Aron Stevens on working with a handshake agreement in the NWA, what he feels is left for him to accomplish in pro wrestling, finding time for acting and wrestling


By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

FiredUp Network interview with Aron Stevens
Hosts: Joseph Peisich and Giancarlo Aulino
Interview available via FiredUp Network starting at roughly 71-minute mark, and

Aron Stevens on his contract status with NWA: You know what, I am again, one-half of the NWA Tag Champions, but I’m not under contract by any means. My loyalty is my handshake, so that’s when I shake someone’s hand, say okay I’m with you, that’s it. Again, the commitment, like if i’m someone’s champion, I’m not going to do anything ridiculous. But, you know look, looking in the future, like I am very open to signing with a promotion, be it the NWA or somewhere else. I am open to anything at this point now. I’m at a point in my life where I’d have to take care of me.

Aron on what he feels is left for him to accomplish in pro wrestling: I honestly don’t know what the future holds, none of us do really. But, in terms of what I thought the trajectory of my life would look like since when I walked away from wrestling a few years ago, I start okay NWA it’s part-time and this and that. I’ve kind of reignited my passion this past year, especially with the passing of The Question Mark and everything. And I realize that I do have things left to be done. I don’t want to say unfinished business, but like there’s just whatever personal journey on life, cause we all have our own journey we’re going on, I do feel like wrestling is kind of coming back into the fold and I don’t know what this looks like in terms of the major promotion. When I say major promotions, I’m talking about NWA, Impact, the WWE, AEW, I’m not aspiring to go anywhere, but again, if creatively I’m offered an opportunity and financially it makes sense and it’s allowing me to kind of still pursue what I’d like to pursue in life, I’m kind of leaning in that direction now. I’m open to going different places, I’m open to kind of like doing this more full time, and we shall see.

Aron on whether wrestling full time will make it difficult for him to continue pursuing acting roles: The great thing about the movie career is it never goes away, you could always do that and pursue both. I think I needed to step away from wrestling because I needed to kind of be okay with who I was. I know that sounds kind of cliché and stuff but it was true. So, I kind of came to the conclusion earlier in the year around like March-April that I don’t want to end my career on the note I ended it on and I don’t want to continue to be part-time anything. I don’t think being part-time anything is good and in the sense of like I could go turn it on and still be up to par, but I don’t know I look at the landscape, I look at what wrestling is missing and I find myself watching and being like this is what’s wrong. So, how I was trained, what I’ve done, and again people will say ‘oh, you were this, you were that.’ And in WWE, I’ve had three segment matches for the World title, I’ve had street fights, I’ve had comedy segments, I’ve been able to do everything, and I have a pretty good idea I think of what works and I just need to kind of go out and either say look, this does work…it’s right or not and then if it doesn’t, I’ll just find something else to do.


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