7/5 Impact Wrestling TV Results: Moore’s review of Johnny Impact and John E Bravo vs. Rob Van Dam and Willie Mack, Dez vs. Trey vs. Wentz to determine who will represent The Rascalz at Slammiversary, Kiera Hogan vs. Madison Rayne


By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Impact Wrestling on Pursuit (simulcast on Twitch TV)
Taped June 6-7 in New York City, New York at The Melrose Ballroom

Highlights aired from last week’s Impact Wrestling episode…

Josh Mathews and Don Callis were on commentary…

1. Ace Austin vs. TJP. Josh noted that TJ Perkins is heavier than the last time he was in Impact. Ace Austin locked in a headlock early on. TJP “waddled” his way out as Josh put it. Austin grounded TJP and tried to kneebar Perkins but Perkins did his signature leg scissors takedown. To TJ’s credit, he did not dab. TJP went for another headscissors but Austin stayed on his feet with a cartwheel. TJP grounded Austin with a headlock takedown. Austin countered the hold with a headscissors submission. Callis noted that Austin has thick legs

TJP escaped the headlock with a kip up. TJP mocked Austin a bit and Austin came back with a leg sweep combo. Perkins slid over Austin and got several pin attempts. TJP locked Austin in a body stretch and Crab combo. TJP locked Austin in a Muta Lock. Austin fought TJP to the corner and booted him to the mat. TJP did a handstand in the corner and gave Austin a headscissors. TJP gave Austin a Rolling Sobat to send him outside. Austin dodged a wrecking ball kick.

Ace Austin went in the ring and hit TJP with a Tiger Drop. Ace Austin yelled “these ropes aren’t purple, you don’t belong here” to TJP in reference to 205 Live. Ace Austin pulled out his ace and did the paper cut spot on TJP. Austin locked TJP in a double arm stretch. TJP escaped with a jumping Donkey Kick. Austin came right back with a headscissors facebuster for a nearfall. TJP hit Austin with a huracanrana followed by the wrecking ball kick. TJP hit Austin with a crossbody. Austin escaped a Detonation Kick and hit TJP with a Beautiful Desaster Kick.

TJP blocked a Superplex attempt from Austin. Austin hit TJP with a beautiful slingshot triangle Frankensteiner. Austin followed up with a spinning roundhouse. TJP dodged a Whisper of the Wind. Austin used the ropes to block the Detonation kick. Austin tried to steal a win by holding on the ropes but the referee caught Austin. TJP gave Austin a dropkick to the knee. TJP hit Austin with a butterfly gutbuster for a nearfall. TJP and Austin traded kicks with Perkins getting the upper hand with a CQC combo. Austin countered TJ with a leg drop. Austin went for “The Fold” but TJP caught Austin midair with a kneebar. Ace Austin tapped out.

TJP defeated Ace Austin via submission in 12:03.

Mathews noted that TJP is 2-0 over Ace Austin in TJ’s return to Impact Wrestling…

John’s Thoughts: A really good match between two quality cruiserweights. Even though Austin eats a second loss in a row, I feel like he showed a bit more personality here than he has in other matches. They also gave him a bit of mic time in the past few weeks and hopefully that continues so he’s more than the guy who likes to make lame card puns. I understand why TJP is a face in that Impact is a bit stacked on the heel end of the roster. That said, I’ve never really seen TJP cut a decent babyface promo in the five or so years of reviewing his performances. TJP’s a great talker now, but I’ve only seen him do that as a heel on 205 Live.

A Brian Cage vs. Michael Elgin music video package aired to hype their upcoming Slammiversary match…

Melissa Santos interviewed Johnny Impact and John E Bravo. Melissa asked Johnny if Johnny was serious about teaming with John E to wrestle Rich Swann and The Mack. Johnny asked Melissa if she thinks he and John E are a joke. Melissa said now, but what the hell was on top of John E’s head. Johnny informed Melissa that John E put an [artificial] “man bun” on his head. Johnny said they both have man buns today to show team unity. Johnny said there was once a team called the Mega Powers, but this was “Team Johnny”. Johnny said Team Johnny is about to take a couple of turd cutters to slam town. Johnny did a Hulk Hogan impersonation…

