NWA Powerrr results: Powell’s review of Chris Adonis vs. JTG for the vacant NWA National Title, Pope vs. Sal Rinauro for the NWA TV Title, Thunder Rosa and Skye Blue vs. Serena Deeb and Kylie Rae, Homicide, Mecha Wolf, and Bestia 666 vs. Luke Hawx, PJ Hawx, and El Rudo


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

NWA Powerrr (Episode 34)
Taped Monday in Atlanta, Georgia at GPB Studios
Streamed July 6, 2021 on the FITE TV

The “Into the Fire” opening aired… The broadcast team of Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky checked in from their desk and set the table for the show. They threw it to Kyle Davis for the opening introductions with the wrestlers already in the ring…

1. Pope vs. Sal Rinauro for the NWA TV Title. Rinauro had tape on one of his shoulders and sold an injury. Pope was dominant early. Rinauro caught him with a dropkick that led to a near fall. Pope came right back and Rinauro sold his shoulder injury, which Storm said was a broken clavicle. Pope hit double knees in the corner and then scored the pin…

Pope defeated Sal Rinauro to retain the NWA TV Title.

Tyrus, Austin Idol, BLK Jeez, and Jordan Clearwater walked out. Pope yelled at them from the ring. Idol said he and his group would do what they want and when they want…

Powell’s POV: This was well done with Rinauro looking sympathetic while nursing an injury, while Pope worked a straight forward style and checked on Rinauro moments after the pinfall. The post match bit with the heels walking out was basically a reminder of the feud and didn’t move anything forward.

The This Is Pro Wrestling podcast ad aired… An ad aired for the Champions Series starting on July 27…

Davis spoke with Tyrus, Austin Idol, BLK Jeez, and Jordan Clearwater on the interview set. Idol brought up Pope going for the Lucky Seven title defenses (to earn an NWA Championship match). Tyrus put his hand on Davis’s head and guaranteed that Pope wouldn’t get the seven wins. Idol said Pope has beaten jabronies and bums.

Idol said Tyrus is big league and they don’t play minor league ball. He said they play smash mouth pro wrestling, which is something that Pope knows nothing about. Idol said Davis lives in the shallow water while they live in the deep water where the big fish live.

Idol said that anyone in all of pro sports would go down if they entered the ring with Tyrus. Idol announced Pope vs. Tyrus and claimed it was official. Davis asked whether Idol and Tyrus are now aligned with Jeez and Clearwater. Idol said there’s no I in team…

Powell’s POV: Idol may have a career in politics because he never stops talking, yet he never actually says anything that matters.

Galli announced that Pope’s seventh defense of the NWA TV Title would be against Tyrus…

2. Thunder Rosa and Skye Blue vs. Serena Deeb and Kylie Rae. Late in the match, Rae caught Blue with a superkick and then applied an STF. Deeb pulled Rosa off the ring apron. Blue tapped out.

Serena Deeb and Kylie Rae beat Thunder Rosa and Skye Blue.

After the match, Deeb gloated and was eventually chased to the back by Rosa… The Austin Idol pro wrestling school ad aired…

Powell’s POV: A solid tag match. Deeb, Rae, and Rosa are terrific. We don’t know much about Blue yet, but she has a good look and upside potential. It looks like they are still building toward a Rosa vs. Deeb match, which is right up there with the Nick Aldis vs. Trevor Murdoch rematch as the hottest match the NWA has to offer.

Davis spoke with Jax Dane and Crimson on the interview set. Dane said he didn’t know how to tell Crimson what he had to tell him. He said he didn’t want Crimson to get angry because he goes crazy when he gets angry. Dane had Slice Boogie come out. The crowd booed. Crimson got upset and walked away…

Powell’s POV: Um, okay. I have no clue what just happened. It wasn’t mysterious in a compelling manner, it was just nonsensical and tough to watch. I’m sure it will be explained at some point, but this was really bad in the moment.

