1/28 NWA Powerrr results: Powell’s review of a Nick Aldis and Marty Scurll meeting on the season three premiere, Ricky Starks vs. Zicky Dice for the NWA TV Title, Royce Isaacs vs. Andre Guhn, fallout from the NWA Hard Times PPV


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

NWA Powerrr (Episode 16)
Taped January 25-26 in Atlanta, Georgia at GPB Studios
Streamed January 28, 2020 on the NWA Youtube and NWA Facebook Page

The show opened with a video package that included footage from NWA Hard Times of the Marty Scurll and Nick Aldis segment… The broadcast team of Joe Galli and Stu Bennett checked in from their desk. They turned things over to Sean Mooney, who was labeled the latest member of the NWA broadcast team…

Powell’s POV: My apologies for being a day later than usual with my review. Real life gets in the way sometimes.

Sean Mooney stood on the interview set and introduced NWA Champion Nick Aldis, who was booed as he walked out. Mooney congratulated Aldis for retaining the NWA Title by defeating Flip Gordon. He noted that there is still a lot of tension between Aldis, Marty Scurll, and Villain Enterprises. Aldis welcomed Mooney. He said he’s not a man who boasts or brags. When the fans made noise, Aldis told them to return to a seated position and listen, which led to loud boos.

Aldis said the fact is that Flip Gordon is one of the most formidable pro wrestlers in the world today. A “Flip” chant broke out. Aldis said the exception is when Gordon is in the ring with him and then Gordon becomes “flop” instead of Flip. Aldis said every member of Villain Enterprises would learn one by one that he is the greatest world champion of the modern era.

Mooney pointed out Aldis saying that Scurll wanted nothing to do with him, yet Aldis was the one who had Scurll removed from the building during the pay-per-view. Aldis called it fake news. Fans chanted “coward” at Aldis. He said Scurll was escorted from the building to ensure that he maintained the integrity of the NWA Championship because he doesn’t want a title match to be marred by outside interference, and second because he calls the shots.

Aldis said every wrestler, referee, broadcaster, and crew member knows who is pulling the wagon. Aldis said he runs the show. Aldis said he had a sit-down meeting with Marty Scurll in an empty studio and the footage will air at the end of the show. Aldis said that once people see it, they will know why they call him The Dealer…

Powell’s POV: A top notch promo from Aldis to open the show. I like the hook of the meeting with Scurll airing at the show. Aldis continues to shine brighter than anyone in the studio setting.

The broadcast team spoke and acted as surprised as anyone by the closed set meeting between Aldis and Scurll… A graphic hyped a look at the new NWA Champions as well as Royce Isaacs and May Valentine… Footage aired from Hard Times of James Storm and Eli Drake winning the NWA Tag Titles in a Triple Threat over the Rock & Roll Express and The Wild Cards… A graphic hyped an appearance by Drake and Storm…

Sal Rinauro joined Galli and Bennett on commentary. Rinauro had his arm in a sling and said he was supposed to have a match, but he broke his arm. Dave Marquez served as the ring announcer…

1. Royce Isaacs (w/May Valentine) vs. Andre Guhn. Guhn cleared Isaacs from the ring with a dropkick. Guhn walked over to the broadcast table and barked at Rinauro, who told him he should pay attention to his match. Valentine tugged Isaacs away and he returned to the ring to beat the referee’s count. The Crockett Cup trophy was on a podium in front of the broadcast team. Isaacs performed a nice German suplex and scored the pin…

Royce Isaacs beat Andre Guhn.

Powell’s POV: Isaacs lost a lot of matches after joining the Strictly Business faction in season two, so it was good to see him get a win in this match. It’s interesting that he’s being a little more aggressive with Valentine. He was smitten last season, but it looked like they might be going for a Randy Savage and Elizabeth dynamic in season three if I’m reading the post match scene right.

Footage aired of Thunder Rosa defeating Allysin Kay to win the NWA Women’s Championship at the Hard Times pay-per-view followed by Melina and Marti Belle celebrating wit her… An NWA merchandise ad aired…

A video package showcased the issues between The Pope and Eddie Kingston, and showed being manhandled by the Dawsons while Pope looked on…

Kyle Davis stood at the interview desk and introduced Thunder Rosa, who was followed by Melina and Marti Belle. Davis said he didn’t realize Melina and Belle would be joining them. Davis asked Rosa about winning the title. Melina took credit for having it occur under her guidance. Davis said the audience would like to hear from Rosa. Melina said “we” taught Allysin Kay a lesson. Davis announced that Kay was using her rematch clause on next week’s show. Rosa said that if she has to fight AK a million times, she will win each time. She said no woman on the planet can stop her. Melina displayed a look of being unimpressed. Rosa spoke about the night she won the title being the best night of her life and career. Melina said they would save the emo crap, then led Rosa away from the desk…

Powell’s POV: A strong segment with Rosa coming across likable while Melina acted jealous of her former underling’s success. I’m already looking forward to the rematch between Rosa and Kay, as their match stole the show at the Hard Times pay-per-view.

