Jim Ross on adding star power to the WWE Royal Rumble, whether Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks is overexposed, an update on his autobiography

imagesWWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of JRsbarbq.com. The following items are among the highlights. To order J.R.’s BBQ products, visit WWEShop.com.

Ross on the Royal Rumble: I like that both Lesnar and Goldberg are both in the Royal Rumble match as it should help move tickets locally for the Alamo Dome extravaganza. I’d love to see an official announcement that both HBK and Taker are going to be on hand in some role as to add to the marketable nostalgia for the event. The two legends do not need to wrestle but being creatively utilized in some manageable manner would help the event feel bigger and more desirable to attend.

Powell’s POV: I’m curious to see if Taker actually wrestles at the event given that he indicated that he’s back and WrestleMania no longer defines his legacy. There’s a lot of speculation that he could end up challenging AJ Styles for the WWE Championship at the Rumble. Either way, it certainly would be a good idea to include the Texas natives on the show.

Ross on Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks: “I find it shocking that some people, even many within the business, are complaining about how many times the two women have wrestled each other which I simply don’t understand. I feel that both women have the skill set to carry out a long arcing storyline but in today’s microwave climate patience is not a virtue with today’s fan base for the most part.”

Powell’s POV: I am among those who fears overkill. I’m enjoying their matches and I’m looking forward to the Iron Man match, but I do fear they are going to run this feud into the ground. At this point, they may work every interesting gimmick match possible before reaching two years in the company. I’d like to see them pull back with the goal of making this a long term program. At this point, I hope they are split up if there’s a draft lottery.

Ross on his autobiography: “Paul O’Brien and I have until February 1 to complete my autobiography and we are on track to meet our deadline. We are both cautiously optimistic about our progress and what we have written. Our publishers want to have the book in stores by the fall of 2017. I can’t wait for you to read it.”

Powell’s POV: I am looking forward to reading the finished product. The WWE talk will appeal to the masses, but I am also looking forward to reading about JR’s time in Mid-South/UWF and WCW. This should be a gem.

Other topics include Roman Reigns owes Chris Jericho a beer, the ROH pay-per-view, JR’s one-man show in Phoenix, another Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show match?



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  1. I agree with Ross, I think the Charlotte vs. Banks feud is great. Charlotte is especially good in her roll.

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