2/3 WWE Raw Results: Powell’s review of Seth Rollins vs. Ricochet vs. Bobby Lashley in a Triple Threat for a shot at the WWE Championship at WWE Super ShowDown, Randy Orton addresses his attack on Edge, Liv Morgan vs. Lana rematch


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE Raw on the USA Network
Aired live on February 3, 2020 from Salt Lake City, Utah at Vivint Smart Home Arena

[Hour One] The Raw opening video opened the show… Pyro shot off on the stage and the WrestleMania sign was shown hanging in the rafters…

The broadcast team was Tom Phillips, Jerry Lawler, and Byron Saxton. Phillips set up video footage of Edge being taken out of the venue by ambulance after last week’s attack by Randy Orton. Then footage was shown of Edge’s return and Orton’s attack…

Randy Orton made his entrance. Phillips said a family spokesperson told WWE that Edge was at home recovering and waiting for a battery of test results. A fan in the crowd held up a “Why, Randy, Why?” sign. Phillips said there seemed to be a glimmer of hesitation in Orton as he headed to the ring.

Orton stood in the ring and soaked up loud boos from the crowd. Orton walked toward a corner of the ring, hesitated, then went to the ropes, but he stopped short of striking his usual pose. Orton grabbed a mic as the boos continued. Orton went to another corner of the ring and put his head down and the boos grew louder.

“Look, I uh…” Orton was booed. “I guess I owe everybody an explanation,” Orton said in a somber tone. “You see the thing…” Orton stopped as the fans booed and then changed Edge’s name. Orton nodded and mumbled to himself, then turned his back to the hard camera and drew more boos.

“Last week,” Orton said. The fans booed and a loud “you suck” chant broke out. “I can’t, uh…” started Orton. “I can’t do this.” Orton put the mic down and left the ring, which drew more boos. Orton stopped at ringside for a moment, then walked to the back via the side of the stage…

Powell’s POV: Obviously, it was disappointing to be left waiting for the explanation, but I like the idea of stretching this out. The bigger story was the great heat that Orton drew. Perhaps I’m forgetting something, but I don’t recall anyone in WWE booed that loudly since fans turned on a babyface Roman Reigns.

The broadcast team stood behind their desk and transitioned from Orton to a video package on Drew McIntyre eliminating Brock Lesnar from the Royal Rumble match and then going on to win the match…

The Triple Threat match was hyped along with a six-man elimination match featuring Kevin Owens and The Viking Raiders vs. Buddy Murphy and AOP…

Lana made her entrance for her rematch from last week’s Raw heading into a commercial break… [C] A graphic showed off the WWE Championship belt that Triple H was credited with sending to the Kansas City Chiefs for their Super Bowl win… Liv Morgan made her entrance…

1. Liv Morgan vs. Lana. The bell rang and then Morgan shoved Lana to the mat. Lana came up holding her wrist, then attacked Morgan. Lawler credited Lana with having amazing recuperative power. Funny. Morgan came back and hit her finisher for the win.

Liv Morgan pinned Lana in 1:20.

After the match, Riott Squad’s entrance theme and video wall played. Ruby Riott made her entrance and smiled at Morgan from the stage, and Morgan looked happy to see her. Phillips noted that Riott had been sidelined after undergoing double shoulder surgery.

Once in the ring, Riott smiled and opened her arms to hug Morgan. A “Ruby” chant broke out. Riott attacked Morgan instead and left her lying. After Riott left the ring, Lana performed a facebuster on Morgan and then yelled a lot. Morgan acted heartbroken…

Saxton hyped Drew McIntyre in action for after the break… [C]

Powell’s POV: Riott turning on Morgan could be seen coming a mile away, but it’s good to see her back. I wondered if they might bring Riott back as a babyface challenger for Bayley, but having her attack Morgan makes sense given their Riott Squad history. Will Sarah Logan play a part in this feud or will she continue to be relegated to being destroyed by Charlotte Flair and WWE Main Event matches?

