Nigel McGuinness on becoming a WWE color commentator, the possibility of calling Raw or Smackdown, UK talent getting opportunities in WWE, whether he misses being in the ring

WWE broadcast team member Nigel McGuinness spoke with Tom Feaheny about his WWE broadcasting career. The following are among the highlights of the interview, which can be viewed in full at

McGuinness on getting his opportunity as a color commentator: “It was just something that happened, one day I was told you can do it, I wasn’t so sure but when I was given the chance, I’m now just grateful, I knew when I retired I may be given those chances, to do different things and I am glad that is what has happened.”

McGuiness on whether he misses being in the ring: “There are moments I miss being an in-ring performer, I had a very brief time in a WWE ring a long time, but I can do commentary for a very long time, I am enjoying it and feel I am growing as a performer.”

McGuiness on the UK talent deserving a chance to succeed: “Some of these guys, like Pete Dunne has been there and done it already, this isn’t their first rodeo, we are seeing them rewarded, I couldn’t be prouder of them, I’ve been there going to small venues, wondering if it will pay off, I’m so glad to see it has worked for them all.”

On the possibility of being a color commentator on WWE Raw or Smackdown: “I’d be open to anything, in WWE you are given chances, if you respond well, you are given more opportunities, I will just keep doing my thing and see what happens.”

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