TNA Impact results (4/25): Moore’s review of the Rebellion fallout show with Nic Nemeth vs. Eddie Edwards, Mike Santana vs. Myron Reed, Xia Brookside vs. Ash By Elegance

By John Moore, Staffer (@liljohnm)

TNA Impact (Episode 1,031)
Taped April 21, 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada at Palms Resort Casino

Aired April 25, 2024 on AXS TV

Highlights aired form the TNA Rebellion PPV…

Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt were on commentary. Jade Chung was the ring announcer…

Nic Nemeth made his entrance in street clothes. Nic said he thought he would walk out here as world champion. He said he had his dad, cousin, and brother here to cheer him on but he didn’t come through. Nic said he doesn’t know what he should do next. Nic said he feels broken inside. Broken Matt Hardy made his entrance.

Hardy took a mic and said he had a premonition that at Rebellion he would be in the ring with the champion of the world at Rebellion. He said he hoped “Nicholas” would be world champion, but unfortunately it was the mammoth Moose. Hardy said he watched the footage and the people saw what Hardy saw. The replay showed that Nemeth had his shoulder up during the pin, but the referee didn’t catch it. Hardy said that didn’t look like a pinfall.

Hardy said he’s come back to TNA to become the champion of the world. Hardy said that Nic deserves a title shot, but it most likely would be against Hardy, not Moose. The System then made their entrance. Moose said it’s funny that Matt Hardy is not back in TNA as a wrestler, but as a coach of the sucky Las Vegas Raiders. Moose said this isn’t football, and you can’t throw out a challenge for a play. Moose bragged about beating Nemeth.

Nemeth said if they want to say something, get in the ring and say it to his and Matt’s face. Eddie Edwards said he sees what Nic is trying to do, but it makes him look desperate. Eddie said Nic looks pathetic. He said that he sees Nic is trying to be the next Kurt Angle, but Nic is more like hte next Eric Angle. Nic said he figured out what he’s going to do next, beat the hell out of Eddie. The challenge ended with Nic challenging Eddie Edwards…

John’s Thoughts: Good segment to set up Nic Nemeth tearing through the System faction en route to getting back at Moose. Good to see Hardy back in TNA too. Curious to see what they do with him now back in his “Broken” persona. Broken Matt is very similar to Timeless Toni Storm in feuding with him sucks you into a clown dimension of sorts. Not necessarily main event material, but entertaining nonetheless. I kinda hope he ends up doing cinematic matches again as his body has a lot of wear and tear, meaning the cinematics would do Matt’s broken, no pun intended, body some good.

Mustafa Ali, Jason Hotch, and John Skyler were putting votes in a “ballot box”. Santino Marella said he thinks that Ali’s “ballot box” idea to find a number on contender was creative. Hotch asked for another ballot when Santino told him that Ali can’t be number one contender for his own title. Jordynne Grace showed up and told Santino that they have to talk…

Hannifan plugged upcoming segments…[c]

An ad aired for TNA Under Siege…

TNA Rebellion highlights aired featuring the Knockouts world title match and the return of Sami Callihan…

Gia Miller interviewed Jordynne Grace about her successful title defense. Grace said she knew Steph Del Lander would have something up her sleeve, but she was happy that she had PCO and Sami Callihan to counter. Gia said people are also excited to see Grace’s match next week against Miyu Yamashita. Grace said she just talked to Santino and as a fighting champion, the match against Miyu will be a title defense. Miyu showed up and told Grace that next week she’ll take Grace’s title…

Mike Santana made his entrance from the crowd. His opponent was Myron Reed, who came out with The Rascalz…

1. Mike Santana vs. Myron Reed (w/Zachary Wentz, Trey Miguel). Reed hit Santana with a boot after the Rascalz distracted Santana. Santana quickly came back with corner strikes and whips. Reed came back with a dodge and dropkick. Reed hit Santana with a Codebreaker for a two count. Reed dumped Santana to the ramp, which was level with the ring. Santana blocked a dive and hit Reed with a neckbreaker.

Santana hit the other two Rascalz with a flip dive. Santana turned Reed inside-out with a discus lariat for the win.

Mike Santana defeated Myron Reed via pinfall in 2:56.

