NWA Powerrr TV taping spoilers: Full results of the Monday tapings for upcoming FITE TV shows (spoilers)

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

NWA Powerrr TV Taping
December 6, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia at GPB Studios
Report by Bill Rahffey

During a VIP session, Billy Corgan announced that the next pay-per-view and tapings would not be held in Atlanta. Also, it was said that while 90 were at PPV, GPB Studios only wanted 30. They were able to get them to allow 90 in the end. Pope made an appearance before the fans and cut a great impassioned promo.

Some of this Taping should air after Christmas.

Commentary: Joe Galli, Velvet Sky, Madusa

Team War: 4 Team Elimination match; 3-man teams and a wrestler can be eliminated by pin, submission, or by being thrown over the top rope.

1. Tyrus, Jordan Clearwater, and Marshe Rockett (w/Austin Idol) vs. Rodney Mack, Odinson, and Parrow vs. Aron Stevens, Kratos, and Judias (w/Sinister Minister) vs. Alex Taylor, Jeremiah Plunkett, and Rush Freeman.

Tyrus pinned Stevens.
Tyrus tossed Taylor over top rope
Tyrus pinnned Freeman
Kratos, Odinson, and Plunkett tossed Tyrus over the top rope.
Rockett dropkicked Kratos over the top rope.
Judias dumped Rockett over the top rope.
Clearwater dumped Judias over the top rope.
Clearwater pinned Plunkett after he was knocked out.
Odinson pinned Clearwater.

Winning team: Rodney Mack, Odinson, and Parrow.

Plunkett woke up thinking he won and celebrateed. He ran to the interview set and thanked all the fans. Kyle Davis told him he was eliminated ten minutes ago. Plunkett was sad as he headed to the back.

Team War: 4 Team Elimination match; 3 man teams, wrestler can be eliminated by pin, submission & over the top rope.

2. El Rudo, Thom Latimer, and Chris Adonis vs. Victor Benjamin, Matt Taven, and Mike Bennett vs. Homicide, Bestia 666, and Mecha Wolf
vs. Colby Corino, Wrecking Ball Legursky, and Jay Bradley.

Rudo pinned Homicide.
Mecha Wolf pinned Benjamin.
Corino pinned Rudo.
Adonis submitted Corino.
Mecha Wolf, Bennett, and Adonis elimianted Legursky.
Bennett pinnned Mecha Wolf.
Bradley and Bestia 666 eliminateed each other over the top rope.
Adonis pinned Bennett.
Taven dumped Adonis over the top while he was in the Masterlock but Taven didn’t hit the floor.
Latimer pinned Taven after Adonis interfered and pushed Taven off the top rope.

Winners: Chris Adonis, Thom Latimer, and El Rudo.

Commentary: Joe Galli, Velvet Sky, Tim Storm

3. Cyon beat Sal Rinauro (w/Judias, Sinister Minister) in a No DQ match. Sal screamed father, you’re here. Sal tossed chairs into ring. There was brawling on floor and interview set. Austin Idol came out to talk to Cyon and left. Cyon got the submission win after putting the ring hammer in Rinauro’s eye. Sinister Minister and Judias left without Rinauro.

4. Anthony Mayweather beat Jay Spade.

5. Judias (w/Sinister Minister) over Jamie Stanley.

6. Kylie Rae defeated Madi Wrenkowski via tapout.

7. Allison Kay (w/Marti Belle) defeated Missa Kate.

Commentary: Joe Galli, Velvet Sky, Austin Idol

There was an interview with Matt Cardona and Mike Knox. Kyle Davis welcomed them both to the NWA. They complained about not having entrance music and claimed product was stale. They said they are bringing relevancy to NWA and called Trevor Murdoch a bad guy.
Trevor Murdoch interrupted and says they don’t care about the NWA. He said all we need is a ring and two grown ass men. Trevor challenged Cardona to a fight. Cardona said he had to go through Knox first and put the title on the line. Trevor and Knox accepted.

There was an interview with “Dirty Sexy Boys” JTG and Dirty Dango. Dango said his cigarette is not for smoking, it’s for licking. The Illforgoten with Captain Yuta interrupted and issued a challenged. JTG says two on two isn’t fair, they should wrestle three on two. Dango squeezed sanitizer into Yuta hands.

Up next was an interview with Idol Sports Management (Tyrus, BLK Jeez, Jordan Clearwater, Marshe Rockett). Kyle Davis bough up Tyrus defending his title seven times. Tyrus doesn’t care and claimed he’s cousins with Trevor Murdoch (Tyrus’s real name is George Murdoch). He said he’s world champ for now. and the TV title shiens brighter. Tyrus says Rockett and Clearwater are their tag team. Jeez says they would take care of tag team business tonight. Idol followed up at podium with a great interview.

