Matt Taven on talent being plucked from ROH, the ROH product during the pandemic, his love for the promotion

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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Talents being plucked and pulled from Ring of Honor: “Yeah, but those plucking days are gone. You know, Ring of Honor, we’ve built like a roster of guys that are gonna be here for the long run and I think that this is — we’re building something very special. Obviously, our plans kind of — like I said, everyone’s plans were kind of spoiled a little bit with the pandemic but, we’re ready to get back at it and that moniker of being the best in the world, a lot of people feel that’s some stupid tag line or this and that but we truly believe we are the best wrestling on the planet and that starts from back in the day when a lot of that talent was being pouched to certain places from here or there, because they were seeing that this was the best wrestling on the planet and people were trying to take from that pot and now I think we really have this crew of guys that we all really believe in the letters. We believe in the product and we want to make this place the place to be and that starts with this Sunday [Best in the World pay-per-view].”

How ROH handled the pandemic: “Honestly, since the pandemic, I would challenge anyone out there to say that any product touches Ring of Honor. The weekly TV show, the Pure Championship Tournament, and so on. Maybe I’m biased, but add in the pay-per-views too, and Ring of Honor is putting the best stuff out there. There was always that sense of pride in me to be a part of this thing, to keep it going, and to make sure that it is the best product humanly possible.”

His love for Ring of Honor: “I have so much love for Ring of Honor. I have been in ROH since the first real pay-per-view. I’ve been around for so much of the history of ROH. There is definitely a part of me that feels like it’s kind of my baby or I’m part of this pillar of this company and I love that. I appreciate the amount of faith Ring of Honor’s had in me over the years.”

Other topics include his entire Ring of Honor run, feud with Vincent, feud with Jay Lethal, being influenced by HBK and Bret Hart, being a Grand Slam Champion in ROH, and more.

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