Phillips set up images of the snowy weather conditions in Salt Lake City. It was noted that the state governor encouraged people not to travel. They showed a shot of the crowd and praised the fans for attending (because why listen to a governor when Vince McMahon has a show that must go on or something?)…

Mojo Rawley and Riddick Moss were in the ring. Footage aired from last week of Drew McIntyre announcing that he will challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania, and Lesnar attacking McIntyre.

Drew McIntyre made his entrance. Rawley acted cocky while leaning in a corner of the ring. McIntyre thanked the fans for fighting through the blizzard to be there. McIntyre warned Rawley that once he put the mic down, he would Claymore Kick his head off three seconds later.

McIntyre recalled Lesnar attacking him from behind last week. He said that tells him that he’s apprehensive because he knows the’s just as big and just as fast and he’s got a secret weapon in the Claymore Kick. A “Drew” chant broke out. McIntyre said that come WrestleMania, he will kick Lesnar’s oversized head off his body and finally become WWE Champion. McIntyre said he almost forgot Rawley was there, then reminded him of his three second vow…

2. Drew McIntyre vs. Mojo Rawley (w/Riddick Moss). McIntyre immediately hit Rawley with the Claymore Kick and pinned him…

Drew McIntyre defeated Mojo Rawley in 0:07.

Powell’s POV: A well delivered and well received promo from McIntyre. I’m a bit surprised to see them feed Rawley to McIntyre already because they haven’t really established whatever they are doing with him as WWE 24/7 Champion, but I’m all for the big push that McIntyre is getting.

Charly Caruso stood on the backstage interview set and introduced Buddy Murphy who was wearing a Seth Rollins t-shirt, and AOP. Murphy said they are on the right side of history by following the Monday Night Messiah. He said that their opponents were working harder, but not smarter.

Seth Rollins showed up and told his trio to prepare themselves. Caruso asked Rollins about the Triple Threat for a shot at the WWE Championship. Rollins said just when it looked like all was lost, he now has a chance to earn a shot at the title. Rollins recalled beating Lesnar and taking his title twice. Rollins said he knows McIntyre has his heart set on facing Lesnar at WrestleMania, but he needs to start preparing for the Monday Night Messiah…

Kevin Owens made his entrance for the elimination match… [C] An NXT ad focused on the Rhea Ripley vs. Bianca Belair title feud… The remainder of the ring entrances for the elimination match took place…

3. Kevin Owens, Erik, and Ivar vs. Buddy Murphy, Akam, and Rezar (w/Seth Rollins) in a six-man elimination tag match. Phillips noted that Joe was injured in last week’s tag match. Lawler took issue with Phillips not crediting Rollins and Murphy with the injury, but Phillips held his ground and said it’s because they were not responsible. The show cut to break in the opening minute of the match. [C]

A graphic appeared on the screen during the match and hyped that Charlotte Flair would make a WrestleMania announcement during the show. Ivar went for a running cross body block on one of the AOP members, but moved, causing Ivar to crash into the LED board on the side of the ring. Rollins performed his Stomp finisher on Erick at ringside, then Erick was rolled into the ring and pinned and eliminated by Murphy. Ivar sold a shoulder injury and was escorted to the back by referees, leaving Owens alone heading into the break. [C]

[Hour Two] Phillips recapped Ivar being escorted to the back and said he was removed from the match. Owens performed a fallaway slam on Murphy into the barricade. The heel trio rebounded. Rollins told Owens from ringside that there was no shame in giving in. Owens fought back, but Akam cut him off again.

Owens caught Murphy with a DDT. Murphy tagged out to Akam, who went right back on the offensive. Murphy tagged in again. Owens went on an offensive flurry on all three opponents. Owens went for a Swanton, but Murphy put his knees up. Owens came back with a Popup Powerbomb and pinned Murphy to eliminate him from the match at 19:25.

