10/18 NXT TV results: Moore’s review of the KO Show with Bron Breakker, Ilja Dragunov, and JD McDonagh, Cora Jade vs. Raquel Rodriguez and Roxanne Perez vs. Rhea Ripley in Pick Your Poison matches, Sonya Deville vs. Alba Fyre, Cameron Grimes, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson vs. The Schism


By John Moore, ProWrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Live from Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center
Aired October 18, 2022 on USA Network

[Hour One] Vic Joseph and Booker T were on commentary. Alicia Taylor was the ring announcer…

The Judgement Day, Finn Balor, Rhea Ripley, Dominik Mysterio, and Damien Priest made their entrance to start the show. The crowd gave Rhea, Finn, and Damian a loud ovation and “Welcome Back” chants (Dom bypassed NXT)…

1. Roxanne Perez vs. Rhea Ripley (w/Finn Balor, Dominik Mysterio, Damian Priest). Rhea Ripley dominated the first 2 minutes with power moves and chain wrestling. Roxanne rallied back with forearms. Rhea was dumped to ringside. Rhea sidestepped to avoid a suicide dive. Perez went for a huracanrana, but Ripley turned it into an Electric Chair Facebuster. Ripley and Priest high fived heading into picture-in-picture.[c]

They finally updated the picture-in-picture graphic to just “NXT”. Rhea pummeled Perez with mounted forearms and trash talk. Perez avoided Ripley’s signature stomp and boot. Perez rallied back with low kicks to the shin, a judo roll, and a few European Uppercuts. Perez and Ripley traded a few rough counters. Perez escaped a hold with a jawbreaker. Perez sidestepped a spear, sending Ripley into the ringpost and on the ground. Perez hit Ripley with a Seated Tope Dive. Ripley staggered Perez on the top rope with a chop.

Perez slipped out of a superplex attempt. Perez hit Ripley with a top rope Frankensteiner for a two count. Perez had the advantage in the strike exchange. Ripley came back with a facebuster suplex for a two count. Perez escaped a Rip Tide and hit Ripley with a back kick. Ripley escaped Pop Rocks. Dominik distracted Perez, to allow Ripley to give Perez a headbutt and Rip Tide for the win.

Rhea Ripley defeated Roxanne Perez via pinfall in 12:46. 

John’s Thoughts: Good showing as usual from Roxanne and nice return to TV for Rhea Ripley. Both looked good and Ripley didn’t look to have missed a beat with the long in-ring layoff (though she has shined in a non-wrestling role in recent months). I really like the finish, as they protected Perez, put more heat on Dom (who arguably gets the loudest heat in WWE), and they also didn’t make Rhea look weak by having the distraction happen off a visual victory/pinfall. Efficient. Booker was better than usual here and felt natural calling his Reality of Wrestling student. Hopefully he can take some of that natural reaction and react like that throughout the show (I think he’d be better if he was paired up with someone who calls moves though, like a Michael Cole, Rich Brennan, or Tom Phillips).

Cameron Grimes, Doc Gallows, and Karl Anderson were chatting and playing around in the locker room. Grimes showed the Good Brothers a pile of money. This pleased them and they all Too Sweet’ed. The commentary team hyped up the six person tag  set for later in the show…

Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo and an injured Tony D’Angelo made their entrance. D’Angelo took the mic and said it was a big night for Stacks, who should be ready to throw down. Stacks held open the ropes for the injured Tony. Tony hyped up Stacks for his mystery opponent. Tony milked the crowd about the mystery reveal, and sent the show to commercial…[c]

An ad aired to hype up Logan Paul’s appearance on this week’s Smackdown…

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Grayson Waller about him being off his game. Waller talked about how the spinning wheel freaked him out. He said he beat Apollo Crews already and even blinded him with his star power. As Waller was bragging, Chucky, the creepy doll, appeared on the monitor to inform Waller that his match on Saturday against Apollo is a Spin the Wheel Make the Deal match. Waller walked away looking paranoid…

Back in the ring, Shinsuke Nakamura was revealed to be the opponent of Stacks…

John’s Thoughts: Shawn Michaels is lucky. Hunter had a hard time back in the Black and Gold days doing anything with the main roster. Any time Shawn wants to pop a rating, he just asks brotha Paul to bring over everyone (as he also did in the one week build to World’s Colide).

2. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo (w/Tony D’Angelo). Nakamura hit Lorenzo with his signature vibration kick as the crowd chanted Nakamura’s theme. Nakamura slammed Lorenzo to the ground for a two count. Booker noted that Nakamura is a former IWGP champion. Nakamura hit Lorenzo with knee strikes on the ground. Nakamura toyed with Lorenzo with low kick combos. Lorenzo caught a kick and gave Nakamura right forearms.

Lorenzo hit Nakamura with a snapmare and fist drop for a two count. Nakamura gave Lorenzo a lariat and did the “come on” pose. Nakamura hit Lorenzo with a strike combo and baseball slide German Suplex. Nakamura got a two count on Lorenzo. Joseph announced that Grayson Waller has just left the building. Nakamura did a flip right into a Juji Gatame. Stacks escaped and hit Nakamura with a spinning uppercut. Nakamura hit Lorenzo with his wheel kick and dumped him to ringside with a Kinshasa.

Tony D gave Nakamura a nod at ringside, which Vic said was interisting and tough love. Shinsuke hit Lorenzo with the Kinshasa Kick for the win.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Channing Lorenzo via pinfall in 5:22. 

The commentary team noted that Stacks looked good for losing after two Kinshasa kicks. Tony D’Angelo told Stacks that he was proud of Stacks for the fight he showed…

John’s Thoughts: Simple and sweet match with Stacks looking good in an expected defeat. Hopefully they use Lorenzo taking two kicks as character development down the road. I do also hope that they don’t continue to use Tony D and Stacks as a tag team. Either give Tony another goon, or have Tony go after singles gold with Stacks as the heater.

Axiom and Nathan Frazer were complementing each other for their last several matches against each other. Axiom said he’s going to be rooting for Frazer to win on Saturday. Von Wagner and Robert Stone showed up to intimidate Axiom and Frazer. Wagner called Frazer a “soccer boy”. Axiom held back Frazer…

Alba Fyre made her entrance to the Performance Center ring…[c]

Sonya Deville made her entrance, flanked by Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne…

3. Alba Fyre vs. Sonya Deville (w/Gigi Dolin, Jacy Jayne). Deville pressured Fyre in the corner. Both women traded shoves. Fyre hit Deville with a headbutt. Fyre hit Deville with strikes in the corners. Deville tripped Fyre off the top rope and gave Fyre a pump kick for a two count. Fyre came back with an Irish Whip and clothesline. Fyre hit Deville with chops and a front suplex. Fyre hit Deville with a Soccer Kick. Dolin and Jayne got on the apron for a distraction. Fyre fended all three women off. Deville accidentally gave Dolin a pump kick. Fyre rolled up Deville for the victory.

Alba Fyre defeated Sonya Deville via pinfall in 2:09. 

The three women put the boots to Fyre afterwards. Suddenly, NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose made her entrance(wearing a revealing see through body suit. Rose cut a promo about how she was going to be ruthless. Part of her promo was cut off by the feed going black randomly. Fyre fought out of the heels’ hold. The heels retreated when she swung around her red bat…

Wes Lee and Oro Mensah were chatting in the locker room. They talked about being former US and UK tag team champions. Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes showed up and jumped Mensah and Lee. Booker chuckled. The brawl spilled to ringside…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Good to see main roster stars aren’t just going to be tearing through NXT stars, but this result was totally expected given Sonya is coming off her role as a non-wrestling authority figure, and Fyre is going into Saturday as the challenger for the women’s title. Good to see Mandy back too and prayers to her and her family for their recent loss (which is why she was not on TV the last few weeks).