Josh Mathews and Don Callis checked in on commentary. Josh talked about how John E accepted this match without Johnny’s approval. Josh Mathews also noted that Johnny and John E vs. Mack and Swann was the main event of the show. After running though some upcoming segments, Jordynne Grace joined the commentary table…

2. Madison Rayne vs. Kiera Hogan. Rayne’s video wall still says “The bee is back” even though she’s been back for several months at this point. Rayne went for several early pin attempt variations. Kiera rolled to ringside and shot Grace a dirty look. Kiera kicked Rayne and went to yell at Grace. Kiera pie faced Grace. Rayne gave Kiera a few kicks when Kiera re-entered the ring. Kiera regained control and sent Rayne to the mat after hitting Rayne with a running kick combo. Kiera hit Rayne with a suplex while also mocking Grace every chance she could. Callis noted that Kiera may be more focused on Grace than Rayne.

Rayne hit Kiera with an enzuigiri. Grace said she still considers Kiera a friend and hopes Kiera get’s through this “teenage phase”. Rayne hit Kiera with a rip-cord cutter for a two count. Josh asked Don and Jordynne about Kiera’s new hair style. Don Callis called Josh a 12 year old girl for asking such a question several times. Kiera tried to steal a win with her feet on the ropes but Rayne kicked out. Grace left the commentary table to argue with Kiera. Kiera escaped the Cross [Rayne] by pulling Rayne’s hair. Kiera hit Rayne with a Paige Turner to pick up the clean win on Rayne.

Kiera Hogan defeated Madison Rayne via pinfall in 4:23.

Don Callis asked Jordynne Grace why Grace was so angry because Kiera executed a good wrestling move. Grace said “a bad attitude is one thing, but that was straight up cheating” (What? That was pretty much a clean win for Kiera unless I’m missing something? The hair pull I guess, but that just makes Grace look nit-picky). Kiera taunted Grace a bit but then ran to the stage when Grace entered the ring. Grace tried to help Rayne up but Rayne slapped Grace’s hand away and brushed off Grace…

John’s Thoughts: That was a bit surprising in a good way, if only because Madison Rayne rarely loses in Impact, let alone a clean loss to a pest heel. I was afraid that Impact was leaving a lot on the table by turning Kiera Hogan heel, but Kiera has proven that she can be a damn good heel as well. Kiera has shown in her television time that she has top star potential. As for Grace, I’m not sure where they’re going with her becuse they made her look a bit petty and unlikable in the last few minutes of that segment.

The Desi Hit Squad were shown backstage. Gama Singh was giving Rohit Raju the “Singh Tea Ceremony” with “Grandma Singh’s” Teapot. While Gama was distracted, Cody and Jake Deaner replaced the tea with beer. After the Deaners left Gama poured the beer in the teacups (Isn’t beer supposed to foam up?). The DHS all spit out the beer and all three went “Deaners!!!” like a bunch of cartoon villains. After Gama and Raj left, Rohit took another sip of beer and said “it’s not bad”… [c]

John’s Thoughts: That segment was harmless, but couldn’t that time have been better spent developing characters rather than try to seemingly pop the few people that find humor in kiddy jokes?

Jessika Havok and Su Yung were backstage staring angerly at each other. The Sinister Minister James Mitchell got between them and told them to get back on the same page. Mitchell talked about how Slammiversary is in two days and both women need to show solidarity. Mitchell said Havok has to be patient and he promises to make Havok Knockouts Champion. Mitchell told Su Yung that Su owes Havok from freeing her from the “Demon Collar” (I mean, it was a cheap dog collar). Mitchell told Su Yung that their collective goal is to make sure Jessika Havok leaves Slammiversary as Knockouts Champion…

John’s Thoughts: Again, it’s not the most innovative storytelling in the world but I like that the focus is back on the wrestlers and characters as opposed to any dumbass Undead Realm crap. Mitchell’s back to cutting solid/logical promos, Su Yung is starting to get her cool back, Havok is an angel for saving us from the UDR, Rosemary’s getting her swag back, all is well so far. Please Jimmy Jacobs and Impact, you’re doing a solid job now. Don’t make Jessika Havok shoot laser beams from her eyes, or become a lizard or some sh*t. Leave the Lucha Underground to Lucha Underground if effort isn’t going to be put into attention to detail.

