed to trip Julius. Julius caught Prince with a nice leaping mule kick into a deep armdrag. Brutus tagged in and Julius gave him a Gutwrench Suplex on top of Prince. The Creeds traded quick tags for tandem offense. Wilson distracted the ref with a false tag so they could double team the Creeds and dump them to ringside.

Brutus and Julius had a slugfest. Julius took down Wilson with a axe handle strike. The Creeds ping ponged Kit with knees. Julius got a two count off Wilson. The Creeds continue to get quick tags and ping pong knees. Prince tagged in and hit Brutus with a leapfrog elbow for a two count. Julius tagged in and hit both Pretty Deadly guys with high dropkicks. Julius deadlifted Wilson into a Cartwheel slam. Brutus hit Prince with a top rope boulder toss. Pretty Deadly rolled to ringside for a moment of respite. Prince shoved Julius into the ringpost. While the ref was distracted with keeping Brutus under control, Pretty Deadly hit Julius with a double spinebuster on the steel steps.

Prince got a two count on Julius. Pretty Deadly swarmed Julius and cut the ring in half on him. Julius sold for a few minutes while the Deadlys worked on him. Julius managed to hit Prince with a jawbreaker. Julius’s legs gave up on a suplex attempt on Prince. Wilson hit Julius with a high elbow drop for a two count. Kit Wilson put Julius in a Walls of Jericho. Joseph noted that it’s the Stronghold, Roderick Strong’s move (which is pretty much the Walls/Liontamer alternation). Pretty Deadly continued to isolate Julius with Julius putting up a valiant fight.

Julius managed to get in Brutus after a Judo Suplex on Prince. Brutus hit clubbing ground and pound on Wilson. Brutus suplexed Prince to knock Wilson off the apron. Brutus hit Prince with a gutwrench suplex. Brutus hit prince with a top rope cannonball drop . Wilson broke up the pin with a Shining Wizard. Brutus hit Kit with a Saito Suplex. Prince tossed the title in the ring and Julius retrieved it. The camera focused on Julius’s dad saying “shaking his head” telling Julius not to take the dirty win. Julius decided to not cheat. Julius staggered Wilson. Brutus body slammed Wilson. Julius hit Wilson with a Shooting Star Press. Julius hit Wilson with the basement lariat for the win.

The Creed Brothers defeated Pretty Deadly via pinfall in 15:19 to become the new NXT Tag Team Champions. 

The Creeds celebrated with their family and fans at ringside…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Unlike the other matches, I came into this match with HIGH expectations and both teams lived up to those high expectations. That was a very damn good encounter. Both teams are really good at what they do. Pretty Deadly are great pests and the Creeds are great powerhouses. What both teams do really well is sell, sell, sell. This was a stellar sell job from both team. This match also had nice storytelling. Yes, they laid it a bit thick with the whole parents at ringside, but it played into the setpiece that they wanted in the end with Julius’s dad telling Julius not to get the dirty win. It also plays into Julius’s father being a better role model to Julius than Roderick (Roderick Strong totally has to attack Julius’s dad for heat, right? I’m partially kidding). This was a great tag match. Im also a big proponent for wholesome moments in wrestling, so having Papa and Mama Creed at ringside plays well into that.

Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett checked in at ringside. They hyped up the next themed show being Great American Bash. They then hyped the following matches for this week’s NXT show: Roxanne Perez vs. Tiffany Stratton in the Breakout Tournament Finals, Tatum Paxley vs. Alba Fyre, and Von Wagner vs. Josh Briggs…

The show cut to the Bron Breakker vs. Joe Gacy hype package…

Bron Breakker made his entrance first, which Joseph noted was not traditional of a champion. Breakker had a checkered and black singlet. Joe Gacy made his entrance with his druids. Alicia Taylor handled the formal in-ring championship introductions…

6. Bron Breakker vs. Joe Gacy (w/Two Druids) for the NXT Championship. Vic Joseph noted that if Bron gets DQ’d he loses the title. Breakker had the initial advantage, but Gacy gained control both times when Breakker held back due to potentially getting DQ’d. Gacy hit Breakker with a Reality Check for a two count. Breakker hit Gacy with knees. Gacy hit Breakker with strikes and a face wash palm. Gacy got a two count off Breakker. Gacy dominated a few minutes, and even did the ripoff Bray Wyatt freak out thing in the corner. Breakker actually ended up selling for about 5 minutes straight.

Breakker ended up getting his fighting spirit and rallied back with flying elbows. Breakker planted Gacy with a spinebuster. Breakker caught Gacy at ringside with a flip dive. One of the druids got on the apron for the distraction. This allowed Joe Gacy to smack a chair on the ground and do the fake Eddie Guerrero sell job. The referee was about to call for the bell, but another ref ran out to tell that Gacy was faking. Gacy got a two count off an inside cradle.

