WrestleMania Hotel notes: Alicia Fox incident with Ronda Rousey’s husband, NFL wrestler and other celebrities, notable name at the bar

Dot Net reader Shawn Valentino stayed at the same hotel as the WWE crew during WrestleMania weekend and passed along the following notes on his experience.

One of the highlights of WrestleMania week is partying at the WWE hotel. Every year at Mania time, Vince McMahon creates the ultimate experience for the WWE family by essentially renting out an entire hotel for wrestlers and family. For fans lucky enough to be there, it is the ultimate experience. Here are some live notes from the Mania hotel.

1. Yesterday, we were witnesses and participants of a near PR disaster when Alicia Fox and Ronda Rousey’s husband Travis Browne were in a heated argument. It was unclear what the riff was about, but it was an explosive situation, and it has made international news (UK Sun). Fox even started yelling at fans. “You pay to see me. I don’t pay to see you.” Actually, her matches are the bathroom break or what we fast-forward through on the Network. When I tried to record the incident, she slapped my phone out of my hand. It was a chaotic scene involving the husband of one of Wrestlemania’s main eventers so it could result in repercussions for Fox.

2. There were celebrities other than wrestlers at the hotel including Mario Lopez and Los Angeles Rams football star Todd Gurley.

3. We saw Roman Reigns hanging with his family, and he appeared to be in a great mood.

4. WrestleMania is today, but wrestlers were partying late Saturday night. We saw Bubba Ray Dudley and Rey Mysterio at the hotel bar.

5. Former WCW Champion David Arquette was there partying and recounting wrestling stories with fans.

Tonight is the WrestleMania after-party. I have attended the exclusive event many times in the past and hope to have a live report.



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