WWE Payback onsite report: Roman Reigns turns on fans after the show, crowd not updated on Enzo Amore’s health

reigns2Dot Net Member Bryan W. attended the WWE Payback event in Chicago, Illinois at Allstate Arena on Sunday and sent the following report.

We never got an update in the building about Enzo’s status. They didn’t even show a replay until after the McMahon segment. Very scary. People were thinking broken neck, etc. From where I was sitting on the floor way behind the announcers, I never saw him move while at ringside or on the stretcher.

As soon as the pay-per-view went off the air, Roman Reigns heeled out on the fans big time. I can’t read lips but as soon as the TitanTron went dark to signal they were off the air, he looked pissed and starting yelling at the fans. If he wasn’t using profanities I’d be shocked. I just thought it was hilarious that he was waiting for the cameras to turn off to show his true colors. He came off as a total douche.

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  1. i have to laugh so hard, the smarks try to do everything and lie to make Roman look bad…and even if he did this…he has every right to do so. The amount of Hate he is getting…i would snap too. But he is way to professional to do things like that !!! Funny thing is, that there is not a single Report about this from other People lol…there have been 13.000 other Peps too, where are their Reports ? the Smark who wrote this just got caught telling lies.

  2. Funny that my Comment got deleted. I just told my Opinion ! in a nice and friendly way… Where are the Reports from all the other Peps who have been there ? If this would be true, the internet would be full of Reports ! Other People who have been there confirmed that this DIDNT happen, Roman never yelled at the Fans !!!! prowretsling.net should be ashamed to even allow these lies and this bullshit here !!! And deleting my Comments shows even more that this is just made up and a lie. Someone need some Attention right here and tells lies. And u shoudl be ashamed to support this shit. !

    • Both of your comments are actually visible. Neither of us can say for sure that this report is valid, you are absolutely right there. But there has been multiple reports claiming he can come across as a certified jerk, so who’s to say.

      • Where are the other outlets reporting this, I have seen none. I have looked it up, can’t find any. Why are people speculating with Roman just to always make him look bad.

    • Start your own wrestling website and do something about it.

    • Bee S. Detect May 3, 2016 @ 3:32 pm

      Roman, is that you?

    • Your comment was never deleted. It was your first post and it had to be approved on my end. The Dot Net Member who sent in the piece attended the show and described what he saw. It’s as simple as that. I would argue that if it didn’t happen, I’d be getting flooded with reports from readers giving their perspective and disputing his version of events.

  3. I’d say it’s likely true at this point, and although I haven’t come across another report (which in itself doesn’t say anything), I’m not exactly surprised. The fans have been hating and verbally harassing him for over a year at this point, when he’s not playing a heel, so yeah he’d eventually snap. What confuses me is “shows his true colours.” He’s ACTING OUT A PART. How do people confuse the fact that “Roman Reigns” on the show is a character who is being directed by a creative team? So the actor finished filming for his character and then got angry at the fans, who he has been performing live for and yet who won’t stop yelling hate at him. Who’s the real douche here, the actor or the audience? The presumption by the person who wrote this is stunning.

    And I don’t like the character Roman Reigns and hate how he’s used, while being a part-time wrestling fan, so I’m really not that partial in the fight over “Roman.”

    Objectively, it’s going to be very difficult to say whether this did or didn’t happen. There’s no evidence to say that it didn’t, but the people who would have seen this happening would have been limited (close in a crowd of moving bodies) for a short amount of time, and presuming they’d see this short article and say anything for or against is unlikely.

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