A graphic hyped new NWA TV Champion Ricky Stars as coming up… Highlights aired from Hard Times of Stu Bennett announcing the Crockett Cup tournament pay-per-view event and noting that it would be held “somewhere bigger.” A graphic listed the event for April 2020…

A recap aired of the Aldis promo from earlier in the show. Footage aired from the closed studio segment with Marty Scurll complaining that he’d waited 20 minutes for Aldis and saying he had things to do…

Footage aired from Hard Times of Ricky Starks defeating Matt Cross, Tim Storm, and Trevor Murdoch to win the tournament to become the NWA TV Champion…

Powell’s POV: By the way, they are including graphics advertising the replay being available on FITE.TV whenever they show footage from Hard Times. It’s a little thing and yet it’s a wise move, as that show can be purchased anytime, and lord knows it was a loaded weekend of pro wrestling with the Royal Rumble, Worlds Collide, and Smackdown taking place.

Dave Marquez interviewed Ricky Starks on the interview set. Starks held his title belt in front of him and said that he had to go through three of the baddest guys he’s ever been in the ring with. Starks said he’d have to defend his title nearly every week. He mentioned Arn Anderson, Dusty Rhodes, Tully Blanchard, Ernie Ladd, Nick Bockwinkel, Terry Funk, and Austin Idol holding the NWA TV Title or the NWA National TV Title in the past. Starks said he’s not trying to rewrite history, but he wants to add a few more pages to the book. Starks called out Zicky Dice.

Zicky Dice made his entrance by strutting into the studio. Dice said he was impressed that Starks went through three men to win the title. Dice said he would be the new champion if the office hadn’t brought in some freak who doesn’t even work for the NWA. Dice boasted that his glasses cost $6,000, his earring cost $4,500, and he claimed his fanny pack cost $16,000. Starks said that since Dice was talking expenses, Dice’s mouth was writing checks that his behind couldn’t cash. Starks challenged him to a match on the spot, and Dice accepted…

A graphic hyped the Aldis and Scurll segment for later, as well as Starks vs. Dice for the NWA TV Title… A graphic hyped the Hard Times replay…

Powell’s POV: Good mic work from both men. Starks kept referencing Hard Times as occurring the day before, which was actually the case, but I’m guessing they don’t want the show to feel dated. Dice is quickly growing on me. He’s over the top and reminds me a bit of Diamond Dallas Page during his run as a manager of Badd Company in the AWA. Dice is a good heel and I think he’ll be more prominently featured this season, but I think he’ll be a good babyface when the time comes due to his gift of gab.

2. Ricky Starks vs. Zicky Dice for the NWA TV Title. The 6:05 time limit was in play. Dice went for his finisher, but Starks suffered it and hit The Stroke for the win…

Ricky Starks defeated Zicky Dice to retain the NWA TV Title.

Powell’s POV: A solid match and a nice showcase win for the new NWA TV Champion.

Galli interviewed new NWA Tag Team Champions Eli Drake and James Storm at the interview desk. The fans chanted “talk to us” at Drake, who gave them a couple of “yeah’s” and then delivered the “let me talk to you” line. Galli asked if they have a team name. Drake said they just need to be called the champs. Storm started to deliver his catchphrase when he stopped because he noticed Aron Stevens and Question Mark coming out

Stevens introduced himself as the third degree NWA National Champion and Question Mark as the master of karate. Stevens spoke of his courage and bravery while noting that Scott Steiner couldn’t get the job done in their NWA National Championship match. Galli pointed out that Stevens actually ran away and left his sensei high and dry. Stevens said he didn’t run, he had to be somewhere right after the match.

Storm said Stevens looked like the stupid cow from Chick-fil-A, just not as athletic or as rich. Fans chanted “Chick-fil-A”. Storm told a couple of corny Bruce Lee jokes. “For the sake of humanity, I hope you are sterile,” Stevens responded. Storm told more jokes. Stevens asked Storm if he drove to the building by himself. Storm was satisfied and walked away while drinking his beer. Drake called him back, saying he needed a drink. Drake took a swig from Storm’s bottle.

Drake told Galli to do him the favor. He gave Galli a number and told him to pass it on to Stevens and Question Mark, adding that they’ll get to them when their time comes. Drake and Storm were applauded as they walked away. Stevens said he and Question Mark were coming for the tag titles.

