3/20 WWE 205 Live results: Anish V’s review of Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Oney Lorcan, Joaquin Wilde vs. Danny Burch

By Anish Vishwakoti, ProWrestling.net Staffer, (@AVX_9001)

WWE 205 Live on WWE Network
Streamed live on March 20, 2020 from Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center

The show started with the opening promo and went straight into the first match. Jon Quasto and Aiden English were on commentary…

1. Joaquin Wilde vs. Danny Burch. The match started off with Burch and Wilde locking up and trying to take control of each other’s backs. Burch managed to muscle Wilde to the floor and used a chicken wing to drag him around the ring while wringing his arm as well. Wilde fought back a little but the story of this first part of the match was about Burch targeting Wilde’s arm, even reversing a monkey flip attempt into an STF.

Burch transitioned to another arm lock for a little while, however Wilde managed to get to the ropes and break the hold. Burch and Wilde then exchanged arm drags, witch Wilde managing to grab an arm lock to try and wear down Burch. Wilde tried to use this position for an Irish Whip attack, however Burch managed to grab a leg lock and then hurled Wilde out of the ring.

The two did battle in the seating section, with Wilde hitting a diving clothesline to knock Burch flat near the announcers table. Wilde then tossed Burch into the ring and continued the assault on his arm with a couple of arm wringers to ground him. Wilde then continued to wrench Burch’s arm, however the Englishman was able to break it for a second by getting to the ropes.

Eventually, Burch managed to build some space and brawl with Wilde, rocking him with a couple of clotheslines and a couple of kicks in the corner topped with a middle rope dropkick. Burch tried for a roll up, but Wilde kicked out and managed to hit Burch with a jawbreaker. Burch was stunned and while he retaliated, Wilde followed up with a lungblower.

Wilde didn’t go for a cover and instead went to the top rope for a high risk maneuver, but Burch was able to dodge a stomp attempt. Burch then hit a headbutt and locked in a Crossface to get the submission victory.

Danny Burch defeated Joaquin Wilde.

Anish’s Thoughts: A very quick match, but nonetheless it was a good one and Burch looked pretty good. While I don’t mind matches that are a little more calculated and focused on one body part, this match did drag a little given that there was no audience and really no one for Burch or Wilde to be playing to. On the other hand, I also appreciated the little bit of the match that took place in the empty seats, which I am sure we will see more of.

After a recap of last week’s ten-man tag match, we saw John Cena in the audience for 205 Live, appreciating the action and giggling like a schoolgirl. Wrestling is great. We then went to the next match…

2. Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott vs. Oney Lorcan. Scott and Lorcan started circling each other with Lorcan initially pushing Scott into the corner. Loran and Scott then locked up with Lorcan taking Scott down with a single leg, trying to gain control of Scott’s back. Scott reversed and tried to do the same to Lorcan, with the two going back and forth until a stalemate.

Lorcan and Scott engaged again, with Lorcan hitting Scott with a snapmare and grabbing a double arm lock on Scott, including adding a knee into his back to try and wear him down. Scott eventually rolled out and hit Lorcan with a head scissors whip, finally turning the tide and getting him in an abdominal stretch.

Lorcan managed to get out quickly by getting to the bottom rope, forcing the two to re-engage. Lorcan chopped Scott into the corner and slotted him with a European in the corner. Scott tried to rush at Lorcan but was met by an elbow and then a roll up. Scott kicked out and tried a small package of his own but Lorcan kicked out. When Lorcan ran back at Scott he was met with a Tilt-a-Whirl backbreaker and a two count.

Scott then went to the top rope, but Lorcan pushed him off onto the apron and hit a Dragon Screw onto the middle rope, knocking Scott to the outside. Lorcan then rolled Scott into the ring and hit a Shinbreaker and Dragon Screw combo to ground Scott. Lorcan worked on Scott’s leg, wrenching his knee and keeping him on the ground.

Lorcan eventually transitioned to a heel hook, which while more painful, allowed Scott to reverse into an armbar, finally knocking Lorcan’s head with a boot to escape. Lorcan continued his attempts at Scott’s leg, trying for a single leg, but Scott pushed him off and chopping Lorcan and clotheslining him inside out.

With Lorcan kneeling, Scott hit a middle rope uppercut to the back of Lorcan’s head. Swerve then tossed Lorcan onto the apron and kicked him off and onto the floor. Scott then rolled Lorcan back into the ring and hit a rope rebound Flatliner, getting a two count. Lorcan and Scott then slowly got up and worked their way to the top rope. Scott managed to push Lorcan off the top rope and hit a seated stomp on Lorcan, getting the pinfall victory.

Isaiah Scott defeated Oney Lorcan.

Anish’s Thoughts: This was a really fun and tactical match. This was a perfect representation of a slow and methodical match focused on one limb. I loved Lorcan’s continuous targeting of Scott’s leg with a single leg takedown and Scott and Lorcan’s tenacity in the match mean that even in defeat he didn’t lose any steam. The fact that his tag partner got a victory tonight as well means that he and Burch as a team look better than they came in.

Great work from the four guys who wrestled and the two on commentary. I wish that the show was longer as I really was looking forward to an hour of wrestling between a lot of great wrestlers on 205 Live. But I do understand that it may not have been possible and more than anything I’m glad for that solid half hour of wrestling.

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