NWA Powerrr results: Powell’s review of the Champions Series featuring Crimson vs. Mystery Man, Slice Boogie vs. Jax Dane, Kenzie Paige vs. Lady Frost, and Kratos vs. Tyrus, plus Sal Rinauro vs. Colby Corino vs. Jeremiah Plunkett vs. Jordan Clearwater in an alternates four-way


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

NWA Powerrr (Episode 37)
Taped in Atlanta, Georgia at GPB Studios
Streamed August 3, 2021 on the FITE TV

The show opened with a video package on the Champions Series, the matches, and the point system… Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky were on commentary. Galli explained that each team is captained by a legend and a champion. The winning team’s legend will earn a title shot that they can use or give to someone else, and the champion will gain immunity from defending his/her title against the team members for a full year…

Powell’s POV: Yes, I fell behind on Powerrr again. I hate to say it, but the show feels like less of a priority these days, especially given just how much pro wrestling content is available. Hopefully things will change for the better coming out of the NWA’s upcoming pay-per-view weekend. Either way, I will do my best to catch up with my Powerrr reviews before those pay-per-view events.

1. Kenzie Paige (Team Kamille/Idol) vs. Lady Frost (Team Aron/Taryn). The teammates were in the corner of both wrestlers. Late in the match, Frost could have taken the pin following a top rope moonsault, but she pulled Paige up. Frost bickered with the referee and then Paige caught her in an inside cradle and scored the pin…

Kenzie Paige beat Lady Frost to give Team Kamille and Idol five points.

An ad aired for the Empowerrr and NWA 73 pay-per-views that will be held on August 28-29…

Powell’s POV: Frost was dominant, but lost in the end in baffling fashion. I guess they really wanted to give the points to Kamille and Idol. Does that make Frost a heel? I’ve never really known where her character stands.

Melina sat in on commentary with Storm and Galli…

2. Crimson (Team Nick/Melina) vs. Mystery Man (Team Pope/Velvet). Teammates for both men were at ringside. The match spilled to ringside. Crimson worked over Mystery Man in front of Melina at the broadcast table. Mystery Man fought back, but Crimson slammed him on the floor. Crimson slid Mystery Man back inside the ring. Mystery Man caught Crimson with an elbow on the apron, but Crimson knocked him off the ropes and then dropped an elbow on him and covered him for a near fall. Mystery Man powerbombed Crimson, then rolled him over into a half crab. The time limit expired.

Crimson fought Mystery Man to a time limit draw, giving both teams two points.

Powell’s POV: There was no reason for the Mystery Man to lose, and they seem to be protecting Crimson for something, so the draw was a logical finish to a solid match. I really wish they would give Mystery Man a better name.

An ad aired for the Powerrr tapings that will be held in St. Louis on August 30-31…

3. Sal Rinauro (Team Kamille/Idol) vs. Colby Corino (Team Pope/Velvet) vs. Jeremiah Plunkett (Team Nick/Melina) vs. Jordan Clearwater (Team Aron/Taryn) in an alternates four-way. Each wrestler represented a team as an alternate. Billy Corgan sat in on commentary with Galli and Storm. All three opponents chopped Corino to start the match. Corgan recalled being in the ring with Corino’s father Steve in ECW over 20 years earlier. In the end, Plunkett teased throwing a punch at Corino, who ducked. Plunkett dropped Corino with a DDT and pinned him clean…

Jeremiah Plunkett beat Colby Corino, Jordan Clearwater, and Sal Rinauro to give seven points to Team Nick and Melina (and Corino’s loss took away three points from Team Pope and Velvet).

The narrator who updated the standings said Corino won the match and Plunkett lost points for his team…

Powell’s POV: Okay, I have no idea what the hell is happening. The match was well worked, but there was obviously a mistake made in post production. It’s hard enough to follow this mess even when they get the scoring right. Putting that aside, I have no clue why a match involving the alternates would play such a big factor in the points.

4. Kratos (Team Kamille/Idol) vs. Tyrus (Team Aron/Taryn). Teammates for both men were at ringside. Austin Idol sat in on commentary with Galli and Storm. Idol said he had to pull for his team over Tyrus even if he didn’t like it. In the end, Tyrus dropped an elbow on Kratos and pinned him clean.

Tyrus beat Kratos to earn five points for Team Aron and Taryn.

Powell’s POV: The usual plodding Tyrus match. I’ve tried to give the Champions Series a chance, but I’ve really lost all interest in this entire concept.

Team Kamille and Idol’s team finished tied with Team Aron and Taryn with ten points each. The narrator said Team Kamille and Idol won the tiebreaker by winning their matches in the shortest amount of match time…

5. Slice Boogie (Team Nick/Melina) vs. Jax Dane (Team Pope/Velvet). Pope sat in on commentary with Galli for this match. The various teammates for both men were at ringside. Late in the match, Boogie set up for his finisher, but Dane backdropped him. Dane followed up with a big clothesline and scored the clean pin…

Jax Dane beat Slice Boogie to give Team Pope and Velvet five points.

The broadcast team said Team Nick and Melina were knocked out of the series with Boogie’s loss… The updated scoring was shown and listed the final brackets for next week…

Powell’s POV: Thank goodness this is coming to an end on the next show. It’s difficult to follow and it requires fans to choose sides with teams that feature babyfaces and heels with a prize that will apparently only be rewarded to the legend captain while also helping one of the current champions avoid facing someone. Perhaps this could be salvaged if they really want to do it again by having the wrestlers form teams on their own and if the winning team members all received title shots. So at least then the teams could be formed with each wrestler having a specific title in mind that they are gunning for and it would be easier to follow from a babyface/heel perspective.


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