The Nick Aldis action figure ad aired…

Mae Valentine interviewed Kratos and asked him what it’s been like to be a tag champion. Kratos answered this hard-hitting question by saying it’s been great. Kratos said he was hired by Aron Stevens to win and that’s what he’s done. Kratos said he never liked how Stevens did things, but now he’s seeing things differently. He said the only thing that matters is winning and keeping the titles. Valentine asked if he respects Stevens. Kratos said he sort of likes Stevens and respect is earned…

Powell’s POV: Is there a reason they went with bickering tag team related promos in back to back segments? You’d think they would keep them apart unless they are somehow connected.

3. Homicide, Mecha Wolf, and Bestia 666 vs. Luke Hawx, PJ Hawx, and El Rudo in a lucha rules match. Aron Stevens sat in on commentary. He comedically sat on the floor briefly while claiming that there was a malfunctioning chair. Homicide was presented as a mystery partner. Homicide, Wolf, and Bestia threw a triple superkick to the head of PJ.

Rudo checked in and was eventually taken out with a nice running knee. Luke and PJ had a bit of offense with PJ diving onto Wolf at ringside. Luke slammed Bestia and then posed like a goofball, allowing Homicide to hook him from behind. Rudo got the better of Homicide.

Wolf grabbed Rudo, then slammed PJ onto him to drive Rudo down in inverted DDT position. Cool spot. Luke performed a moonsault from the middle rope on Bestia for a near fall. Bestia performed a Muscle Buster on Luke, then Wolf performed a 450 splash from the ropes and pinned him…

Homicide, Mecha Wolf, and Bestia 666 vs. Luke Hawx, PJ Hawx, and El Rudo in a lucha rules match.

Powell’s POV: Good action and it was nice to see some tag teams that actually get along in the NWA. Homicide is a nice addition. Rudo really needs a new name, especially if he’s going to work as a babyface.

The NWA merch ad aired…

4. Chris Adonis vs. JTG for the vacant NWA National Championship. Trevor Murdoch sat in on commentary. JTG went on a late offensive flurry and performed a popup neckbreaker for a near fall. JTG hoisted up Adonis, who slipped off and shoved JTG into the ropes, then caught him in the Masterlock. JTG appeared to be on the verge of breaking the hold, but Adonis released it and hit his back several times before reapplying the hold. Fred Rosser came out and threw in the towel on behalf of JTG.

Chris Adonis defeated JTG to win the vacant NWA National Championship.

The broadcast team questioned why Rosser threw in the towel. Storm defended the move, while Murdoch felt he took it away from JTG. After the match, JTG remained down. Adonis walked past JTG and thanked him while heading to the back. Rosser stood at the broadcast table where Murdoch questioned why he didn’t let JTG lose like a man and leave with his head up. Rosser said he had to do it.

Murdoch got a mic. Rosser said JTG was on the verge of passing out and added that they’ve been friends for ten years. Murdoch said JTG is the one who has to say enough is enough. Rosser said he wanted JTG to fight another day. He said that if Strictly Business thinks this is over, he doesn’t think so… The credits aired to close the show…

Powell’s POV: Issues between another tag team? In fairness, JTG and Rosser have been working mostly as singles wrestlers. The way the angle was done definitely left it open to viewer interpretation, as JTG was still selling the effects of the hold the last time he was shown. So there’s no telling how his character felt about Rosser throwing in the towel.

My guess is that it will lead to a Rosser heel turn given that top babyface Murdoch felt that Rosser should have let the match play out. Still, it’s strange that Adonis forfeited the championship to help Nick Aldis only to regain the vacant championship. It’s also strange that most of this promotion’s babyfaces can’t seem to get along for more than a few weeks.

Overall, the in-ring work made this one of the better episode coming out of the pandemic break. The promos were the true strengths of Powerrr during its first season. But now it feels like too many wrestlers are being asked to get over wonky storylines rather than deliver quality promos that build up their characters and matches.


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