The #SpeakingOut social media movement

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

The David Starr sexual misconduct allegations made by a former girlfriend led to an online movement that has resulted in numerous wrestlers and fans sharing stories of abuse at the hands of other wrestlers, promoters, etc. The stories fall under #SpeakingOut on social media and have drawn the support of many within the industry.

WWE issued a statement after a woman named Hannah claimed online that she was physically abused by NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin. “We take any allegation of this nature very seriously and are looking into the matter,” reads the statement. Devlin has yet to comment on the matter.

Powell’s POV: The allegations against wrestlers, promoters, and at least one company executive range from sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual contact with underage partners, etc. This will certainly be an ongoing story, particularly as companies and the accused parties respond to the allegations. In the meantime, I strongly encourage you to search #SpeakingOut and read the various allegations.

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  1. Write This Way June 19, 2020 @ 10:21 am

    This is going to be interesting. Some of the allegations seem rock solid and some seem like the piling on part of MeToo. Whatever the case is, I sincerely hope this removes a terrible aspect of the business from days gone bye.

  2. I always knew Jim Cornette was a garbage person.

    • Write This Way June 19, 2020 @ 4:15 pm

      I always knew the neckbeards would ignore the avalanche of accusations against other people while going for this one.

      BTW, the accusation against Cornette has a big question mark. Cornette wasn’t married to Stacy at any point in his OVW tenure. He was still with his first wife until 2002 and married Stacy in 2007. His OVW time was 1999-2005.

      He’s probably guilty, but his is the accusation so far with the biggest hole in the claim. Stacy’s stuff is out there and she can’t get rid of it, but there’s still no actual evidence tying Cornette to the claimed activities.

      But, again, for the incoming avalanche of 3rd grade readers, I’d bet money on Cornette being part of it.

  3. Thanks for covering this. A lot of the other wrestling websites have ignored the story.

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