Pete Gas on passing on a TNA job because he wouldn’t badmouth the McMahon family, seeing them at the White House

Wrestledelphia Interview: Pete Gas
Host: John Corrigan
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Whether it’s true Jeff Jarrett once offered him a spot in TNA on the condition that he would have to bash the McMahon family: “It’s partially correct. I had been out of the business and TNA was an opportunity. It hadn’t really been formed yet, but Jeff had everything lined up and he knew I was interested in wrestling. When I spoke to him about it, he said, ‘Pete, you know we’ll have to bring you in as the Mean Street Posse, not with that name because WWE owns it, but as Shane’s buddy. You’ll most likely have to bash the McMahons.’ I had a real problem with that because they gave us our break. We did what we had to in order to maintain that job and get a reaction from the crowd and that’s how we stayed around. But I just couldn’t see myself bashing the McMahons. There’s no way I could do that after how much love and respect they’ve shown me, and how much I have for them.”

On seeing the McMahon family hanging out at the White House: “It doesn’t surprise me, but yeah it’s kind of cool because you’ve got Vince and Linda in the photo, Triple H and Steph, Shane O and Marissa, and all their kids. It’s cool to see the whole family together. They’re a very close family and that’s what’s great about them. The best compliment I can ever give that family is with all the money they have, you would never know it by the way they act. They’re such great people who care about others.”

Other topics include his autobiography, Shane McMahon contacting him after he was released by WWE, whether he is bringing his gear to WrestleMania weekend.

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