Owens caught Akam with a Stunner and pinned him to eliminate him from the match at 20:10. Owens and Rezar were the last men standing. Rollins fired up Rezar at ringside. Rezar charged Owens, who moved, causing Rezar to crash into the post. Owens performed a superkick and and a cannonball. Owens followed up with a Swanton for a two count.

The live crowd came to life with “KO” chants. Owens tried to hoist up Rezar, but he let him go when he spotted Rollins on the apron. Rezar blasted Owens with a clothesline, then followed up with a pair of spinebuster style moves and scored the pin.

Buddy Murphy and AOP defeated Kevin Owens and The Viking Raiders in an elimination match in 22:15.

Rollins and his crew met up on the stage and celebrated before heading backstage. In the ring, Owens got to his feet and was applauded by the fans…

Powell’s POV: I really enjoyed this match and the way it made Owens look like he had tremendous heart for nearly coming back and winning despite facing three men at once. This was really well done.

Caruso interviewed Ricochet on the backstage interview set. Ricochet spoke about having a shot to earn a WWE Championship match. He said he’s not as big or strong as Lashley and he doesn’t have a gang like Rollins. He said he wants to prove that determination can outweigh probability. Ricochet said this opportunity means everything to him…

Aleister Black made his entrance heading into a break… [C]

4. Aleister Black vs. Eric Young. Young’s entrance was not televised. Phillips gave Young credit for being “man enough” to take the match. Young came up bleeding from the mouth early. Black caught him with a high knee and then lifted his head with his foot and hit the Black Mass kick for the win.

Aleister Black beat Eric Young in 1:15.

After the match, Black told the fans to remember when you were young and you were told you could grow up to be everything you wanted to be. He said you grew up and it turned out to be the opposite. He said he never understood that about “our system.” He said that’s not real. He said he is a firm believer that people should be whoever they choose to be.

Black said down crosslegged in the ring and the lighting changed. Black said when he knocks down the locker room, there won’t be any light that seeps in because he will engulf a shadow cast by the Black Mass. He said while people are lying they will known that it was done by a person who was told he could be whatever he wanted to be…

Powell’s POV: Um, okay? Anyway, Young was on the offensive to start and may have cut himself somehow in the process or it was when Black swept his legs and he took a face first bump.

The broadcast team narrated highlights of the Andrade and Humberto Carrillo feud, including last week when Carrillo returned the favor by performing a hammerlock DDT on the floor. Carrillo made his entrance for a match. Phillips said there seemed to be a new confidence in Carrillo…

An ad hyped Goldberg’s return for Friday’s Smackdown television show… [C] Steve Cook of “The Biggest Loser” was shown in the crowd…

Angel Garza made his entrance with Zelina Vega. The broadcast team noted that Garza is the cousin of Carrillo. Vega cut a promo as they walked to the ring and said vulnerability is a liability and she found Carrillo’s. She said that when you mess with her business, she’s not the one who pays the price, “you are.”

Vega was given the “What” treatment. She said Garza is a former champion in NXT, the hottest Latino prospect, and Carrillo’s cousin. Garza had a mic in hand and entered the ring with Vega. Garza said he knew that Carrillo was in shock. He said that they both know that he is the leader of their family, and Carrillo answers to him. Garza called his cousin a disgrace.

Carrillo ripped the mic away and spoke in Spanish until Vega slapped him. Garza attacked Carrillo and put his knee over his throat while looking into the camera and smiling. Garza performed his Wing Clipper finisher, then tossed Carrillo to ringside while Vega barked orders. Garza whipped Carrillo into the ring steps. Vega pulled the ringside mat back.

