12/6 Moore’s WWE Talking Smack recap: Daniel Bryan offers the Smackdown roster simple words of encouragement, Talking Smack got Wyatt’ed, Bryan and Renee talk about AJ Styles’s butt, Heath Shater and Rhyno develop friction

talkingsmacklogoBy John Moore

WWE Talking Smack
Aired December 7, 2016 on WWE Network

-The Wyatt Family opened up Talking Smack after their sounder. They were alone on the set in darkness. Bray Wyatt said he when he and his brothers came to this place they came with a promise, to change the world, man. He said they wanted to bring the machine down to its knees and make it beg for mercy. Bray said today is a beautiful day because today is no longer about red and blue. Today is about gray skies and the Wyatts because the Wyatts run the yard now. Bray said being Tag Team Championships make them immortal. Bray said since Randy Orton has joined the family, the Wyatts have been stronger than ever. Bray said they have come to the realization that it is much better to rule in hell than it is to serve in heaven.

-Randy said he used to be the Legend Killer, the Apex Predator, the Viper. He said now as a Wyatt he is more dangerous than he’s ever been. Luke Harper said the last time they were here they told us to pay attention to them and give them what they want or else they’ll take it. Luke said they now say to send anyone, just don’t send anyone you want back. Luke screamed “Run” into the camera and they peaced out!

-Daniel Bryan and Renee Young walked on set and Renee asked what just happened. Bryan said “We got Wyatt’ed”. Renee said Daniel should keep better tabs on the roster. Bryan said he was busy all day with things like his main event falling apart due to an AJ Styles injury. Renee recapped James Ellsworth’s interference in the main event of TLC. Bryan said he wasn’t sure what was wrong with Ellsworth but it might be incompetence. Bryan said it didn’t look like he was trying to make Ambrose lose by pointing out Maryse’s interference. Renee wondered if Ellsworth had a false sense of confidence. Bryan agreed. Bryan claimed that Ellsworth was backstage singing a song “I’m so humble”. Bryan said Ellsworth was delusional.

-Renee said it might be Bryan’s fault. Renee said it was due to Bryan telling Ellsworth to “go get em’ buddy”. Bryan said he says that sentence to everybody, like “Go get em Renee”. Bryan said he also lost his vegan sandwich today. Bryan said he couldn’t say that sentence to Ambrose since Ambrose was in a state of mind of wanting to hurt somebody. Bryan said he could have gotten punched in the face.

-Renee wondered why Bryan went for an Intercontinental Championship match in the main event. Bryan said it was partly to placate the fans who were promised a World Championship main event which was pulled due to the AJ Styles injury. Bryan said Miz was also prodding Dean Ambrose. Bryan said if Miz is going to be arrogant and cocky that was the result. Bryan said he wasn’t asking Miz to do anything unrealistic. Bryan said it was an opportunity for both superstars. Renee asked Bryan if he wants the title off Miz. Bryan said he doesn’t care and just wants the fans to be entertained when they watch Smackdown. Bryan said the Intercontinental Championship has been elevated for being on Smackdown more than the U.S. Championship on Raw.

-Daniel Bryan talked about everyone complaining about opportunities while people like Miz or Baron Corbin have been much better off just being on Smackdown.

-Renee Young asked Daniel Bryan if he could ever stand behind his wife the way that Miz let’s Maryse handle some of his dirty work. Bryan said that already happens and he gave an example. Bryan said when the people tried to rob their house (the time that Bryan gave the robbers a rear naked choke), Bryan said he was calm. Bryan said Brie pulled up and wanted to kick the man’s face in. Bryan said he had to hold Brie Bella back because she’s a fighter.

-Carmella was first guest on the show. Carmella said Bryan never told her to go get em. Renee said she didn’t hear it for her too. Bryan said it was probably due to Bryan not being in the girls locker-room.

-Renee talked about Carmella having words against Nikki Bella and Natalya. Carmella said she can’t stands that Natalya was lying by acting innocent and defensive. Renee wanted to know what happened with Natalya. Carmella said she was going to “spill the tea” which means to go over gossip. Carmella said at Survivor Series Natalya told her that Nikki forgot her Fearless hat. Carmella said since Nattie knew that Nikki forgot her hat she saw an opportunity and took it. Carmella asked why would she herself ever deny beating up Nikki Bella since she’s beaten up Nikki every week since SummerSlam while also owning up to it. Carmella said Natalya must be jealous. Carmella said the words awko taco.

-Bryan said he doesn’t think Carmella did it, but is not sure that Carmella truly knows that Natalya did it. Carmella eventually left.

John’s Thoughts: Because they are dragging this out, I think that Natalya could be innocent. I don’t really care but it’s a thing. My guess is that the culprit is Eva Marie.

-Daniel Bryan said he was proud of Alexa Bliss. Bryan said no one was expecting Smackdown to draft Bliss. Bryan said Bliss and Carmella have both proven their worth. Bryan said tables matches are tough and dangerous so they should get credit for putting a 15 minute show.

-Renee talked about Styles’s butt. Bryan said AJ did a springboard 450 splash through a table and Renee is only talking about the cut in the pants. Renee said she was actually looking at the match really intently. Bryan said he bet she was. Bryan mocked Renee again for talking about AJ’s pants hole over the high spots. Renee said she thought it was notable to bring up on the show after two days. Bryan said what is he supposed to say? “Sweet butt man!”. Bryan said after the match he patted AJ on the butt and told AJ to go get em man! Bryan said AJ put up the fight of his life and Renee just talked about seeing AJ’s butt. Renee said it was unbelievable. Bryan cut in by saying “his butt”. Bryan wanted to stop talking about AJ’s butt and brought on Heath Slater and Rhyno.

-Heath and Rhyno said they’ve been better. Renee wanted to know their reaction. Slater said you work real hard to get somewhere, you seize it, you get what you want, but then you have a bad day. Slater said the Wyatt Family was a dangerous set of people. Rhyno said that was a big one to lose.

-Renee wanted to know about where they go from here. Slater said they can keep climbing the ladder. Rhyno said he didn’t know he was going to be the only person in the ring tonight in defending the title. Bryan assumed Rhyno was blaming Heath and Rhyno told Bryan to not jump in. Slater said he didn’t want to do this right now or keep score. Slater said he won the titles for them. Rhyno said what about before that, he hit the gore. The two calmly bickered a bit until Rhyno walked off which ended the segment and show.

John’s Thoughts: That episode of Talking Smack flew by quickly. What I thought was cool, was how Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family didn’t have to break character and go into interview mode. Even though it’s the same stuff Bray’s been saying for years, at least they were trying to protect his character in the pseudo-shoot show. This episode also didn’t do any character development, rather it helped with the storyline development in a similar way that the Michael Cole-Triple H sit-down interviews did.

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