01/18 Bar Wrestling 8: Happily Ever After Results – Will Pruett’s in-person report on Candice LeRae’s last indie appearance taking on Joey Ryan, and more!

By Will Pruett, ProWrestling.net Senior Staffer (@wilpruett)

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Bar Wrestling 8: Happily Ever After
Baldwin Park, California at 
American Legion Post 241 
For photos from this show, check out this album.

1. Brian Cage defeated Scorpio Sky. This was a fun opener with the faster and more agile Sky using speed against the powerful Cage. The finish was a little awkward, but such is life.

2. ‎Killer Baes (Laura James and Heather Monroe) and Brodie King defeated Team Tremendous (Dan Berry and Bill Carr) and Taya Valkyrie. This was originally The Killer Baes vs. Team Tremendous, but the Baes realized they needed some help, leading to Brodie King entering the match. Team Tremendous countered by bringing out Taya. I really enjoyed the character work of James and Monroe in this match and hope to see more from The Killer Baes in the future.

3. Jeff Cobb defeated Luchasaurus.

4. ‎Eli Everfly and Delilah Doom defeated Joey Janela and Penelope Ford in a tornado tag match. I think Delilah Doom might be my new favorite wrestler. She was the highlight of this match, showing a ton of fire. This was a wild brawl with a lot of flying and big bumps. It had a few clunky moments, but was delightful.
Intermission happened.

5. Billy Gunn defeated Hot Young Briley. Before the match could begin, Gunn took the mic and promised we wouldn’t see anything like the great wrestling we saw in the first half of the show from him. The self deprecation lead to the crowd adoring him. Gunn and Briley (who is the brother of Dolph Ziggler) stalled for over five minutes, with chants of “You still got it” and “Fight forever” ringing out. Once it started, the match was pretty basic. Gunn won with the FameAsser.

6. PPRay (Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas) defeated The Carnies (Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful) and BBoy and Willie Mack in a triple threat tag team match. This match brought the action the match before it did not. It wasn’t announced as a tornado match, but ultimately was one. It was a fun action-packed spectacle. It was my first exposure to The Carnies and they definitely didn’t disappoint.

7. Candice LeRae defeated Joey Ryan. This was Candice’s last indie appearance. She started in the Southern California scene and her indie career ended here. There were emotions. The crowd greeted her with a ton of streamers and signs with her cupcake logo printed on them. Before they started wrestling, Candice got one last hot tag from Joey. Once the match began, Joey played the antagonistic jerk rather well, setting Candice up to make a comeback and get the win. There was a bag of gummy bears, the Joey Ryan penis spot, and a fair amount of Balls-plexes from Candice. This was great.

After the match, Candice took a bow in the ring. Candice and Joey embraced. She got a mic and said she wasn’t good at speeches and public displays of emotion. She had her mom and nieces come into the ring and sing happy birthday to her mom. Joey spoke about how much Candice has meant to his career, saying she helped him love wrestling again.

My Take: This was a very fun show in a fun venue. Bar Wrestling provided a great experience, especially for the $20 ticket price. Nothing on this show was bad. Nothing disappointed. It was a solid night of wrestling! I’ll definitely be attending more of their shows in the future.

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