The match was joined in progress…

4. Wes Lee and Oro Mensah vs. Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams. Williams clocked Lee with a pop up right hook. Mensah and Melo came in with Oro hitting Trick with a Scissors Kick. Trick tripped up Oro off the springboard.  Vic Joseph noted that this match is a preview to the North American Championship ladder match on Saturday. Oro hit Trick with a standing Liger Kick. Lee and Melo tagged in  with Lee pressuring Melo with boxer punches and a bulldog. Williams tripped Lee off the top rope. Oro nailed Trick with a Gamengiri and Axe Handle strike.

Melo caught Lee with a Codebreaker. Melo hit Lee with the top rope scissors kick for the win.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams defeated Wes Lee and Oro Mensah via pinfall  in 2:43. 

Melo nailed Oro and Lee with a flip dive. Von Wagner showed up and gave Melo a big boot. Frazer showed up and gave Wagner a top rope crossbody. The dreaded censored  (via USA network) “holy shit” chants enused…

Joe Gacy was standing next to Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid. Gacy cut one of his mildly-creepy promos about Grimes being a hypocrite for some reason. Gacy also cuts his promos via a handheld camera now…[c]

John’s Thoughts: Harmless filter to “preview” the North American championship Ladder Match at Halloween Havoc. Does Melo winning means he is going to lose on Saturday? Melo is the safest pick if WWE wants a credible champion with the North American title, but I also wouldn’t mind if they use the title to elevate someone else. Via story direction, it feels like WWE is building momentum towards either Nathan Frazer or Wes Lee winning (with Oro and Wagner in the match to mix things up, but not seem like a viable winner).

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Bron Breakker about being on the KO show. Breakker talked about how he’s a fan of Kevin Owens and has been a fan of every episode of the KO show since the first episode of the KO show…

John’s Thoughts: Really? When Bron Breakker was in High School and in College as a football player, we’re supposed to believe that Bron Breakker really really likes the KO show? (Watch Bron be such a huge KO fanboy, that he has those old “Kevin Steen Show” Highspots DVDs).

[Hour Two] Entrances for the next match took place…

5. Cameron Grimes and “The Good Brothers” Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs. “The Schism” Joe Gacy, Rip Fowler, and Jagger Reid. Grimes tripped up Reid and hit him with a sliding leg lariat. Fowler tagged in and was pressured with Muay Thai roundhouse kicks. Fowler came back with a clothesline. Reid and Fowler traded tags to double team Grimes. Grimes managed to hit both Dyad members with a double Frankendriver. Anderson tagged in and hit Fowler with strikes in the corner.

Anderson hit Fowler with a clothesline. Gallows tagged in and hit Fowler with his signature boxing punches in the corner. Gallows hit Fowler with consecutive elbow drops. The Good Brothers cut the ring in half on Fowler. Fowler managed to sneak in a tag to Reid. This allowed the Dyad to dump Anderson to ringside. Fowler held Anderson in place for a plancha backbreaker from Reid. The Schism shared a group hug. Anderson and Reid traded strikes in the center of the ring.

Anderson got the upper hand with a uppercut. Grimes hit Reid with a high crossbody. Everybody entered and brawled. The Schism were dumped to ringside heading into picture-in-picture.[c]

Fowler had Grimes stuck in a side headlock. The Schism cut the ring in half on Cameron. Fowler tried to pull his leg back, but Grimes got the hot tag into Gallows, who cleaned house. Gallows hit Folwer with a Flying Jalapeño. He hit Reid with a kick combo. Gallows hit Fowler with a Baldo Bomb. Reid broke up a Magic Killer. Each person took turns exchanging signature moves. Grimes hit Fowler with a Cave In and hit Gacy with a PK. Anderson hit Reid wtih a Spinebuster. The Good Brothers hit Reid with a Magic Killer to give Gallows the win.

The Good Brothers and Cameron Grimes defeated The Schism via pinfall in 11:56. 