Steve Maclin made his entrance. Maclin ordered The Rascalz to surround the ring. The Rascalz teased assisting Maclin, but then dropped from the apron to leave him hanging. Maclin tried to attack Santana, but retreated after avoiding a discus lariat…[c]

John’s Thoughts: I like Santana’s work, but it’s very odd that they just have him squash the also new Myron Reed. Maybe Reed isn’t in long term? But Still, I think all three Rascalz are way more valuable as protected acts, rather than be cannon fodder. Curious to see how Santana does in TNA now that he’s a singles act as we’ve mostly seen him as the tag partner of Ortiz. The guy’s a underrated talker, so I hope we get to hear him speak.

Tom Hannifan announced that Steve Maclin has re-signed with TNA…

Steve Maclin and Big Kon cut a promo backstage. Steph challenged Jordynne Grace and PCO to a match at Under Siege…

Josh Alexander made his entrance in a tracksuit. Josh took a mic and soaked in “Walking Weapon” chants. Josh said he loves the fans too. Josh said every day is a good day when he walks in the ring for these three letters TNA. He said he bleeds for these three letters. Josh said he showed it when he fought Hammerstone, and in the end he’s the last man standing. He said you can call him the last man standing or the Gatekeeper of TNA, but one thing he hasn’t been called in a long time is World Champion.

Josh said he’ll change that and will be champion again. Frankie Kazarian made his entrance. Kazarian said Josh is entitled, thinking he should get a title shot against Moose. Kazarian said if anything, he deserves a title shot for beating Eric Young at Rebellion. Josh said it looks like they have a problem, and the solution should be a number one contenders match. Kaz said his arm and leg hurts and Josh is trying to fight him in his weakened state.

Josh talked about how he’s not pissing and moaning about his match against Hammerstone. Josh said they might as well give him the title shot if Kazarian doesn’t want to fight. Kazarian asked the “idiots” in the crowd if they want to see a number one contenders match right now. Kazarian said that doesn’t work for him. Kazarian tried to leave, but a referee told him to get in the ring. Jade Chung announced that Santino booked an impromptu match…

2. Josh Alexander vs. Frankie Kazarian. Hannifan noted that both Kazarian and Young left their match injured. Kazarian jumpped Josh early on. Josh then hit Kazarian with a Missile Dropkick heading into regular break.[c]

Kazarian ducked Josh’s back crossbody. Kazarian then work on Josh with methodical offense for a stretch. Josh fought out of a Front Chancery. Josh then backdropped Kazarian. Josh hit Kazarian with a rolling Senton for a two count. The commentators noted that Josh’s ear was injured. Kazarian hit Josh with backstabber. Josh reversed a Chickenwing into an Ankle Lock. Kazarian rolled up Josh for a two count.

Kazarian hit Josh with a draping leg drop and One Final Beat for a two count. Both men blocked each others’ finishers. Josh reversed a springboard leg drop into an Ankle Lock. Josh hit Kazarian with chained German Suplexes. Josh got a two count off a Full Nelson Suplex. Kazarian dragged Josh in the ring for a cutter for a two count. Kazarian dragged a chair and chain to the ring.

Josh distracted the referee by having him put the chair away. Eric YOung ran out and stole the chair from Kazarian. Kazarian faked being hit with the chain so the referee would admonish Young. The referee ejected Young. While Kazarian was distracted laughing at Young being ejected, Josh put Kazarian in a grapevined Ankle Lock. Kazarian tapped out.

Josh Alexander defeated Frankie Kazarian via submission in 9:23 of on-air time.

Eric Young clapped at the outcome of the match. Young held up Josh’s hand in victory…

John’s Thoughts: Solid win for Josh as he keeps himself occupied while out of the main title picture. As expected, these two professionals put on a good match. Kinda hoping Kazarian moves on from Eric Young in what seems like a feud that has gone on forever. According to the end of the match though, it looks like EY and Kazarian will remain locked up. Would like some character development for Young too because it looks like he’s showing up what he had planned while working in WWE, but there is no context to his character that speaks randomly dramatic.

