WWE’s Sasha Banks on a women’s Royal Rumble, wrestling the first women’s match in Abu Dhabi at a WWE live event

WWE wrestler Sasha Banks was asked about the possibility of a women’s Royal Rumble match in an interview with Graham Caygill of The National. “I would definitely welcome it. I say bring it. It will be so huge. I also hope they bring in people from NXT and the past women from the WWE. So hopefully it does happen and the rumors are right.”

Banks also spoke about working the first women’s match in Abu Dhabi at Thursday’s WWE live event. “”It is a huge honor,” she said. “It is crazy, it is mind boggling. It is a beautiful moment and I think it is really cool to have an opportunity to do this. Especially for women right now. This is going to be in the history books and little girls are going to see this in newspapers and other media outlets and go ‘wow, women are wrestling, just like the guys’ and it is so cool.” Read the full story at TheNational.ae.

Powell’s POV: As much as a women’s Royal Rumble match sounds fun, I hope it’s a television match and they don’t intend to have two Royal Rumble matches at the January pay-per-view as it could end up feeling like overkill. On the plus side, a women’s Rumble match could also raise the prestige of the championships if the match is booked well and the story coming out of it with the winner challenging for one of the titles is done right. Banks also spoke about her career highlights, how the brand split has helped put the women in the spotlight, why main eventing Hell in a Cell left her with mixed feelings, and more.

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  1. I say let them do it and see whether it’s well received or not. If it’s like the other ppvs,it’ll be a 4 hour show so just put it on first and you’ll have a 2 hour gap,so to speak,before the men’s Rumble match.

  2. I’m not even a big fan of two HIAC matches on one show. The difference here is that while you can open and close with HIAC or other gimmick matches, the Rumble matches take a lot of time so there’s not as much distance between them. That said, to each his own. I wouldn’t have them on the same show, but I think the match itself would be really fun.

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