Josh Mathews hyped Slammiversary and the “Deep Impact” show. Josh announced Impact’s “Fallout” show for July 14 in Mississauga, Canada. Josh also announced that the next set of Impact Wrestling tapings are happening at St. Clair College July 19-20 (so are they going to take the NXT Takeover approach by having a recap episode after the PPV?)…

It was time for the Impact Plus Flashback Match of the week. It was Jeff Hardy vs. “Broken” Matt Hardy from Slammiversary 2016. Jeff won…

A video package aired to hype the Women’s Monster’s Ball Match… [c]

During the commercial break, Melissa Santos announced that The North have defeated LAX for the Impact Tag Team Championships at the Bash at the Brewery show…

A video package aired to hype Sami Callihan vs. Tessa Blanchard…

3. Laredo Kid vs. Rohit Raju (w/Gama Singh, Raj Singh). Josh Mathews noted that Laredo wrestled for Impact a few years ago. Josh also educated Callis on Laredo, Texas. Rohit hit Laredo with a lariat early on and started to gloat to the crowd. Laredo hit Rohit with a superman forearm and Michinoku Driver. There was a botch by the ring because when Laredo went for a springboard, the bottom turnbuckle fell apart. Hopefully Rohit is okay because Laredo awkwardly fell on him.

After adjusting, Laredo hit Rohit with a moonsault from the ok second buckle for a two count. Don Callis joked that they don’t need a bottom rope since the bottom rope was gone from this match essentially. Rohit got a nearfall on Laredo. Rohit hit Laredo with a sweep kick and then mockingly walked over Laredo. Rohit hit Laredo with a snap suplex to get a two count. Laredo hit Rohit with a huracanrana and superkick. Laredo hit Rohit with a nice Fantasma-like Suicide Dive. Gama Singh got on the apron to distract the ref so Raj Singh could distract Laredo. This allowed Rohit Raju to dodge Laredo Kid’s corkscrew moonsault.

Rohit hit Laredo with a high knee. This was followed up by an awkward but effective cannonball. Awkward because Laredo was lying down at the area where the bottom turnbuckle was supposed to be. Callis noted that Rohit Raju almost spilled to ringside because there was no rope to catch him. Rohit Raju defeated Laredo Kid after a double stomp to the back of Laredo’s neck.

Rohit Raju defeated Laredo Kid via pinfall in 5:33.

Johnny Impact was shown trying to train John E Bravo at striking heading into the commercial break… [c]

John’s Thoughts: A good match and credit to both men for making the best out of an awkward situation with the bottom rope. That said, I’m not 100% sure where they’re going with this mini-push of Desi Hit Squad. It’s not like they’re treating them seriously because backstage they’re still goofing around, this time with the Deaners. I can’t say I really look forward to this Deaners vs. DHS feud. Rohit Raju is essentially the new Trevor Lee which has my expectations for him set very low due to bad writing despite his huge upside.

A video package aired to hype Moose vs. RVD at Slammiversary…

Moose made his entrance wearing all black. Josh noted that Moose looks serious tonight. Moose talked about how he liked RVD as a kid. Moose said he used to turn on ECW to watch RVD’s greatest matches against people like Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, or Tazz. Moose said that was 20 years ago and things have changed. Moose talked about how the people in Philidelphia at the last set of tapings chanted Rob Van Dam. This brought up a strong dueling Rob Van Dam and Moose chant from the crowd. Moose noted that the fans in Philidelphia also chanted “Moose” when Moose did his arm pump. The camera focused on EC3 Jacket Guy and a bunch of people in the crowd chanting for Moose.

