Trinity on the AEW star that reached out to her after her WWE walkout, The Bloodline, the backstage atmosphere for her Impact Wrestling debut, and why she still loves WWE

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Forbes interview with guest Trinity (f/k/a Naomi)
Interview conducted by Alfred Konuwa
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Trinity on Jade Cargill: “When everything happened, Jade was the first person to just reach out to me. I don’t remember specifically, but the gist of it was ‘I know it feels like your whole world is crumbling apart right now, but you’re gonna be okay and I’m here for you.’ And that’s really what just really touched me, and that that meant everything to me. That someone I don’t even share locker room with thought enough for me to just reach out and say that.

“So that kind of developed our relationship and friendship. And I have family in Atlanta. She’s up in Atlanta, so that’s kind of how all that began. She’s just really so cool, so nice, so sweet. Very passionate about wrestling as well. And yeah, we’ve had some cool hangout moments and definitely will have more. I think she’s dope and I’m inspired by her journey and what she’s doing as well. So yeah, Jade, I consider her to be a friend.”

Trinity on The Bloodline: “I think it’s great. I think it is awesome. There’s definitely still more for them to do and layers to add to it. I would love to see a woman in there, whoever that may be, whoever she may be. And it’s just cool to see how many layers they’re adding to it and you know, what’s next. What’s next to come of this story or who’s gonna be a part of them next, or who’s gonna get kicked out next, or who’s Roman gonna be mad at next or who’s gonna, you know, it’s so much. Like, it’s really cool and I’m really happy for them and for Big Baby (Solo Sikoa). I love seeing baby bro on there.”

On the backstage Environment at Impact Wrestling for her debut: “I was a nervous, nervous wreck (laughs), but having my girls there talking to me. Bayley couldn’t be there, but just having conversations with her on FaceTime, having Tamina there, Mercedes of course. They really helped me get through that first one.”

“The first one was the most nerve-wracking because I felt that I was setting the tone. And so my sisters—just having that support there and reassurance it was cool. And that day, that weekend, those moments will like stick with me forever. And then have Kalisto come in to support me and then CM Punk showed up, that was cool. I got to talk to him briefly and he was there to watch and support. So all that just meant so much to me.”

Why she still loves WWE: “I don’t ever wanna come off as angry, as bitter as mad. I don’t feel any of that, you know? I mean, it was just a bad situation, crazy, crazy, crazy situation with a lot of layers to it. But I love WWE. I’m thankful for all the amazing years that I’ve been there, what they’ve given me, what they’ve given to my family, what career I’ve had. I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing now without that foundation and what I’ve been able to do with them and being there.

“But sometimes there’s hiccups with the business and there’s issues and problems and everything just came to a head, and sadly we had to deal with it publicly. I wish it was something that could have just been handled and taken care of privately. But I definitely think a lot will good will come from the situation and has been coming out of it. I do feel good with where I am right now.”


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