Sami Zayn says the WWE Elimination Chamber main event happening in Montreal is almost more special than it being the WrestleMania main event, comments on The Bloodline story

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Main Event Radio with Sami Zayn
Host: Ryan Rider
Interview conducted for

Zayn on how he feels going into his match at WWE Elimination Chamber: “It’s hard not to feel great. This easily could have been the WrestleMania match, in my opinion. The fact that this is happening in Montreal is almost more special. This is my WrestleMania for sure. And then there is WrestleMania for real right after that. It’s been a great time for me. It took a lot of variables to converge for us to find ourselves in this position but here we are. Every metric that we have to measure success – crowd reactions, merchandise, ratings, social media engagement – every indication has been that this is a very special story that we haven’t seen in a long time.”

Zayn on The Bloodline storyline: “It is amazing to be a part of a story that is that hot, and we are almost ten months in and it is the hottest that it’s ever been. We are going into this match Saturday night at the Bell Center at a point where it’s hotter than it’s been at any point in the story. And I don’t really know if there is another story in existence that peaks ten months in. A testament to the story, the performers, the behind the scenes people who contributed for us to reach this point. And the fact that Montreal has become part of the story, and not just a place where the event is taking place. The fact that it is taking place in Montreal is crucial to the story, Montreal is now a character in the story.”

Whether his character can dethrone Roman Reigns to win the WWE Universal Championship: “I think it’s a very realistic possibility. And it’s amazing to say that because I don’t think we could have said that a year ago or two years ago. But now, anything can happen.”


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