John’s Thoughts: Solid six person tag match with the Good Brothers adding star power to the match. For me, it was actually a bit odd to not review a Good Brothers vs. Honor No More match because it felt like Anderson and Gallows were wrestling the same opponents in some form as their run in Impact ended. It looks like they are calling them the OC now (which I still refuse to write. Not because it’s a bad name, but as a person from Southern California, it just reminds me of both that Fox sitcom and the area of “Orange County”.  )

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Veer Mahan about the mystery of what he whispered into Sanga’s ear. Mahan said what he told to Sanga was only meant for Brother Sanga, and not anyone else. Sanga showed up and told Veer that he was here to listen. Veer said he knew Sanga was ready to listen…

A highlight hype package aired to hype up the Chance and Carter vs. Stark and Lyons tag title match at Halloween Havoc…

The show cut to both tag teams in a board room for a contract signing (no moderator). Lyons and Stark signed first. Chance and Carter signed next. Both teams traded words to taunt the other team…

Vic Joseph hyped that we’ll find out the host of Halloween Havoc after the break…[c]

An ad aired for WWE Crown Jewel. Which Vic Joseph also plugged…

Vic Joseph and Booker T checked in from the commentary table. Vic hyped up Julius Creed vs. Damon Kemp for Halloween Havoc. Joseph conducted a split screen interview with Julius and Damon. Julius talked about how much he loves and wants to protect his brother, ever since Brutus was a baby. Julius said Damon is a clown and he’s going to crush him. Julius brought up all the bad things that Damon did. Damon said Julius is whining. He said Julius is a world class athlete and former NXT Tag Team Champion, but Julius is also a loser who is jealous of Kemp. Julius said Damon is a thirsty clout chaser who doesn’t want to do work. Damon said this isn’t a wrestling or MMA match, it’s an ambulance match.

He said he’s just going to hit Julius in the back ten times, like he did to Julius. Julius said it’s clear that he’s better than Damon. Julius talked about how he out performed Damon in college. Julius said Damon isn’t even better than his brother (Gable Steveson). Damon Kemp said he’s going to prove Julius wrong and lock the doors on Julius. Julius said he’s not going to feel sympathy or remorse, he’s going to feel the handle of the ambulance door as he closes it on Kemp. Kemp said that Brutus is going to be in the unemployment line after Saturday…

John’s Thoughts: Good promo exchange. Julius shows good confidence on the mic. That said, Damon Kemp has really grown by long strides ever since the heel turn. He’s shown a lot of personality, and continues to get better every week. At this rate , Bobby Steveson might beat out Gable Steveson as the one truly talented Steveson in pro wrestling.

Vic sent the show to Alicia Taylor who was in the ring. She introduced Shotzi [Blackheart] as the host of Halloween Havoc. This is the 2nd time she’s hosted the show, which Vic Joseph noted. Shotzi took the mic for a promo. She soaked in the “welcome home” chants. Shotzi said if there’s one WWE star that screams Halloween, it would be Shotzi. She said she hosted the show in 2020, and it was one of the most horrifyingly badass days of her life.

She said this Saturday has to be more balls to the wall. Shotzi said she’s going to beat Damage Ctrl on Friday with Raquel Rodriguez. She said she’s also going to make Halloween Havoc the most terrifying extravaganza in NXT history. She did her signature howl. Xyon Quinn made his entrance for some reason. He welcomed Shotzi back to NXT and bragged about being box office. He wanted to be co host. Quinn said he freed up his time on Saturday to be the x factor on Halloween Havoc. Quincy Elliot made his entrance in his ring gear.

Quincy said he’s a fan of Shotzi. He said that Shotzi is a ballsy girl who isn’t afraid to step on no toes. She said he does want to see Xyon in a Halloween costume, but he’s not a co host. Elliot said Shotzi needs a scream queen, the super diva. Shotzi noted that since Quinn and Quincy are wrestling now, they should up the stakes, winner becomes Halloween Havoc co-host. Quincy backdropped Quinn to ringside. Quincy gave Shotzi a bit of a lapdance as the show cut to commercial…[c]

Shotzi joined Booker and Vic on commentary…

6. Xyon Quinn vs. “The Super Diva” Quincy Elliot to become the co-host of Halloween Havoc. Quinn backdropped Quincy and worked on him with methodical offense. Quincy rallied back with hands and shoulder tackles. Quincy hit Quinn with a spinning uppercut. Quinn managed to take down Quincy. Quinn felt under Quincy’s weight when going for a Fireman Carry. Quinn avoided Quincy’s running splash. Booker T talked about how Quincy reminds him of Golddust (Dustin Rhodes). Quinn tried to grab a chair at ringside, but Hank Walker stepped on the chair. Quincy caught Quinn with a running splash and Banzai Drop for the win.

