Jack Evans enjoyed working with Tony Khan, but says he was “the king of last minute mind changes,” what he feels is Khan’s passion even more than pro wrestling, changes he would make to AEW Dark to help the wrestlers

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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On working with Tony Khan in AEW: “I really liked it. It was a great experience. Tony was a great boss. The only complaint I could ever make about Tony for sure is, he is like the king of last minute mind changes. That would be my one complaint about him as a boss. But other than that, he was always actually very fair. You always hear the stories about Vince (McMahon) that he has to be the alpha in the room. Tony wasn’t like that. You could go up and talk to him. Obviously, you know he’s the boss, but I mean, he was never like that. When it comes to AEW, it was all pleasant experiences.”

Feels AEW Dark should be used to develop the talent’s characters and storylines: “Anything you can do to get someone’s character out there, I really think you should. The developmental talent, if you bring them up, and they’re going to be thrown on national television and have to cut these angles and promos, it’s a learning experience. It’s not something most people can just instantly do, just go in front of 1,000 people and cut a promo like that. I always think that if you have angles on Dark, then people that you see yourself investing in in the future, you give them practice right then and there so they don’t have to have baptism by fire right on the main show. I always think you should have angles on Dark, not only just to make Dark a better show, but literally, practice, because doing an angle, there’s a whole bunch that goes into it.”

On approaching Tony Khan with ideas: “He hangs out after the show all the time. He’s extremely approachable. If you wanted to pitch an angle, you could just go right up and pitch it. You don’t have to have a meeting on Tuesday or something like that. He really likes talking about wrestling. I think I’d say the only thing he likes more than wrestling is the Fulham team. I do think Fulham is his true passion, even over AEW to be honest, but he definitely has a real true love for wrestling.”

Other topics include breaking into the business, AEW, his departure, Tony Khan, ROH, Generation Next, Roderick Strong, AAA, Konnan, Teddy Hart, the Hart Dungeon, Matrats, his innovation, the 630, Scramble Cage, crazy bumps, and more.


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