Cody Deaner and Jake Something were casting their votes at Mustafa Ali’s ballot box. Hammerstone showed up to demand something from Santino. Hammerstone then shoved Jake after he got in his face. Jake and Hammerstone started a brawl and had to be pulled apart. Santino then booked Hammerstone vs. Something for Under Siege…

Rich Swann, AJ Francis, and hip hop artist Bun B were shown getting out of a van…[c]

Rich Swann, AJ Francis and Bun B made their entrance. AJ told Las Vegas to make some noise. The crowd booed him. AJ said that was rude, especially since he came out with an OG like Bun B. AJ talked about how Bun B, Shawne Merriman, and DJ Whoo Kid came out for First Class in recent months, and they didn’t come for these broke bums in the crowd. Gia then asked Swann if his victory over Hendry was tainted? Swann said it doesn’t matter because everybody saw Swann whoop Hendry’s ass.

Swann said Hendry keeps putting disrespect on their name and he just taught him a lesson to not mess with First Class. Gia asked Swann if he’ll return Hendry’s respect the next time they “say his name”. Say his name and, he appears, “I believe in Joe Hendry”, clap clap. Hendry made his entrance. Swann and AJ expected Hendry to come out of the tunnel, but the camera panned back to show he was behind them on the other side. AJ wondered how Hendry teleported there?

AJ talked about how they left Hendry lying in the ring last week. Joe said that it’s true that AJ and Merriman left him on the mat last week. Hendry said AJ left him with a groin injury. Hendry said he’ll give AJ a proper apology in the ring next week…

John’s Thoughts: Random segment that didn’t really accomplish much. Just Hendry walking out to make an announcement that he’s going to speak next week. This probably ends up with Hendry doing one of his signature music videos.

Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt checked in from a balcony. Hannifan was cut off by George Iceman (still unnamed) in the ring who gave Ash By Elegance a ring introduction. Ash By Elegance made her entrance. Xia Brookside made her entrance…

3. Ash By Elegance (w/George Iceman) vs. Xia Brookside. Ash got in Xia’s face to start. Both women traded right hands. Brookside hit Ash with a huracanrana and boots in the corner. Ash dodged Xia and slammed Xia to the mat. Ash hit Xia with a handstand into an elbow drop for a two count. Ash put the boots to Xia. Ash got a one count after a suplex.

Ash worked on Xia with forearms in the corner. Ash backdropped Xia on the apron. Ash brawled with Xia to ringside and hit her with a cartwheel into a backfist. Ash got a one count in the ring. Ash worked on Xia with methodical offense. Xia used a jawbreaker to escape a chinlock. Xia then gave Ash three meteoras in the corner. Xia hit Ash with a diving crossbody for a nearfall.

Ash reversed a Sunset Flip into a kick. Ash dumped Xia to ringside. Iceman handed Ash brass knuckles, but the referee saw Iceman hand them to her. Xia rolled up the distracted Ash for the victory.

Xia Brookside defeated Ash By Elegance via pinfall in 6:58.

Ash threw a fit in the ring…

The camera then cut to Santino and a bunch of wrestlers waiting for the results of the Mustafa Ali ballot box challenge…[c]

John’s Thoughts: While I would have kept Ash undefeated before she gets her title shot, it’s also fine developing Xia a bit. Lots up upside too with Xia who can be a very strong babyface at the top of a strong Knockouts Division. Ash continues to do well with her reinvention that also has a bit of a mean streak.

Santino Marella then announced to the wrestlers that Trey Miguel won by a suspiciously huge margin. Ace Austin asked for the number of votes that Trey got? Santino said 60. Wrestlers argued that Trey stuffed the ballot. Chris Bey asked who was in 2nd? Santino said it was Ace Austin.

Bey said Austin should be the number one contender. Ali said since there is voter fraud, nobody should be be in the title match. Santino then said to solve this dispute, the winner of Ace Austin vs. Trey Miguel will face Ali at Under Siege. After Santino left, the wrestlers argued with each other…

Before Jade Chung could make her ring announcement, she was cut off by John Skyler and Jason Hotch. Skyler said The Good Hands offered Sami Callihan a match against one of them, but Sami asked for both in a handicap match. Skyler said Callihan is like the losers in Las Vegas. Skyler said Callihan has a death wish from these two Good Hands. Sami Callihan made his entrance…

4. Sami Callihan vs. “The Good Hands” John Skyler and Jason Hotch in a handicap match. Callihan dropped Hotch with a right hand and power bomb. Callihan had a picture of PCO and used it to paper cut Hotch. Callihan then gave Skyer a paper cut. Callihan ripped up the picture and yelled “Wrestling!”. Skyler caught Callihan with a spear.

