Dot Net Awards 2018: Vote for the Best Babyface

Dot Net Awards 2018: Vote for the Best Babyface free polls

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  1. Theres no viting list in best babyface poll

  2. Just a heads up that Daniel Bryan is on the list twice, not sure if this will mess things up if people click on seperate ones

    • Have I mentioned that I hate awards season? Ugh. Thanks for the note, though. It’s been addressed with Jeff Hardy added in place of the second Bryan. It didn’t screw up anything as far as voting results go, but at least now Hardy is on the list.

      • no worries, glad its sorted and I can understand why you would hate it. Must be a nightmare to organise and sort out.

    • This would have been the perfect chance to list “The New” Daniel Bryan in the place of the duplicate Bryan… He’s a babyface to the Vegans right?

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