8. “The Honorary Illbegotten” Wrecking Ball Legursky, Jay Bradley, and Rush Freeman (w/Captain Yuma, Alex Taylor) beat “Dirty Sexy Boys” JTG and Dirty Dango. The match that was agreed to earlier was changed. Freeman pinned Dango. The Illbegotten celebrated as the Fixers left.

Up next was an interview with Rodney Mack and Anthony Mayweather. Mack talked about knocking out Jax Dane for disrespecting his wife. Mayweather called Dane a son of a bitch, and talked about training Big Strong Mims and how he walked out during their match together. Someone came out and asked for a selfie and then served Mayweather with a restraining order that said he can’t be within one mile or utter the name of Jax Dane or Mayweather will be sued for slander.

The announcers introduced the Team War Series (the first two matches were a part of it) and said the prize money will be $30,000 to the winning team.

9. Luke Hawx & PJ Hawx defeated Marshe Rockett & Jordan Clearwater (w/BLK Jeez, Tyrus) and Luke & PJ Hawx. The referee ejected Tyrus and BLK Jeez for interference. PJ pinned Clearwater.

There was an interview with Mike Knox and Trevor Murdoch. The set up this show’s main event, a rematch from Hard Times 2.

10. “Dirty Sexy Boys” JTG and Dirty Dango beat “The Illbegotten” Alex Taylor, Rush Freeman, Captain Yuma in a handicap match. Dango pinned Yuma.

Taryn Terrell, Jennacide, Paulo Blaze, and Natalia Marchova were interviewed. Blaze had words for Marchova. Blaze challenged Marchova, but Jennacide instead opted to wrestle Marchova.

11. Trevor Murdoch defeated Mike Knox to retain the NWA Title. Murdoch had a face off with Matt Cardona afterward. Cardona ran away entered the ring. Knox attached Murdoch. Cardona took the belt, hit Murdoch in the head with it, and then held the belt over a prone Murdoch. The referees helped get Cardona and Knox to the back.

The Pope was interviewed. He thanked the fans for their thoughts and prayers after he was hospitalized following Hard Times 2. He spoke about being placed on a back board and having Velvet Sky crying at his feet while Tim Storm prayed like a saint. He spoke about boys and girls pulling him through. Then he addressed Matt Cardona and Mike Knox laughing at him and said he would stand with Trevor Murdoch defending the honor and integrity of NWA. Pope said he pulled Cardona out of a mudshow and would slap some tradition back into him. He also said payback is on the way for Knox. A fantastic interview and it was great to see him back..

An interview with Matt Cardona was up next. Cardona had bad news. He said he couldn’t wrestle Murdoch because he had to win and if he won, Trevor would do like he did in 2018 and quit the business. Cardona changed his mind and said he would wrestle Murdoch, beat him, and save the NWA. He begged Trevor to quit the business after he beat him.

Commentary: Joe Galli, Velvet Sky, Madusa

12. Kamille defeated Kiera Hogan to retain the NWA Women’s Championship.

There was an interview with Trevor Murdoch, who spoke about Matt Cardona. Says he’s now the puppet master and he would make him wait. He said they would have a date sooner or later, but for now he would make him wait.

13. “British Invasion” Nick Aldis and Doug Williams defeated Jayden Roller and Faboo Jay. Aldis pinned Roller.

14. Tootie Lynn (w/Kylie Rae) beat Marti Belle (w/Allison Kay).

Natalia Marchova went to the desk and trash talked Jennacide before their match.

15. Jennacide fought Natalia Marchova to a double count-out. No Taryn Terrell or Paulo Blaze at ringside for start of match.

16. Melina beat Christi Jaynes.

$30,000 Team War finals: 2 Team Elimination match; 3 man teams wrestler can be eliminated by pin, submission & over the top rope.

17. El Rudo, Thom Latimer, and Chris Adonis beat Odinson, Parrow, and Rodney Mack in the Team War finals.

Rudo pinned Mack.
Parrow pinned Rudo.
Latimer pinned Parrow.
Masters was disqualified for interfering and putting Odinson in the Masterlock on the apron when he was not legal man in match.
Latimer pinned Odinson to win the Team War finals for $30,000.

El Rudo and Masters came back out to celebrate with Latimer.

There was an interview with Big Strong Mims. He spoke about wanting to see Matt Cardona get his teeth kicked in. Mims talked about Pope and his charity, the Love Alive Charity and provided background on it and the good they do. He also mentioned you can donate to love alive charity (www.love-alive.org) online as well.

18. Matt Cardona defeated Victor Benjamin. Cardona was without Mike Knox at ringside for this one. Like last taping, he wore MWA (Matt Cardona Wrestling Alliance) trunks. Cardona beat on Benjamin afterward and challenged Murdoch. Cardona grabbed the mic from Kyle Davis and challenged Trevor, saying he would take the NWA Championship and make it relevant.

This should make for a very exciting season of NWA wrestling. Highly recommended.


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