Bryan Clark says he was pitched The Ringmaster gimmick that later went to Steve Austin, looks back on the Adam Bomb gimmick in the WWF, recalls his quick loss to Earthquake at WrestleMania 10

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast with Bryan Clark
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Entering the WWF: I remember coming in, getting a tryout, getting signed and then going home. They pitched a couple of things to me. Adam Bomb was the one that I chose, but they also pitched me The Ringmaster gimmick too. People may think I’m making that up, but I’m not, they actually pitched me being the Ringmaster. I obviously picked Adam Bomb instead. Those were the two gimmicks that were offered and I knew I could do a lot more with the Adam Bomb gimmick. They have Steve Austin the Ringmaster gimmick later on, but they had it trademarked since 1993.

Adam Bomb gimmick: I came up with the red eyes, the red tongue, and basically all the details of the gimmick. An artist by the name of Tom Fleming actually came up with the overall look of the character. The WWF came up with the name, but whatever gimmick you are given you have to own it. You need to become that character or it wont work. You have to be the one who puts the final touches on your character.

Quick loss to Earthquake at WrestleMania 10: Yeah, I was surprised by it, because the weeks leading up to it we were wrestling a lot. We did a tour of Europe working longer matches and thought we would bring that match that we practiced back to the States. So I worked Earthquake about ten nights in a row and we had about a 14-15 minute match laid out, it was a hell of a match. I was looking forward to it. I was really disappointed it was so short and they told us it was due to time constraints on the show. They trimmed out what they could on the show. I almost rather have not been on the card because I got the same payoff of the guys who weren’t on the show. So I got squashed and they didn’t pay me anymore than the other guys who weren’t used.

Other topics include breaking into the business, his entire WWF run, Vince McMahon, WWF promises, his WCW release, WCW, Wrath, Kronik with Brian Adams, winning WCW World Tag Team gold, AJPW, Bill Goldberg, and more.

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