NWA Powerrr TV taping spoilers: Full results of the Sunday afternoon tapings for upcoming FITE TV shows (spoilers)

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

NWA Powerrr TV Taping
December 5 in Atlanta, Georgia at GPB Studios
Report by Bill Rahffey

Attendance about 60-70 (90 max allowed) due to covid. Masks were required due to GPB falling under government regulations. The fans were seated on the floor and the bleachers were not pulled out like they were for Hard Times 2.

Commentary: Joe Galli, Tim Storm Velvet Sky

1. Jay Bradley (w/Wrecking Ball Legursky) beat an enhancement wrestler.

2. Colby Corino and “The Fixers” Jay Bradley and Wrecking Ball Legursky beat Victor Benjamin and “OGK” Matt Taven and Mike Bennett. Corino pinned Benjamin.

Jax Dane was interviewed.

3. Thom Lattimer beat Miguel Robles.

4. Jennacide beat Paola Blaze (w/Teryn Terrell). Blaze didn’t want to fight Jennacide at first. Natalia Marchova distracted Jennacide, who won when the former partners were still not on same page.

There was an interview with Tyrus, Jordan Clearwater, BLK Jeez, and Austin Idol. They put over partners and the team. Jeez is now executive enforcer of IdolMania Sports Management. Kyle Davis brought out Cyon, who said his father was an NWA champion and then asked for rematch. He said he would do anything to get one.

There was an interview with Nick Aldis and Mickie James. James put over Kiera Hogan. Nick said Mickie is a hall of fame wrestler, wife, and mother. He brought out Doug Williams. Aldis mentioned he will win world title back whenever he wants, but now he wants to dominate tag team scene in NWA. Aldis had a bag on the set with jackets that said British Invasion and the British Invasion has reformed to compete in NWA. Doug accepted his offer.

Commentary: Joe Galli, Velvet Sky, and Anthony Mayweather.

The next pay-per-view will crown the NWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion.

5. Jax Dane defeated Mims. Dane and Anthony Mayweather kept staring at each other during match. They had another staredown afterward.

Commentary: Joe Galli, Velvet Sky & Tim Storm.

There was an interview with Trevor Murdoch, who mentioned that he’s always getting interrupted or jumped from behind. He also mentioned Chris Adonis, Mike Knox, and Matt Cardona. Aron Stevens came out in peace. Aron said he’s never been better, then congratulated Murdoch. Trevor said, “Are you shitting me? I just talked about this.”

6. “British Invasion” Nick Aldis and Doug Williams beat Luke Hawx and PJ Hawx.

There was an interview with “Strictly Business” Thom Latimer, Chris Adonis, and Kamille. It was a strong interview about Aldis.

An interview with Sinister Minister and Judias tok place. They said there was a conspiracy and they were robbed of the NWA National Title at Hard Times 2. The said the Masterlock is an illegal choke hold and that Judias will win title. Sal Rinauro came out and claimed he saw darkness and asked to join with Mitchell. Rinauro was turned down. Minister said he rather go bobbing for apples in a colostomy bag. Danny Deals came out and got Sal to go to back.

7. Aron Stevens and Kratos beat “Dirty Sexy Boys” Dirty Dango and JTG. Stevens was more heelish and wore eye shadow. Kratos pinned JTG. Stevens went to interview area after the referee told him to leave the ring and go to his corner. Stevens took the mic and said he’s never ever been better (he seems to be cracking up).

There was another interview with Sinister Minister. He talked about a loyalty test for Salvatore Rinauro and then brought him out. Danny Deals followed. Judias in the ring. Mitchell told Rinauro to bark like a dog, kiss his boots, and take a chokeslam. He did. Judias brought him to announce desk for the last challenge. Sinister Minister said he was a connoisseur of fine wine, especially Romanian wine. He asked him to consume a fine Romanian wine. Romanian blood. Sal’s final challenge was to drink the blood of the beast. Sal tried to drink it, but he couldn’t swallow it.

There was an interview with “The End” Parrow and Odinson. They asked for an NWA Tag Title rematch and got denied, the spoke about the six-man division. Parrow said he had a six-man partner to join them and brought out Jax Dane, who talked about his Golden Ticket. He said these two young men added a grown man to their team. Parrow said “size matters” to close interview.

8. “The Hex” Marti Belle and Allison Kay defeated Keira Hogan and Mickie James to retain the NWA Women’s Tag Titles. The champs worked heelish, and Kay pinned Kiera. Latimer and Kamille came out to laugh at Mickie James. Keira blamed James for the loss and walked out.

There was an interview with Austin Idol. It was a special presentation for the Church is Money. BLK Jeez was named Jr Executive of Idol Sports Management, and he introduced Marshe Rockett as his client. He said there would be a special announcement for Cyon to be announced later.

Billy Corgan was interviewed. He said he’s talking heat from boys in the back about Mike Knox. He said he wanted biggest talent and stands by decision to bring him to the NWA. Matt Cardona attacked Pope, who was taken out on a board. Corgan said he stood by his ecisions.

Mike Knox and Matt Cardona were interviewed. Great stuff. Matt said he’s a great friend of Trevor Murdoch and just wanted to say hi. He said he picked up the belt to see if it really weighted ten pounds. Said it may have weighed 11 pounds. Knox said it was probably closer to 205. Knox started to lead everyone in a prayer for Pope, then changed his mind and said he could care less and hopes Pope never comes back.

Knox got in the ring and offered open challenge. Big Strong Mims came out. Mims put over Pope and his charity. He spoke about his recovery and was angry at Knox and Cardona, then accepted Knox’s challenge.

9. Mike Knox (w/Matt Cardona) beat Big Strong Mims.

10. Anthony Mayweather beat Jeremiah Plunkett.

11. Jay Spade beat Sal Rinauro (w/Danny Deals). Sal yelled after his loss, staring at lights like Mark Lewin.

Notes: Pope didn’t appear but he was said to be OK. it sounds like he got a stinger at PPV.


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