MLW Middleweight Champion Myron Reed on why he re-signed with the company, says Teddy Hart wasn’t happy about dropping the title, says MLW gave wrestlers the option of declining to work the AAA co-promoted show in Mexico

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

“Andrew Thompson Interviews” with guest Myron Reed
Host: Andrew Thompson
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Myron Reed on why he re-signed with MLW: “Well I look at it like this: I’m still really, really young, early twenties. If I sign another two, three-year deal, I’m still gonna be younger than half the guys in WWE right now. I’m okay. I’m with a company that respects my vision, my creativity, and they wanna see me succeed. And they’re putting me on the platform front and center for people to see what I can do and who I am. If I went to WWE or anywhere else right now, who knows what I’d be doing right now. I don’t know, because when I first went to MLW, I wasn’t doing anything. I really wasn’t. I was just that [guy who] was having good matches but I mean, they pretty much helped me be better at promos and find myself, more confidence and shit like that so I wanna be with a company that’s helping me grow. If I’ve grown so much in a year, two years, then I can only imagine how much I’m gonna grow in two to three years being with the same company so, and money has to do with it.”

On Teddy Hart being unhappy about dropping the MLW Middleweight Title: “Nah, man, I’m gonna be real with you. Going into that match that day, when they knew your boy was winning, folks weren’t happy about that. Teddy wasn’t happy about that shit, like for real. He was hot. Dude didn’t want me to win. I knew what I was getting myself into. It was a chaotic situation. It was one of the most chaotic situations I’ve ever been in, especially at that time. You know how wrestling is. It was crazy because, they’re like, ‘As soon as you win the belt, get out of the ring. Get out of the ring. You gotta go. You gotta go. You don’t know what’s gonna happen. Teddy’s a loose cannonball,’ but I’ve wrestled Teddy before. He ain’t crazy like that. He’s cool, and so, match happened, it was cool. He was doing some extra shit he wasn’t supposed to be doing and I was like, ‘It’s cool, I’m still gonna win,’ and then when it finally happened, that was really raw emotion because I’m thinking, ‘I might not get this W. This shit might break down and actually turn into some crazy shit.’ But everything went down as planned and I mean, it was just the most surreal moment because when I won, I’m looking in the crowd and what made me yell — I’m looking in the crowd and these folks in Orlando never really saw me [before], and so they’re like, ‘Who the f— is this kid?’ And they’re looking at me like, ‘How the f— did he just beat Teddy Hart?’ And when I saw that, that’s kinda when the whole ‘Young GOAT’ thing started. I was like, ‘Yeah bro! I did it,’ and right after I screamed, I was just talking mad shit.”

On MLW telling wrestlers they didn’t have to work their joint-show with AAA on March 13 if the were concerned about the coronavirus outbreak: “Definitely. I’m gonna be real, they’re [MLW] awesome. They were literally telling us like, ‘We understand if you don’t wanna go out there’ but me being me, not only is that a paycheck but this is my dream. In high school, kids were going out, they were smoking and drinking and partying. I mean, I’m in the cut, filming f—ing backyard wrestling shows and shit. It works full circle bro. This is my dream. I’ve been wanting to do this all my life. I’m going to do this. If there’s a little virus, ah… I’m gonna hand sanitize, I’m gonna wash my ass and make sure I’m good, keep up with my hygiene and all that stuff and make sure I’m clean so that when I come back home, I ain’t spreading it or nothing. I just felt like it wasn’t as bad then either. But they definitely gave us the option not to do it if we didn’t want to.”

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