Breakker hit Gacy with a lariat. Breakker hit Gacy with a tackle to drop him off the apron into the announce table (that must bring Gacy back to his CZW days. More like PG CZW). Breakker softened up Gacy with punches. Breakker hit Gacy with the Steiner Bulldog for a two count. Breakker picked up a chair and Gacy asked for it, but Gacy decided to drop the chair. Gacy hit Breakker wiht a low blow for a two count. Breakker sold melodrama as he teased hitting Gacy with a chair. He instead hit a druid. Breakker blocked Gacy’s finisher handstand lariat with a spear. Breakker hit Gacy with the Military Press Power Slam for the victory.

Bron Breakker defeated Joe Gacy via pinfall in 15:50 to retain the NXT Championship.

Highlights of the match aired, which focused on the many near-DQs. Bron Breakker posed in front of the sparkler pyro to close the show…

John’s Thoughts: That was actually a really really good match that was taken down by the horrible horrible build to the match. This match not being as great as it could be shows how much a good build can add to a good match. This match had a lot of those melodramatic setpieces that you would usually see in Shawn Michaels matches from back in the day. Only problem here, is Michaels always had intricate stories to complement the melodrama. This match had a disconnect with the good melodrama and dry feud. This good match showed me that if they did build to it correctly, then this could have been special, instead, I can’t wait until they put Bron Breakker in a better feud.

After a handful of below-par [Not] Takeover shows, this one well exceeded my low expectations. I have resigned myself to not have lofty expectations due to Black and Gold being a thing of the past. NXT comes back and puts on a show that reminds me of those old Takeovers. Kudos for all of the young talent that has gotten better. We don’t have Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa, Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura, Sami Zayn, and the plethora of workrate guys here. This was the new school stepping up. I’d say the most forgettable match was the women’s tag, but it wasn’t bad. The women’s championship match really surprised me with how good it was. That was a match that actually overcame horrible build, but it used bell-to-bell fighting instead of melodrama. Highlight of the show, as expected, was the Creeds vs. Pretty Deadly. I’ll be by in a bit with my solo Audio Review for the members and Patreon Patrons. Jason Powell needed the night off and you’ll get plenty of him tomorrow with his PPV coverage.

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. SO,we know that pretty much whatever happens tonight will be reviewed in a favorable way by Mr. Moore. Not unexpected.

    • Haven’t I talked about how NXT has been worse than Impact Wrestling and talking about how bad the Wendy Choo, Joe Gacy, and Bron Breakker stories have been dragging down the show?


      I don’t use the word “Mark” much, but you sound like those people that other people would call a “tribalist Mark”. I don’t think you’re an AEW tribalist, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you are? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. Good paced show so far. AEW needs to learn from this format. This beats those endless hours of coke filled booking in AEW. Push the Creeds to Infinity and beyond.

  3. Solid 2.0 outing

    Opening match was fire. Woman’s tag better than most of the main roster woman’s torturefests we are subjected to. Mandy match was ok too (but I find choos ring attire very distracting)

    Creed win was my second fave of the night. Those two have “future star” written all over them and Pretty Deadly are main roster ready

    Didn’t care for the Melo / Grimes match due to heavy outside interference. I felt similarly about the Main Event which had too much interference and the “lay it on too thick” announcing

    Still not sold on the 2.0 concept but this was an enjoyable evening

  4. Best Takeover of the 2.0 era. They pulled it off without Adam Cole, Cianpa, Gargano, and OReilly too.

    The opening trios match was fire. The Creeds are mega stars

    Now that Tony Khan has the 1.0 roster under his thumb. Tell him to start booking them like Hunter and Shawn book

  5. I have thought from the start Tharp at Toxic Attraction is one of the best formed and logical groups in recent years.

    First, you use Mandy Rose, who casual WWE fans would recognize. She is stunning. Whether one loved her actual ring work at the time was a bit irrelevant. People watching the group would at least know who the leader is.

    Add Gigi Dolan. Dolan has independent credibility and is a fine young wrestler to boot. Instant ring credibility. A unique look and style. Anyone wondering if she could tone things down a bit and still keep her edge should be satisfied. If they ever break the group up, singles star potential.

    Jacy Jayne. Perhaps the least known of the three, but has potential. Team her with Dolan. Watch as she starts to shine on her own.

    To me, this is the way to create three stars for the main roster someday. Perhaps soon. It is a home run gimmick and it really isn’t all that creative on the surface. But as more layers are revealed, it becomes more than three hot women telling us how hot they are.

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