Hotch gave Callihan a dive. The Good Hands tried to do their handshake but sold the paper cuts. Skyler caught Callihan with a slingshot spear faor a two count. Callihan backdropped Skyler and dumped Hotch to ringside. Callihan swatted Hotch out of the air with a right hand. Callihan hit Hotch with a Cactus Driver for the victory.

Sami Callihan defeated The Good Hands via pinfall in 2:43.

John’s Thoughts: Expected tune up for the returning Sami Callihan. While I wanna see more from Hotch and Skyler, they have been establish as the “good hands” of TNA so this is them playing their role. I’m curious to see what Callihan does in TNA as I felt like it would have been better seeing him in another company since he’s done everything there is to do in TNA. Really surprised he never found a way to get in AEW as his longtime tag partner Jon Moxley is a top guy there. Because Mox is a top guy, he would have better luck than most people in AEW not getting lost booking wise.

Steve Maclin met up with Frankie Kazarian and proposed a partnership to take care of Josh Alexander, Santana, and Eric Young. Kazarian said he’s the King of TNA and he doesn’t trust Maclin. Kazarian pointed out Maclin jumpping him a while ago after Kazarian won the X Division Title. Maclin reiterated that they help take care of each others’s enemies. Kazarian nodded after Maclin left…[c]

The following segments were advertised for next week: Chris Bey vs. Mustafa Ali, Ace Sustin vs. Trey Miguel, Joe Hendry’s in ring apology, and Jordynne Grace vs. Miyu Yamashita for the Knockouts Title…

Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt checked in from commentary where they ran through the advertised TNA Under Siege lineup…

Ryan Nemeth was shown in the crowd. Entrances for the next match took place…

5. Nic Nemeth vs. Eddie Edwards (w/Alisha Edwards, Brian Myers). Nemeth and Edwards started the match with chain wrestling, which Nic dominated. Nemeth took down Eddie with a shoulder tackle. Alisha tripped up Nic to allow Eddie to take advantage. Alisha got a cheap shot in while Eddie distracted the referee. Eddie worked on Nic with methodical offense.

Nic’s brother Ryan was shown rallying the crowd to support Nic. Nic rallied back and hit Eddie with a dropkick. Nic went for ten punches in the corner, but was dumped to ringside after Myers got on the apron for a distraction.[c]

Back from break, Eddie was working on Nic with methodical offense. Nic countered Eddie with a Stinger Splash. Nic hit Eddie with ten elbow drops for a two count. Eddie dodged a Fameasser. Nic came back with a hanging DDT for a nearfall. Nic tuned the band for a Superkick, but Eddie rolled to ringside. Eddie crotched Nic on the top rope. Eddie hit Nic with a Superplex into a Tiger Driver for a nearfall.

Eddie mocked Nic by tuning up the band. Nic countered the kick with his own kick and Angle Slam for a two count. Nic and Eddie traded kneeling right hands. Eddie rallied with chops. Eddie told Nic to trust the system. Nic gave Eddie a headbutt. Both men avoided the others’ finisher. Both men took each other out with clotheslines.

Myers got in the face of Ryan Nemeth. The referee ran out to keep Ryan and Myers apart. While the referee was distracted, Moose ran in the ring and hit Nic Nemeth with the TNA Title. Eddie hit Nic with a Boston Knee Party for the win.

Eddie Edwards defeated Nic Nemeth via pinfall in 12:57 of on-air time.

Moose put the boots to Nic Nemeth after the match. Security Guards were holding back Ryan Nemeth. Moose wrapped a chair around the neck of Nic. Moose then hit the chair with another chair to jab Nic in the throat. Mike Bailey and Trent Seven ran out, leading to The System backtracking up the ramp to close the show…

John’s Thoughts: Simple and effective way to put heat on The System to give Nic Nemeth a journey to the way to the title. The focus on Ryan Nemeth telegraphs that he’s going to get involved in his brother’s feud with the System. One problem that still exists is that The System continue to be ice cold in terms of characters and they never really give these guys any vignettes to flush out their characters.

They just feel undercooked and overpushed. I still think they should have kept the belt on Alex Shelley heading into the TNA rebrand and find a way to have Moose take the title off after developing The System. Solid episode of TNA Impact. Nothing too unique, but a decent show coming out of their PPV.



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