Moose said that proved to Moose that Moose was better than RVD. Moose said he went home and did some research. Moose talked about how he traveled the world just like RVD. Moose talked about making millions of dollars just like RVD. Moose said RVD has a super model girlfriend while Moose has super model girfriends with an “s”. Moose said that RVD is a future Hall of Famer but Moose already made himself a future hall of famer with only six years experience. Moose said RVD calls himself the Whole F’n Show but this is Moose’s F’s show because Moose is “Mr. Impact Wrestling”. Moose said RVD is a fraud for calling himself Mr. PPV because RVD hasn’t been on a PPV in years. Moose said RVD will have a chance to validate himself a Slammiversary.

Moose said he made a visual aid for RVD because every hour for RVD is 420. Moose cut to a video on the video wall. It showed Sabu rolling on the ground in a corner with Moose standing over him and taunting RVD. Presumably Moose bet up Sabu. Moose talked about what he did to Sabu and Tommy Dreamer. Moose said “not only am I going to kick yo ass, but I’m going to retire you old man!”. Suddenly, Rob Van Dam’s crappy TNA music started to play causing Moose to go on guard. RVD stormed the ring and gave Moose a cannonball and leg scissors sweep. The indie security guards ran out to separate Moose and RVD. RVD’s crappy entrance music played to close the segment… [c]

John’s Thoughts: A strong promo showing from Moose. This feud with RVD has had very little input from RVD, but I understand in that case because as Moose pointed out it’s 420 every hour for RVD these days and as we saw it’s hard for him to stay fosused during promos. So I understand Impact not giving RVD promo time. Moose continues to be one of the most entertaining parts of Imapct these days. This is after he was the strong In-ring guy in Ring of Honor, to becoming the most pathetic babyface in professional wrestling in TNA, to turning heel and becoming a top tier talent in Anthem’s Impact.

The Rascalz made their entrance for the upcoming triple threat…

4. Dez vs. Trey vs. Wentz. Josh noted that the goal of this match is not to win, but rather to not lose due to the loser being out of Slammiversary. Madness ensued with all three men going for quick rollups. Don Callis said it’s very tough picking his favorite Rascal because they’re all fun and unique. Callis said it’s just like picking a favorite Jonas Brother. Callis said he really likes Nick Jonas.

Wentz blocked Dez’s CQC combo. Josh said that Dez won the Impact Super X Cup and that Impact should have a tournament soon. Dez and Trey had a stalemate in the next exchange. Trey hit Dez with the Rey Fenix tightrope armdrag. Wentz hit Trey with a corkscrew springboard crossbody for a nearfall. Dez kicked Wentz and hit Trey with a huracanrana. Dez hit Wentz with a dropkick then posed like he was Nero from DMC5. Wentz used a stunner to block Dez’s suicide dive. Trey hit Wentz with a Tiger Feint into a Huracanrana at ringside. Trey hit Dez with an enzuigiri.

Wentz ran off Dez’s back for a crossbody to Trey at ringside. Dez hit Wentz with a Low-pe. Dez hit Wentz with the Final Flash (Spiral Tap). Trey broke up the pin (why?). An “all these guys” chant enused (I honestly don’t get why they’re cheering like that because Trey had no reason to break up the pin because he would have won by not losing). All three Rascalz got to their feet and traded fatigued punches. Dez catapulted Trey into a superkick and stomp from Wentz. Wentz hit Dez with a PK and Standing Shooting Star for a nearfall. Dez hit Trey and Wentz with CQC. Trey took down both oponents with a dive.

Trey hit both opponents with an ugly but effective seated springboard stunner. Wentz and Dez kicked out of Trey’s pin attempts. Dez dodged a double stomp. Dez and Wentz double teamed Trey with a knee and superkick combo. Dez and Wentz hit their shove Shooting Star finisher for the win. Wentz and Dez both pinned Trey.

Wentz and Dez defeated Trey via pinfall in 7:05 to wrestle The North (?) at Slammiversary for the Impact Tag Team Championships.