Quincy Elliot defeated Xyon Quinn via pinfall in 2:49 to become the co-host of Halloween Havoc.

John’s Thoughts: I’m actually looking forward to see what Quincy and Shotzi have in store for Halloween Havoc. At worst, it’s nothing, at most both these star can flood the screen with a ton of personality. Shotzi was also very fun on commentary too. I wouldn’t mind seeing her do more guest appearances on Raw or Smackdown to see how well she can do as a commentator.

The show cut to the Chace U classroom where Thea Hail was depressed about losing to Kiana James. She then got hyperactive when she asked Andre Chase to give her a rematch. Chase introduced a history of Halloween Havoc video history package. He introduced these past segments: Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair, DDP vs. Goldberg. Mandy Rose winning the NXT Women’s Title, Dexter Lumis’s house of horrors, and Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio. He also talked about The Yeti and Chamber of Horrors. Chucky appeared on the TV. Bodhi Hayward called Chucky an SOB for cutting off Chase. Chucky returned the favor by yelling hat Hayward in curse words. Thea Hail said “What the f–k”, intentionally censored…

Raquel Rodriguez made her entrance…[c]

Pretty Deadly had their unmoderated contract signing with Enofe and Blade. They also traded taunts.

John’s Thoughts: Shawn Michaels did a good job when he did this with Melo and Solo Sikoa a few weeks ago. I wouldn’t mind him playing the William Regal role here because it doesn’t take much, and it does add to the scene.

7. Raquel Rodriguez vs. Cora Jade. Jade methodically stalled early in the match. Raquel talked about how she used to tag team with Jade. Gonzalez managed to get her hands on Jade and slam her into the buckle. Booker talked about how he’s biased in favor of his student and he wants to see Roxanne Perez beat up Jade. Gonzalez went for a chest slap on the table, but Jade sidestepped causing Gonzalez to hurt her hand on the table. Jade hit Gonzalez with a rebound stomp. Gonzalez came back with a lariat. Jade dragged the black Kendo Stick into the ring.

Rodriguez caught the kendo stick. Rodriguez took the stick and hit Jade in the gut with it. Jade was announced as the winner via DQ.

Cora Jade defeated Raquel Rodriguez via DQ in 2:42. 

Rozanne Perez ran out and dumped Jade back in the ring. Jade ran away when Perez went to hit her with a kendo stick. Rodriguez and Perez celebrated running off Jade with Perez sitting on the shoulder of Rodriguez…

John’s Thoughts: Cute way to give Jade the dirty win, but a win nonetheless. One thing I think they should have done was go into the history of Jade and Rodriguez on NXT. I’m actually looking forward to this Jade vs. Perez match more than their last one because they aren’t trying to shoehorn this inorganic “friendship” between Jade and Perez. The story is simple and easier to digest, Jade is terrorizing Perez, and Perez is trying to end that terrorizing.

Vic Joseph and Booker T ran through the advertised Halloween Havoc card…

Keven Owens made his entrance…[c]

A bunch of NXT wrestlers were having a party backstage in what was seemingly Gallus’s pub set. They were drinking drinks and beers. The mystery red hooded person was in the area too. Briggs, Jensen, and Ikeman Jiro fired each other up…

KO show segment: NXT Champion Bron Breakker made his entrance. JD McDonagh and Ilja Dragunov were already in the ring. Vic Joseph reiterated that Bron doesn’t have to be pinned to lose the title (that’s how he lost to Dolph). Kevin introduced the crowd to the KO show. Owens talked about how Shawn Michaels invited him here. He said he couldn’t tell Shawn no because Shawn made him want to be a wrestler. He said he’s actually here to keep the peace and not wreck “havoc”. Owens noted that someone in the ring right now has been playing mind games and stirring pot.