Rey Mysterio made his entrance before Garza could perform a hammerlock DDT on the floor. Garza and Vega retreated to the ring while Mysterio checked on Carrillo. Several referees joined Mysterio and the fans chanted 619. Mysterio entered the ring while Phillips wondered if we’d see Mysterio face Garza… [C]

Powell’s POV: A good angle. It was a logical step for the Vega character to bring in Garza, who had a feud with his legit cousin in NXT. It will be interesting to see if Vega manages Andrade and Garza once Andrade returns from his 30-day suspension for violating the Wellness Policy.

5. Rey Mysterio vs. Angel Garza (w/Zelina Vega). Early in the match, Garza offered Mysterio a handshake at one point, but Mysterio blew it off. Garza tossed his tearaway pants at Mysterio and went on the offensive. Mysterio rallied and went for a 619, but Garza avoided it and tripped up Mysterio on the apron heading into a break. [C]

Mysterio had a run of offense. Garza grabbed Mysterio’s leg as he tried to run the ropes, then knocked him down with a knee. Mysterio came right back with a Canadian Destroyer and set up for a 619, but Vega pulled Garza to ringside. Mysterio dove onto Garza. Vega barked at Mysterio until Garza caught him with a superkick from behind. Garza performed a regular DDT on the floor and the bell rang to end the match.

Angel Garza fought Rey Mysterio to an apparent no-contest in 13:10.

The broadcast team hyped Charlotte Flair addressing her WrestleMania decision… [C]

Powell’s POV: Garza getting the better of Mysterio was logical in his debut match. Carrillo sold the hammerlock DDT for several weeks, Andrade will be selling it for a month, and thus I guess we can only wonder how long Mysterio will be out and why. Garza was very good in NXT, though it was tough to tell whether he was a babyface or a heel from week to week. That shouldn’t be an issue on Raw now that he’s aligned with Vega and took out the popular Mysterio in his first Raw match.

Drew McIntyre was hyped for Tuesday’s WWE Backstage, then the broadcast team put over the fans again for braving the elements…

Charlotte Flair made her entrance while Phillips played up the decision she faces as the Royal Rumble winner.

[Hour Three] Phillips said everyone is asking whether Flair will challenge Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch or Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley. Once in the ring, Flair said everyone is wondering who she will challenge. She listed Lynch and Bayley.

“Here’s the thing, I’ve held the Raw Women’s Championship multiple times and I’ve beaten Becky,” Flair said. “I’ve held the Smackdown Women’s Championship multiple times and I’ve beaten Bayley.” Flair stopped and said The Queen has love for NXT and NXT has love for The Queen. Flair said she’s held all the gold ten times, but she still wants all the gold.

NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley made her entrance (Phillips referred to her as the NXT Women’s Champion). The broadcast team gushed over the roll that Ripley has been on. There was a loud “NXT” chant once Ripley entered the ring.

Ripley said Flair can challenge for any title, and she’s already beaten Lynch and Bayley. “But do you know who you haven’t beaten?” Ripley asked “Me. As a matter of fact, I’ve actually beaten you.” Ripley said that if Flair is going to challenge for any title… She dropped the mic and held up her NXT Women’s Championship. Fans responded with a “yes” chant.

Flair stepped forward, smiled, sized up Ripley, and then left the ring to some boos. Flair went to the stage and let out a “wooo” and then headed to the back…

Powell’s POV: I really like the idea of Flair challenging Ripley. It’s a far more appealing match than Flair having yet another match with Lynch or Bayley. It also establishes that the Rumble winners can challenge for the NXT Championships. And the key to this is that the company did so by going with a match that fans actually want to see rather than setting fans up for something that felt like a letdown.