Trevor Murdoch walked onto the interview set. He said he went to hell and back at Hard Times, and praised Ricky Starks for being the better man. Murdoch said Starks is a fighting champion and that’s why he respects Starks, but he can’t say the same for Stevens. Murdoch accused Stevens of running at the Hard Times pay-per-view. Drake and Storm were shown standing in the crowd. Murdoch said he went to the NWA and got himself a shot at the NWA National Championship on next week’s show. Question Mark delivered a Mongrovian Spike to the throat of Murdoch…

Powell’s POV: A fun segment. Storm seemed to have fun entertaining himself. The jokes were corny, but he had so much fun telling them that the live crowd ended up having a good time with him. Murdoch continues to be an effective no nonsense babyface. I’m disappointed that we’re not getting more of Stevens vs. Steiner at least to start, but that no nonsense style makes Murdoch a fun foil for the hilarious Stevens.

Footage aired of Nick Aldis defeating Flip Gordon to retain the NWA Championship at the Hard Times pay-per-view… A graphic hyped the Aldis and Scurll meeting as coming up next… An NWA merch ad aired…

Marty Scurll was shown asking someone off-camera how long Nick Aldis was going to make him late. He noted that he’d been there 20 minutes and had things to do. Scurll asked if someone could call Aldis, who then arrived in the empty studio and sat down on one of the two chairs that were next to the ring. Aldis apologized for making Scurll wait. Aldis said he asked Scurll to be there so that he could make him understand the position that he put him in.

Aldis said he tried to be patient and tried to be a nice guy by looking the other way. He said it gets him really pissed off that he goes above and beyond for the company and anyone who writes a check for him, and yet he has a reputation for being difficult. Aldis noted that he and Scurll were friends since they were teenagers. He said they both know people who act like nice guys and are not that way behind the scenes. Aldis said he thought Scurll was different.

Aldis said that when Scurll got hot, no one was there for him more than he was personally and professionally. He recalled Scurll challenging him for the NWA Championship last year. Aldis said the belt defines him as a pro wrestler at this point. Aldis said he accepted the match because Scurll was deserving of an opportunity and they were able to headline a pay-per-view together. Aldis said they left it all in the ring and he nearly passed out due to blood loss. Aldis said he got his hand raised and they embraced like brothers and that should have been the end of it. Aldis said he’s not taking credit for anything Scurll has done for himself. Aldis spoke about Scurll getting a life changing deal. He said Scurll had his thing while he had his own.

Scurll recalled Aldis saying that the belt defines him. Scurll asked what defines him. He said he’s heard that he should have won at Madison Square Garden and the Crockett Cup and that he should be the champion. He said he has to live with fans saying that all the time. Scurll said he feels like a failure. “Cry me a river, why don’t you go put your silk pajamas on and go take a look at your bank account,” Aldis said. Scurll said is has nothing to do with money, it’s about the championship.

Scurll said that while he was making little money on the independent scene, Aldis was the TNA Champion. He said he’s never been a world champion. He spoke of how close he came to beating Aldis in their last match. Scurll said he knows he can beat Aldis. He said he doesn’t think Aldis was satisfied with his win over Scurll. Aldis pointed out that he made Scurll tap out. Aldis asked how many shots Scurll wants. Scurll said it doesn’t have to get hostile. He said he wants one more shot. Scurll said that Aldis could take the money, he just wants the shot.

Aldis said he would dictate the terms. He said they could mark the one year anniversary of their last match by doing it at the Crockett Cup. Aldis looked into the camera and said the location is to be determined. He said cities and arenas could start bidding because they were going to make it happen and it was very real. Aldis looked back at Scurll and referred to him as “Big Money Marty” and “Mr. Box Office.” Aldis said everyone knows Scurll has the money, but what happens if he has to pay for his defeat, his greed, and his ego.

Aldis said that if he beats Scurll, then Scurll has to personally cut a check to refund every fan’s ticket in the building. Aldis called it a money back guarantee. He said Scurll claims it’s not about the money, but it kinda is and there’s nothing wrong with that. Aldis said it feels pretty damn good to be champion, but what good is it if he can’t use the belt to get paid himself. Aldis told Scurll to think about the money back guarantee. He held up the title and said that if it’s worth the personal risk of paying back all the people then Scurll knows where to find him. Aldis walked away while Scurll acted like he was contemplating the offer… The credits rolled to close the show…

Powell’s POV: An excellent segment that sets a unique stipulation for the pay-per-view. Assuming Scurll agrees, then it’s a strong hint that Scurll will be winning the NWA Championship. That may cause some fans to complain that the stipulation makes the outcome too predictable, but making fans feel like they are nearly guaranteed to see a big moment has paid off well in the past and likely will again. Overall, this was a strong episode that build nicely to two title matches next week and Aldis vs. Scurll at the Crockett Cup pay-per-view in April.


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    Drake told Galli to do him the favor. He gave Galli a number and told him to pass it on to Stevens and Drake,

    Aldis asked if someone could call Aldis

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