Powell’s Impact Wrestling Hit List: Trinity debuts, Mike Bailey vs. Jonathan Gresham, Steve Maclin, Champagne Singh, and Shera vs. PCO, Heath, and Rhino, Yuya Uemura and Bhupindar Gujjar vs. Moose and Brian Myers, Alisha Edwards vs. Jody Threat

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Impact Wrestling Hits

Trinity debuts: Wow, the live crowd really gave Trinity the big star reaction. Her promo was solid and the verbal exchange with Deonna Purrazzo was nicely done. I also liked the way that they transitioned into pushing the Purrazzo vs. Jordynne Grace title match for Under Siege. This was all really well done and the live crowd played a big part in making Trinity’s debut a big Hit.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Mike Bailey: The usual excellent work from Gresham and Bailey. Gresham needed a win and got one. Hopefully promo time will follow, as Impact hasn’t done enough to establish Gresham’s character thus far.

Moose and Brian Myers vs. Bhupinder Gujjar and Yuya Uemura: A soft Hit for a solid match. I have no idea why Moose and Myers are now a tag team, but perhaps they will grow on me. Here’s hoping that the company will do more with Uemura.

Jody Threat vs. Alisha Edwards: Another win for Threat early in her run with the company. Impact typically does a nice job of introducing new characters with a series of spotlight matches.

Impact Wrestling Misses

Steve Maclin, Champagne Singh, and Shera vs. PCO, Heath, and Rhino: The new Impact World Champion is off to a rough start through no fault of his own. It’s hard to take him seriously when “No Fear” Scott D’Amore never shows any sign of being intimidated by him, and now he’s teaming with mid-card wrestlers who lose far more than they win. PCO win this match to build him up for his title match at Under Siege was fine. But it feels like Impact creative is positioning Maclin as a vulnerable heel champion rather than showcasing him as a strong badass who doesn’t back down from anyone. By the way, I’m all for repackaging Singh, but it’s tough to buy into the idea of an undercard character who suddenly strikes it rich. Singh comes off like he’s playing a part rather than an extension of himself.

Sami Callihan vs. Kon: It feels like the storyline involving Callihan and The Design has been plodding along for years rather than months. The scary part is that we’re just now getting to Callihan actually wrestling The Design members in matches. I want to like the addition of Rich Swann as Callihan’s reluctant ally, but I’m not sure if he will give this story a boost or if he’ll be dragged down by this dull story.

Undead Realm: This schlocky nonsense just won’t end. I suspect that Hell has one television and it plays Undead Realm segments in a loop.


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