Dez and Wentz looked a bit remorseful after the match. They helped Trey to his feet. Trey was crying. Dez and Wentz then

John’s Thoughts: So the match was good, but I couldn’t help but be taken out of the moment when Trey broke up the pinfall attempt after Dez’s Final Flash. It made Trey look worse in the end when the PWG Tag Team Champions double teamed him in the end and double pinned him. I don’t think they’re teasing a breakup. The Rascalz are three really talented wrestlers with Jeff Jarrett even presenting Dezmond as a future world champion back in 2017. This Public Access 70s show gimmick continues to kill the credibility of three future stars. Another layer of awkwardness lies in Impact having a title change for the tag team titles two days before Slammiversary with Melissa Santos announcing that Josh Alexander and Ethan Page won the tag team titles as this show was airing. Did Impact not like what they were getting with just LAX vs. The Rascalz so they are making it a triple threat?

An SUV was shown approaching. Tessa Blanchard emerged from the driver seat and she took a baseball bat out of the back seat. Josh Mathews said “oh boy… baseball bat in hand!” heading into commercial (Michael Cole’s dorky delivery has rubbed off on Josh)… [c]

A video package aired recapping the Eddie Edwards and Killer Kross feud over Kenny the Kendo Stick…

Killer Kross was shown in the church from last week conducting a “sermon”. Kross said we’re all gathered here to analyze the parable of the man who lost everything. Kross said it was interesting that the ending of the story is not yet written. Kross said this man was amandoned and betrayed by all his friends, his loved ones, his family. All due to his own hand. Kross said this man is in a place of isolation, the total abandonment of God and love himself. Kross said the ultimate salvation for any man is to die for his sins. Kross said at Slammiversary this individual will be granted the opportunity to die for his sins. Kross said everybody may stand and knee to The Cross because “I am your only true salvation… Amen, Mr. Edwards”. Kross took a sip out of a goblet and spit out what might be blood (or red colored corn syrup)…

John’s Thoughts: More good gems from Kross. This is how you do cinematic stuff right (and what Impact should also figure out is they shouldn’t overdo this technique because Kross doing them makes him stand out more, not homogenizing everything). Kross has been a blast in this and every feud he’s been in in Impact. The weak link here is Eddie Edwards not only not carrying his end of the bargain, but also Impact constantly not knowing what to do with the dull “Crazy Eddie” Character. What makes a segment like this work as opposed to the random undead realm stuff is everything in this segment made sense for the nihilist psychopath Kevin Kross. No lighting, no portals, no random luchasaurus. This was just logical… [c]

A video package aired to hype Rich Swann vs. Johnny Impact for the X Division Championship. It was narrated by the Epic TNA Trailer voiceover guy…

Josh Mahtews and Don Callis checked in from ringside. Josh told the viewers to buy the PPV or buy tickets to the actual show. Josh said he and Don should wear tuxedos. Don Callis wanted to wear the colored tuxedos from Dumb and Dumber. Josh Mathews ran through the Slammiversary Card. He announced TJP’s open challenge. LAX vs. Rascalz was still announced because this show was taped, but Josh Alexander and Ethan Page are the current Tag Team Champions…

Entrances for the main event took place…[c]

5. Johnny Impact and John E Bravo vs. Rich Swann and Willie Mack. Swann dominated the opening sequence with kicks and a dropkick. Josh said John E is a bozo. Callis said John E is a “Karate man”. Mack hit Johnny with a couple of lucha libre armdrags. Mack then planted Johnny with a crossbody. Mack and Rich hit Johnny with a flapjack bulldog. John E distracted Swann enough for Johnny to take advantage and toss Rich to ringside. A “Johnny Weeve” chant ensued (or are they chanting “Johnny Reeves” in reference to Johnny’s look a few weeks ago?).

Johnny gave Rich Swann snake eyes on the barricade. Johnny then took his man bun extension and shoved it in the mouth of Rich. Johnny hit Rich with Moonlight Drive at ringside. John E tagged in and put the boots to Rich. Josh said he can’t believe what we’re seeing. John E did the Johnny pose. John E tagged Johnny back in. Johnny body slammed John E on Swann. Josh said that people may say that John E is more athletic than Johnny’s former tag partner (I don’t get it? Is that a Miz joke?).

John’s Thoughts: Random side note, the crowd has been oddly energetic all night. Good for them after being fairly quiet most of the taping. That said, it sounds like there’s one troll in the crowd now. He’s chanting for “TNA” and “Eli Drake” for some reason.

