Wolfie D on the PG13 tag team, the Nation of Domination, working with LOD/Road Warriors, the New Church faction in TNA, WWE removing his vocals from an album

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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Wolfie D on the PG13 tag team: “I started training December 1989. I was 15, turning 16. The first show I ever did with Jamie [Dundee] was probably around that same time. But we were wrestling against each other. We have great matches together on these little outlaw shows. I came up with this Wolfie D thing, the shorts, they weren’t painted, but they were black. They were saggy. I had tennis shoes, shaved the sides of my head, and called myself Sir Wolfe D, actually. And Jamie puts on shorts and I come up with the name. I got it from, if you remember. I don’t know if you’re an NWA fan of the rap group. Parental discretion is advised for the moment. So that made me just come up with this name of PG 13. And I thought it was unique, too, because it was just two numbers, two letters. The place that we were wrestling, the dressing room is like a junkyard, man. We’re looking around and we find a hubcap. There was a can of spray paint. So we spray painted PG 13 on it and we used it for the finish. And then that was how that got going. That never stopped. We kept that forever.”

On the Nation of Domination: “In our (WWF) contract, we technically didn’t have names, okay? We were like the two thugs or whatever. That’s all we were. The two rappers, the two rapper thugs. But when I wrote the Nation of Domination rap, if you recall, I made sure to put our names in the rap who was rapping, ‘spitting out the rhymes of JC Ice and Wolfie D’. So every night, people heard our names. People heard our names. But it was nowhere in our contract that he owned the name Wolfe nor PG 13, nor JC Ice. So when they came out with the ‘WWF” The Music’, the Nation song was on there. What they did was they took out our voices. All it was was the instrumental and the Nation the Domination. So just by chance, in 2008, I found out that the actual recorded version that we did that day in Jim Johnston’s studio was the track that was put on to the overseas version of “WWF: The Music’, right? So they probably figured they’ll never know, you know what I’m saying? And sold it over there. And I never got a dime. And that’s why they took our voices out in the U.S., because they didn’t want to have to pay us.”

On working with LOD (Road Warriors): “I wanted as much in-ring contact. I don’t give a shit if I get a move in. Just throw me here, throw me there, because I’ll take a better bump than this guy will. I love doing that WrestleMania when they did the Double Doomsday on us. I mean, heck, yeah, man. That was awesome, man. I don’t know if that’s the only time they ever did that, but I loved the Road Warriors anyway, but I took it as Slash. I took it a few times in the Nation. I’ve taken it a bunch and it really didn’t bother me. The only time that sucked was the WrestleMania one, because I was on Ahmed’s [Johnson] shoulders. Jamie got the luck of being on Animal’s shoulders. Animal knows to push you, Ahmed just let me go, man. He didn’t push him up. So if you watch that, I’m literally trying to get myself over, and I kind of land on my head and shoulder or something like that. It didn’t hurt me really bad or anything, but it looks rough.”

Disciples of the New Church in TNA Wrestling: “Jim Mitchell will say it. I was the New Church, because I was. First there was me and Crowbar. Then it was me and Sin. Then it was me and Brian Lee. And then it was me and Flash Flanagan. Malice was in it, but he wasn’t really my partner, but I was always in the mix there as the New Church’s tag team. But I enjoyed that run. I love Jim Mitchell to death. I really loved it with me, Brian, James, when we had that girl, Bella Donna with us. I just thought she fit so well with that group. She would take bombs and man, I hated it, really, I thought they screwed up by letting her go. I kind of understand why they did it, back behind the scenes stuff. But, man, we were such a cool little group. Man, I really dug that.”

Other topics include his breaking into the business, PG-13, Memphis, Jamie Dundee, Jerry Lawler, Jeff Jarrett, WWE, WCW, ECW, USWA, NWA, TNA, being Slash, The Independent scene, and more.


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