NXT UK wrestler Ligero apologizes to some accusers, denies assault accusation

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

NXT UK wrestler Ligero (Simon Musk) issued the following statements via social media in response to multiple accusations made against him as part of the #speakingout online movement.

“The current story that has been released by Violet O’Hara/Claire-Michelle Oldfield is neither accurate nor true,” Ligero wrote. “This is a completely false allegation and whilst I’ve done other things in my life that I deeply regret, this isn’t an accurate or truthful portrayal of events. This is something I strongly deny and is something I’ve been in the process of speaking to a legal team about.”

Ligero followed up with an additional statement less than an hour later. “Regarding the other statements from people like Laura, Natalie who have spoken out about the way they were made to feel, and others that have come forward about unwanted messages, I have no excuse. It’s inappropriate, it’s an embarrassment and it’s an absolute shameful way to act from someone in a position of trust. I sincerely apologise for my actions and any hurt I’ve caused. I have no justification of my actions in the slightest. In these situations, I have failed people as a friend, as a fiancée and as a decent human being.”

Powell’s POV: O’Hara accused Musk of assaulting her when they shared a hotel room, which is the allegation that he is denying. The allegations he apologized for regard harassment and/or unwanted advances. WWE issued the following statement on Friday regarding the various allegations made against several wrestlers:

“Individuals are responsible for their own personal actions. WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault. Upon arrest for such misconduct, a WWE talent will be immediately suspended. Upon conviction for such misconduct, a WWE talent will be immediately terminated. WWE’s ability to fine, suspend or terminate a WWE talent will not be, however, limited or compromised in any manner in the event incontrovertible evidence of such illegal misconduct is presented to WWE.”

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