Lilian Garcia explains her decision to leave WWE and whether he’s open to returning, whether the company should offer therapy to talent

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Lilian on her decision to leave the WWE for the first time since announcing it on Instagram: “Being at WWE is no longer an option. Being on road, skipping work, that’s never been me…you just can’t call in sick or take a leave of absence there, it just doesn’t happen. So it’s the right time for me to be gone from WWE for sure. I can spend way more time with him which is priceless.”

On how she misses WWE and her father feels guilty: “My dad feels really super guilty about this. He feels like everything that’s done, he feels like, I mean I’ve been at WWE for 15. So he’s feeling so bad and so responsible for this because I missed work for so many days and because I’m not there and I just keep telling him, I want to be here, I want to be here for you. And I can’t even imagine being on the road right now. If I was still there, my heart. I would literally take off and be on a plane and be like “what the hell I shouldn’t be on a plane right now.” I want to enjoy every second I can with him. So I’m glad I’m not there for that reason. I miss the fans tremendously, I miss the show, I miss everybody I work with. I wish I would’ve even gotten to say goodbye, I didn’t even get to say goodbye. It was just these decisions that were happening so quick and everything. But I do have to say one thing. WWE fans are incredible.”

On whether she has interest in returning to WWE: “I have a love and a passion for WWE. And I received such beautiful e-mails from Vince, from Stephanie, from Triple H and just saying the door’s always open… we’ve all had such a great relationship over the years. If they were to call me to do something special…totally. I’d be all over it. It’s just a place that has really been good to me, and has been a wild ride.”

On whether WWE should offer therapy to talent: “”It wouldn’t have been a bad idea to have some kind of therapist to go “ok, so this has been your lifestyle and now here’s how I can help you transition into that.” So I think it’s a great idea and I’m all about therapy.”

Other topics include Chyna, Eddie Guerrero, being approached by another pro wrestling company, and more.

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