Sarah Schreiber interviewed Bobby Lashley on the interview set and asked for his plan heading into the Triple Threat and whether he was distracted by his wife failing to win her match. Lashley said that was her match and he’s not distracted. Lashley said he would beat Seth Rollins and Ricochet and he might even beat them at the same time. Lashley delivered a “spoiler” by saying he would beat Brock Lesnar to go to WrestleMania as champion. He said he would beat the holy hell out of Drew McIntyre and remain champion…

The Kabuki Warriors made their entrance for Asuka’s singles match with Natalya… [C] Phillips spoke about Roman Reigns and Sasha Banks taking part in a pizza shack commercial with the Fox football personalities…

6. Asuka (w/Kairi Sane) vs. Natalya. Before the match, Phillips said Natalya was wearing a purple and gold armband because she feels that her father and her shared the same passion, much like Kobe Bryant and his daughter did. Natalya set up for a Sharpshooter, but Asuka escaped and rolled to ringside heading into a break. [C]

Late in the match, Natalya applied the Sharpshooter. Asuka reached the ropes to break the hold. A short time later, Sane provided a distraction and then Asuka put Natalya in her Asuka Lock finisher and got the submission win.

Asuka defeated Natalya in 11:40.

After the match, Asuka took the mic and called out Becky Lynch. Asuka yelled that she wants a rematch for the Raw Women’s Championship.

Becky Lynch while wearing shades and carrying her title belt over her shoulder. Lynch removed the shades and said that Asuka ducked her for a year and now wants to fight her again. Lynch said that beating Asuka damn near gave her superpowers.

Lynch questioned why she would put her title on the line so close to WrestleMania. She said the only thing more fun than beating Asuka’s ass once is doing it again. Sane tried to attack Lynch from behind, but Lynch saw her coming and cleared her from the ring. Lynch flexed her arm and told Asuka that she has superpowers in the form of eyes in the back of her head…

Seth Rollins was shown walking backstage while the broadcast team hyped the main event…

Powell’s POV: The match was fine, but if you’re going to sell viewers on Asuka being a real threat after she lost clean to Lynch at the Rumble, then she really needed more than a distraction finish victory. At least they didn’t go back to the mist. And perhaps it was intentional for reasons we wouldn’t know, but it does seem like an odd choice to go from a shot of Lynch to a shot of Rollins given that I’m guessing they don’t want fans to be thinking about their relationship now that they are on opposite sides of the babyface/heel split.

Phillips hyped that Charlotte Flair would appear on NXT TV on Wednesday to respond to Rhea Ripley’s challenge. Lawler acted shocked and Phillips said it was unprecedented…

Seth Rollins made his entrance for the main event and cut an in-ring promo. Rollins said good things come to those who are on the right side of history. He told the fans to join him in giving a round of applause to AOP and Buddy Murphy for their win earlier in the show. Fans booed. “Thank you,” Rollins said.

Rollins said now it’s his time. He said it’s once again time to dethrone Brock Lesnar. Rollins recalled making the same promise at this time last year and he got an entirely different response from the fans. Rollins said he promised to go to WrestleMania and and beat Lesnar and that’s exactly what he did. He said he defended the title around the world and expected a hero’s welcome, but instead the fans crucified him.

Rollins told the fans that he doesn’t hate them for it. Rather, he said he was there to say thank you. Rollins said it was because of all the fans that he is the man that he’s become and is so proud of being. Rollins said that when he dethrones Lesnar this time, it will be for the greater good and he will go down as the man who saved the industry. Rollins said Drew McIntyre will face him instead of Lesnar at WrestleMania. Ricochet and Lashley made their entrances going into the break… [C]

Powell’s POV: Another good promo from Rollins, who continues to shine in his Monday Night Messiah heel role.

Becky Lynch vs. Asuka for the Raw Women’s Championship was announced for next week’s Raw…

7. Seth Rollins vs. Ricochet vs. Bobby Lashley in a Triple Threat for a shot at the WWE Championship at WWE Super ShowDown. Phillips hyped that the winner would challenge Lesnar three weeks from tomorrow, then quickly corrected himself and said three weeks from Thursday. With both men down at ringside, Ricochet performed a flip dive onto Lashley, then returned to the ring and performed another flip dive onto Rollins on the other side of the ring.

