WWE 205 Live results: Anish V’s review of Tyler Breeze vs. Tony Nese in a non-title match, Isaiah Scott vs. Lio Rush, Ariya Daivari vs. Jeff Brooks

By Anish Vishwakoti, ProWrestling.net Staffer, (@AVX_9001)

WWE 205 Live on WWE Network
Streamed live on January 10, 2020 from Evansville, Indiana at The Ford Center

The show started with a promo recapping Brian Kendrick’s return to 205 Live and his attack on Danny Burch last week before getting into the first match. The broadcast team of Tom Phillips and Aiden English also made sure to mention that Tyler Breeze would be making his 205 Live debut on the show…

1. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Lio Rush. The wrestlers shook hands before exchanging quick kick attempts and pin attempts all of which were dodged by each other. Scott then locked up with Rush and got a hold of his wrist, Rush tried to flip out of it but Scott used his size to lock Rush down to the ground. Rush and Scott then entered into to a running exchange in which Scott tripped Rush and forced him to the apron.

Rush and Scott then feigned springboard maneuvers, with the exchange ending in Rush and Scott both flipping out of the ring and staring each other down. They got back into the ring and prepared to continue wrestling, but the Singh Brothers’ music hit and they danced down to the ring.

Rush and Scott didn’t let them dance for too long and they went to the outside to start brawling with the Singhs. Scott and Rush forced the Singhs to the outside and challenged them to a match and even though the Singhs protested, the match was made…

Lio Rush fought Isaiah Scott to a no-contest.

Anish’s Thoughts: So obviously these two guys could tear the house down if they had a real match, but I guess they’re destiny tonight at least lies in a tag team match playa!

2. Samir Singh and Sunil Singh vs. Lio Rush and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott. Sunil Singh started the match into the ring and was met by a head scissors whip by Scott before Scott got him in a headlock and dragged him to the corner where he tagged Rush in. Rush tried to kick Sunil, who grabbed his leg and backflipped him before slapping him straight across the face.

This allowed Sunil Singh to dash out of the ring and goad Rush towards his brother where he tagged Samir in to take control of Rush. Samir caught Rush in a chin lock for a while before tagging in his brother who did the same and used a body scissors lock as well. Rush tried to reach for Scott, and when the Singhs tried to double team him, he manage to evade their tag team moves and tag in Scott who rushed both the Singhs on his own.

Scott trapped both Singh bros in the ropes and hit them with repeating leg kicks in a spot which I think really got the audience into the match. Scott then used this damage dealt to tag in Rush who hit Sunil with the springboard stunner for the pinfall victory…

Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott and Lio Rush defeated Sunil Singh and Samir Singh.

Anish’s Thoughts: To be completely honest, I did not have any expectations for that match when it was announced, and while it didn’t blow me away by any means, I was pleasantly surprised by the way in which The Singhs built sympathy for the faces and allowed Scott to get the hot tag to a pretty great reaction. Props to Scott and Rush for building solid following for themselves on 205 Live.

3. Ariya Daivari vs. Jeff Brooks. Daivari locked up with a local talent, Jeff Brooks and started the match by thrusting him to the mat. Daivari also slapped him although this only served to anger Brooks. The local talent tried to rally and strike Daivari and toss him to the ropes but Daivari kicked him in the face and hit a Uranage followed by the Devil Lock Lariat to get the pinfall victory.

Ariya Daivari defeated Jeff Brooks.

After the match we saw a recap of Angel Garza’s victory against Jack Gallagher which resulted in Jack Gallagher losing his temper and assaulting Drake Maverick. It was announced that Jack Gallagher’s suspension as a result of that was over and that he would return next week, once a again as a ‘Gentleman.’

Anish’s Thoughts: Daivari looked very aggressive and after the match he hit Brooks with another lariat to really hammer home that he is indeed, a heel.

4. Tyler Breeze vs. Tony Nese. Tonight marked the debut on 205 Live of NXT fan favorite and the only ever opponent of Jushin “Thunder” Liger under the WWE banner, “Prince Pretty” Tyler Breeze. The two men started the match by circling each other and locking up, although Nese quickly disengaged to kneel and show off his muscles to the crowd.

Nese then grabbed a headlock on Breeze and shot him to the ropes to hit a shoulder block Breeze got right up and responded with a dropkick before taunting Nese by showing off his muscles. The two men then went back and forth trying to take control of each other’s back until Breeze was eventually able to kick Nese in the gut and clothesline him to the outside.

Breeze tried to roll Nese back into the ring, but a moment of hesitation allowed Nese to catch him coming in and take control of the match. Nese used this time to chop and stomp Breeze into the corner. Nese then took the time to taunt, allowing Breeze an opportunity to try and roll Nese up twice, but to no avail.

Nese then kicked Breeze square in the chest and locked in a body scissors to wear him down. Breeze eventually struggled out and was able to hit Nese with a couple of consecutive kicks. Nese blocked a kick and tried to hit the pumphandle slam, which Breeze escaped before trying to hit the Unprettier.

Nese and Breeze then fought to the outside before brawling there and re-entering the ring, where Nese hit Breeze with ground and pound. Nese then attempted his springboard Moonsault, but Breeze dodged and hit Nese with a Straightjacket Backbreaker. Nese kicked out of the subsequent pinfall attempt, but Breeze propped him up on the rope and hit him with a Superkick before going for another pinfall.

Nese kicked out again and got up groggy, Breeze tried for the Unprettier again, but Nese bounded off the middle rope and hit Breeze with a Hotshot followed by a Springboard Moonsault. Nese then tried to pin Breeze multiple times but wasn’t able to get the victory. Nese then hit Breeze with a dropkick and placed him in the corner to try for the running knee wash, but Breeze reversed with a Superkick to send Nese to the outside.

Nese rolled back into the ring and Breeze attempted a cross body which Nese dodged. Nese then tried to hit the pumphandle slam, but Breeze reversed this into a pinning maneuver and got the pinfall victory…

Tyler Breeze defeated Tony Nese.

Anish’s Thoughts: I think this was the perfect match to introduce Breeze to 205 Live, especially giving him an opponent the caliber of Nese, who has a similar narcissistic streak. Breeze and Nese worked a clever match that showcased both men’s move set and it was impressive that they did so without a built-in backstory, although the similarities between their characters helped.

Overall, this was a good 205 Live show with a couple of solid matches and a rather harmless squash match. The Singh Brothers schtick is still not convincing to me, but through the goodwill that Scott and Rush seemed to have with the crowd, it made for an entertaining segment. This combined with Breeze’s debut made it very watchable. Hopefully the shows in the coming weeks are the same, although I would like more emphasis on the NXT Cruiserweight Championship itself.



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  1. 1. Tom was in Blackpool, Byron replaced him
    2. the Singhs got pinned bcoz of Killshot (or Swerve I should say) Kick after the Stunner

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