John E tagged back in and gave Rich some gut punches. Johnny hit Rich with a running knee to give John E a nearfall. John E locked Rich in a chinlock. John E yelled “this is for you” to Johnny and failed at executing a Moonlight Drive on Rich because Rich escaped. Rich Swann countered Johnny’s Razor’s Edge with a DDT. Mack tagged in and hit Johnny with a Flying Jalepeno. Mack then hit Johnny with a running meteora. John E distracted Mack to allow Johnny to get control. Mack blocked a top rope Spanish Fly and hit Johnny with a top rope neckbreaker. Mack hit Johnny with the inverted cannonball, Samoan Drop, and Moonsault. John E broke up the subsequent pin.

Johnny hit Willie with a Flying Chuck. John E tagged in and Johnny thought it was odd for Johnny not to go for Starship Pain. Mack managed to tag in Rich Swann. Johnny was sent outside which left John E sandwiched between Mack and Swann who punched John E. Willie gave John E a stunner. Rich gave John E a Phoenix Splash for the victory.

Willie Mack and Rich Swann defeated Johnny Impact and John E Bravo via pinfall in 8:54.

Mack and Rich celebrated after the match as Josh Mathews handled the outtro for the show…

John’s Thoughts: A fun little TV match and a cute way to give the babyface team some steam while also protecting Johnny Impact from taking a pinfall heading into Johnny’s title shot. That said, I’m not sure why the go-home main event to one of their biggest PPVs of the year is a comedy match as opposed to maybe trying to do something involving Brian Cage or Michael Elgin?

But Wait? There’s more (They’re doing a Lucha Underground style stinger segment). Sami Callihan was hanging out outside with Jake Crist. Sami said it was time for a feast and early celebration because it’s guaranteed that Sami beats Tessa at Slammiversary. They had containers with Salad and Dinner rolls. Sami wondered where Dave Crist was. Jake said that Dave is locking Madman Fulton in a basement. Sami said Dave is taking too long because all he has to do to keep Fulton occupied is to sit him down and have him watch The Little Mermaid. Sami assumed Dave is probably just making phone calls and handling OVE business.

Suddenly Dave Crist was thrown across the table. Tessa Blanchard showed up with a baseball bat. Jake Crist was easily dispatched with a bat shot to the gut. Sami Callihan threw salad at Tessa and kicked her in the gut. Tessa escaped a pile driver attempt and dominated Sami with punches. Tessa beat up Sami with ground and pound. Tessa grabbed a beer bottle. Sami begged for mercy and said he likes women’s wrestling. Jake Crist recovered and held back Tessa to allow Sami to punch Tessa several times in the gut. Tessa tried to reach for the bat but Jake held her away from it. Sami got his bat. Sami said he wanted to make Tessa famous on Sunday but now he has to treat her like everyone else. Tessa escaped Jake’s hold. Tessa knocked Sami down by hitting him with the bat. Tessa stood over Sami to close the segment…

John’s Thoughts: I’ll give Impact credit here even though I personally don’t like the approach. It’s a publicity stunt and I can’t fault them for doing this because based off their Social Media numbers it’s reaching more of an audience than they usually would. The reason people would tune because Impact is going for click bait. “[MAN] attacks [WOMAN]” in the headline triggers people and draws eyes to the product. Not sure if it’ll lead to people sticking around to check out the rest of the show. Hopefully with eyes drawn to the show, this causes those viewers to check out and be compelled by the rest of the show, but I’m not sure if Impact is compelling enough to keep a casual eye even though they’re doing a lot of good things these days.

An okay show, but in the end it didn’t fully feel like Slammiversary is one of their biggest shows of the year. Given that Impact has a streak of good PPVs, I don’t doubt Impact PPVs like I once did before 2018 (even during their one good creative year 2016, the PPVs were hit and miss). They ended this episode with a lighthearted comedy main event and a click bait stinger segment. That’s not going to sell PPVs, it’s going to maybe boost YouTube views that don’t monitize well. But hey, we got you covered here and make sure you check out Jason Powell’s live coverage of Slammiversary as the show airs on Sunday…


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