With Rollins down, Ricochet went to the top rope. Buddy Murphy ran out and shoved Ricochet off the top rope. The broadcast team reminded viewers that there were no disqualifications in a Triple Threat. AOP came out and worked over Lashley at ringside, then joined Rollins and Murphy in the ring.

Kevin Owens’ music played. Murphy ran up to the stage. Owens came out and took out Murphy. Erick of the Viking Raiders came out and attacked AOP. Owens and Erick helped Owens clear Murphy and AOP from ringside with chairs and then followed them into the crowd going into the final break. [C]

The match participants Rollins, Ricochet, and Lashley were the only wrestlers in the ring or at ringside coming out of the break. Late in the match, Rollins went to the top rope, but Ricochet cut him off with a leaping kick. Ricochet set up for a superplex, but Lashley snuck under Ricochet and turned it into a tower of doom spot. Ricochet leaned in and communicated with Lashley. Ricochet went up top and fired a kick at Lashley, then followed up with a 630 splash and scored the pin…

Ricochet defeated Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins in 13:25 in a Triple Threat to earn a WWE Championship match at WWE Super ShowDown.

Right after the pin, Brock Lesnar ran to the ring and performed an F5 on Ricochet. Lesnar held up the WWE Championship belt and then smiled as the show went off the air…

Powell’s POV: I’m not sure what happened on the tower of doom spot that required so much communication between Ricochet and Lashley. Granted, Lashley landed well before Ricochet and Rollins. I’m also not sure why Ricochet would have been the first man up from that spot. Was it simply a case of cutting the match time because they were short on time? Either way, Ricochet winning makes the most sense and I like the surprise appearance of Lesnar at the end. Overall, this was a good show that filled the time well. I will have more to say in my weekly audio review for members coming up shortly. Let me know what you thought of Raw by assigning it a letter grade in our weekly post show poll.


Readers Comments (14)

  1. Is Jim Neidhart’s death Natalya’s entire gimmick?

  2. Monday Night Messiah? Stupidest nickname, gimmick, whatever, of all time!!! Every time they say it, which seems to be about 100 times a show, it’s an automatic channel changer.

    • It’s great and the way the character is rolling right now is proof of it. Best Rollins has been in years.

  3. My God, Ricochet? Why in the hell will they not do Lesnar-Lashley? I won’t watch a second of that bv show because of this stupid decision.

    • Yeah! I also hate preternaturally talented wrestlers! I’d much rather see Brock Lesnar vs Way More Boring Brock Lesnar.

      Be honest. You weren’t gonna watch another throwaway Saudi show anyhow.

      • Wrestling doesn’t sell tickets and it never will. Workers sell tickets, and Ricochet isn’t a worker yet.

  4. Ricochet??? LOL

  5. No one is going to buy Ricochet lasting five minutes with Brock Lesnar, yet alone having any shot of actually beating him. I’d be surprised if Ricochet even gets any offense in at all and the match isn’t a complete squash job.

  6. I’m praying they don’t start calling McIntyre “The Sexy Scotsman”. I hope that was a 1 time thing. People like him because he’s a bad a**. DO NOT mess with his character! Keep him a little bit of an a-hole. Keep the sense of humor. Ya know…the kind of thing that worked for, I don’t know…just The Rock and Stone Cold!!! If you pander too much…the audience will turn. Ask Seth Rollins…and honestly, ask Becky Lynch.

  7. It’s so bizarre seeing WWE doing smart things on Raw. Rollins and Orton are complete naturals as heels, probably the best true heels in the business (with MJF quickly catching up) and WWE is actually letting them be heels. Drew McIntyre is a great face, and they’re letting him be that face to the point that I think they’re actually going to close Wrestlemania with him pinning Lesnar. Flair needs something new, and they’re going with the obviously right move of having Ripley in the match instead of another Becky or Bayley match.

    It’s so weird seeing them get all of these choices right heading into Wrestlemania. It would be nice if they don’t screw it up for once.

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