Torrie Wilson on entering the WWE Hall of Fame, her father asking for a ride in Vince McMahon’s limo, her feud with Dawn Marie feeling too real at times, her dog Chloe

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Ring The Belle interview with Torrie Wilson
Interview available at Ring The Belle Youtube Page (or below)

Wilson on a potential return to WWE: I feel like if I ever had another match I’d have to train for six months, make it damn good. The only reason I would only do that is so that I can shut up the naysayers and even prove to myself that I’m actually a much better athlete today than I was then.

On learning about her WWE Hall of Fame induction: I cried. I was in Sedona Arizona on a spiritual retreat. I was in my hotel room and I got a call from them, and they told me they are gonna induct me. I remember trying not to cry. The thought of being in the Hall of Fame never even occurred to me and it wasn’t even something I aspire to. I didn’t know how awesome it would be until they asked me to be in it. All of a sudden I was like, “wow I’m so honored.” I never thought it would be this amazing.

The original plans for her bikini reveal against Sable: I wish I could say that it was my idea but it was not. That was creative’s. They came up with it. What they wanted me to do was to paint like Sable did. I guess it kinda makes sense because I was against her. But all I heard was, “You want me to paint what? No, I’m not.” So this was like the crossover. We agreed on this one.

Rumors of becoming the first WWE Divas Champion: I have recently heard that. It is kind of depressing to think about. Give me that belt, I deserve it. They didn’t tell us. They didn’t tell me.

Working with father Al Wilson on the Dawn Marie storyline: Think about you with your dad. Sorry, dad! Thankfully, he was only there on the days of TV. I didn’t really travel with him that much, but it was terrifying because he didn’t understand the politics backstage. One time he asked Vince McMahon if he can get a ride in his limo to the building from the hotel. Yes, he did ask him. He got a ride. So I was always constantly worried, “Is dad gonna embarrass me tonight?” On a side note, it was just so fun to have that experience with him and to give him that experience.

Feuding with Dawn Marie: It was fun to wrestle her because we had this weird thing. I don’t think she really liked me. It was almost like some of our fights were real!

Her pet and the first dog to become the WWE Superstar, Chloe: She’s good. She’s still alive and kicking. She clearly still thinks she’s a superstar and a supermodel. She’s way cooler than her parents.

The reason she retired her “Torrienado DDT” finisher: I loved that! That is a move that you really have to rely on the person you’re giving it to to make you look good. Not everyone wants to make you look that great like Nidia. Takes someone very athletic on her part to be able to take that move, so not everyone can take it.



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