2/21 Moore’s WWE Talking Smack Recap: Daniel Bryan and Renee Young discuss the controversial battle royal finish, Naomi relinquishing the title, AJ Styles stops by, Becky Lynch demands a match against Mickie James, the Usos on bustin’ bubbles

By John Moore

WWE Talking Smack
Aired February 21, 2017 on the WWE Network

-Renee Young and Daniel Bryan checked in from the Talking Smack set. Bryan said the ending of the Battle Royal was difficult to deal with and was stressful. Bryan announced AJ Styles vs. Luke Harper in a match next week to become number one contender for Bray Wyatt’s Championship.

-Renee pointed out how Luke Harper was in good shape while also being in peak performance. Bryan talked about Harper as a person who hits with his elbows as opposed to simple forearms.

-Bryan said that the situation with Naomi was heartbreaking and not his decision. Bryan said the reason they had to strip the title from Naomi was because they were heading right into WrestleMania and there needs to be a Smackdown Women’s match at WrestleMania. Bryan brought up how Naomi can’t catch a break. He brought up how 2013’s WrestleMania had her match cut which also involved Brie Bella. Bryan talked about how Naomi had to watch people pass her by while she was a Funkadactyl. Bryan also brought up how he had to relinquish the title twice due to injury.

-Becky Lynch was the first guest on Talking Smack this week and she said the Naomi situation was hard to watch. Becky said Naomi is an amazing person and this situation was two-fold. Becky said Naomi getting hurt was the first thing, and the second thing was the amount of time that Naomi put in to get to the top only to have it taken away from her.

-Bryan said that Becky might have had the title taken away from her in the match from Smackdown. Becky said Alexa always finds a way to beat Becky through shady means. Becky simply called Alexa a cheater. Becky blamed herself a bit for not preparing for the cheating.

-Becky said she needs to find a way to take care of Mickie James and she doesn’t know what Mickie is so offended by. Becky mocked Bliss for gaining Mickie’s favor just by using google to find some facts about Mickie. Bryan compared this situation to younger wrestlers sucking up to “old timers” by referencing their past. Becky said she will not suck up more and she demanded another match for Bryan to grant. Bryan said he has to talk to other people including “Lloyd Peacock”. Renee brought up how Lloyd wasn’t real and Bryan said the sprit was real. This ended the Becky Lynch interview portion of the show.

-Bryan said this was not the time nor place to start a “Lloyd Peacock” chant when Renee really wanted start the chant jokingly.

-Bryan said Mick Foley can “suck it!” because the Smackdown women were in more of the show compared to Raw. Renee brought up how Natalya and Nikki Bella literally tore the place apart and wanted to know if Bryan spoke to her yet to which Bryan said he didn’t. Bryan gave both women props for the hardcore match they put together while also talking a bit about how Maryse got involved.

-The Usos were the next guests. Bryan said that the Usos talked some good smack earlier on. Jimmy said they called out Alpha because they have something the Usos want, which are the tag team titles. Jimmy said some young bucks can’t come all up in here thinking they know everything. Jimmy said they are there to tell the youngsters they don’t know everything.

-Jey and Jimmy mocked the notion that they might be called “thugs”. Jey said they have Alpha’s number “really good!” Renee wanted to know if the Usos think that they are falling under the radar due to the hype behind American Alpha. The Usos said there will always be somebody to put you in your place no matter how good you are. Jimmy said it was now time to start busting bubbles.

-Bryan joked about busting some bubbles back in the day. Jimmy called Bryan a bubble buster for busting Mick Foley’s bubble by asking him to suck it. The Usos then joked about caring about Naomi’s injury too much. They talked more about the Bubble Busting before they left.

-Bryan said he felt cooler sitting next to the Usos. Bryan referenced the Usos injuring Chad Gable initially.

-Renee transitioned to Miz and John Cena eliminating each other. Bryan said it was more Miz than Cena who was taking care of business while Miz did a poor Bryan imitation. Bryan said people hate that Miz is a poor sport and he isn’t as good as he thinks he is. Bryan brought up how Miz and Baron Corbin keep complaining to Bryan and came off as sore losers in the battle royal. Renee Young announced MizTV featuring John Cena for next week’s show.

-AJ Styles was the next guest who complained about having a chipped tooth. Styles also complained about Bryan settling this next week when he would rather have it solved tonight. Styles said he was in much better physical shape than Luke Harper. Styles claimed that Harper’s feet touched the floor first. Bryan said both feet have to touch and there was this secret rule book published. Styles asked if fists were now allowed. Bryan said Style’s tooth was chipped because Harper gives elbows rather than forearms. Styles mocked Bryan by saying that Miz actually hurts.

-Styles said it was no problem and was only complaining because he wanted to get it done now, like an American. Styles said he wishes Shane were here to make a good decision. Bryan wanted to talk about how Styles thinks the earth is flat. Renee tried to end the interview. Styles proposed that Bryan leave, which Bryan accepted. The show ended with AJ Styles and Renee Young closing the show. Styles ripped up some papers.

John’s Thoughts: Talking Smack does get a bit repetitive sometimes with similar guests, but it still is WWE’s best avenue for character development that the main shows can’t provide. The show is also serving as a conduit to forward some angles that did not move forward during the main show. The best part aside from Renee and Bryan’s chemistry was the Usos and their amazing heel characters again.

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