[Overrun] KO said this man is a huge creepy weirdo, JD  McDon’t Google Me, as Kevin joked. Kevin said he might need to take a shower looking at JD. JD said Kevin can call him whatever, because after Saturday, he’s NXT Champion. JD brought up how Ilja was the person to leave Bron lying, and Bron speared Ilja right after. JD said they can beat each other up all they want, but he’s going after the NXT title. Ilja said he was actually going after JD, but it wasn’t a mistake that he hit Bron.

Ilja said Bron struggled for air when he was left lying, and he saw that Bron is only human. Ilja said he saw the chink in the armor. Ilja said Bron will fill that pain again when he regains the title that should have been his in the first place before he had to relinquish it. Bron said over his dead body. He said he agrees that he felt that Torpedo Moscow. Breakker said nobody has been able to beat down Ilja, until Bron left him lying with a spear.

He said he feels for Ilja for having to relinquish the title. Breakker Ilja isn’t getting the title though because if he needs a friend he should get a dog and Bron will keep the title over his shoulder. KO talked about how he hates JD and how he sees JD trying to get Ilja and Bron to soften each other up. Owens said they need to get on the same page because nobody wants to see JD McDonagh as champion. Owens said he talked to JD’s mom and JD’s Mom doesn’t want him to be champion. JD said he doesn’t need anyone’s support.

He said he just needs an opportunity and one Devlin Side to become champion. Devlin actually looks more forward to see the pain in Ilja’s eyes when Ilja shows anguish having to lose to Ilja. Ilja said it doesn’t matter what continent, JD will always be a contender, but never a champion. Bron cut in. Ilja noted that Bron lost his last Triple Threat to Dolph Ziggler. Ilja dared Breakker to come at him right now. Owens apologized to Shawn and exited the ring. Breakker and Ilja brawled while JD watched from the side. Security guards tried to seprate Ilja and Bron to no avail. Ilja hit Breakker with a Torpedo Moscow. Ilja then hit JD with a headbutt and Torpedo Moscow. Ilja held up the title.

All of a sudden, Austin Theory walked out with his Money In the Bank contract. Theory held up the Money in the Bank briefcase. Vic Joseph wondered if Theory will be cashing his contract on the NXT Champion at Halloween Havoc? NXT closed…

John’s Thoughts: Solid go-home segment to break from the usual contract signing during a go home show. The NXT title picture has a unique element to it that continued to develop here where Bron and Ilja are the proud meatheads while JD is the cerebral challenger. Interesting dynamic. Bron Breakker continues to run of “LOL Cena Wins” plot armor, so I’m hoping they get the title off him Saturday. They can do it, he doesn’t have to be pinned. Not sure why they had Theory walk out at the end though? On one hand, I guess they wanted to throw in the hook of Theory possibly cashing in and then not. But is that even a hook? If anything, I think they should have had Austin Theory show up on Saturday to cash-in or not, but adding more drama to the Halloween Havoc show.

Solid go-home show heading into the Halloween Havoc PPV/PLE. Only thing I didn’t like go-home wise was the generic and unmoderated contract signings. They could have fixed that by having Shawn Michaels just stand there for  the effect. This show also benefited from the surge of main roster stars brought over to help with the build. We know they weren’t here specifically for the build, but to hold back the expected loss in viewership from whatever crossover audience NXT has with AEW Dynamite. This week’s viewership will be very interesting. I expect Dynamite to win the viewership based off their concentration of star power alone, but given how weird ratings can be, it’ll be interesting to see how close this battle is. (Another interesting note, the reason AEW never got the Tuesday Night Dynamite slot that they wanted, was because they’d be competing time-slot wise with TNT’s NBA on TNT coverage. Today is NBA’s opening day on TNT, and TNT even put out the Shaq and Chuck host squad. NXT and AEW have to deal with that as well this week).

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