Jim Ross comments on fans taunting Roman Reigns, shares notes on how Cody Rhodes’ release would have worked when he was head of talent relations, discusses the return of Seth Rollins

imagesWWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of JRsbarbq.com. The following items are among the highlights. To order J.R.’s BBQ products, visit WWEShop.com.

Ross on Roman Reigns: “The live audience chanting ‘You Can’t Wrestle’ at Roman Reigns was an embarrassment. Fans don’t have to like a talent if that’s their choice but to express such a snarky, ‘listen to me’ chant just doesn’t seem like a good thing. At times, these chants feel that they are from self absorbed, attention starved fans who feel compelled to make sure that everyone within ear shot knows how they feel. I get the theory that if I pay my money I can say whatever it is that I want but is that actually necessary? Obviously these fans don’t feel so strongly about their opinions that they do not attend said events.”

Powell’s POV: The inaccuracy of the chant gets me. Reigns has had memorable matches with Daniel Bryan, Brock Lensar, and AJ Styles just to name a few. He’s not the best wrestler on the roster and fans will be quick to give the credit for those matches to his opponent, but Reigns has held up his end during each of those matches. That said, I can’t say it bothers me that the fans are voicing their opinions. Fans have chanted the same thing at John Cena even though he had a more impressive body of work. WWE is recycling Cena explanations by telling us that whether you love or hate Reigns, you have a strong opinion. The fans are merely expressing that opinion even if it isn’t accurate.

Ross on Cody Rhodes: “Best wishes to Cody Rhodes as he is beginning a new chapter of his professional life after requesting and being granted his release from WWE. It is customary when a talent asks for a release with time remaining on their contract that the release is granted conditionally and the talents generally can’t wrestle for another company that has a television program on national TV until the previously agreed upon terms of the contract have been satisfied. I am unaware of how these matters are handled today. Nonetheless, Cody will be fine going forward as he has too much going for him to fail.”

Powell’s POV: Interesting insight from the former head of talent relations. So Cody could be sidelined until his deal would have expired if WWE insisted upon that being included in the terms of his release. Cody will turn 31 next month, so time is not working against him. Plus, he has quite the family lineage, so I also believe he will do well independently or wherever he opts to work next in the pro wrestling industry.

Ross on Seth Rollins: “Nice to see Seth Rollins healthy and back on TV and he helps the WWE lay of the land immediately. I think Rollins needs to be a heel now and when he turns on those cheering him that can be attained. However it’s likely that some defiant fans will cheer Rollins even though the talent that they allegedly support is working his tail off to be booed.”

Powell’s POV: Rollins can turn the fans against him, but I also think he could be the top babyface that Vince McMahon desperately wants Roman Reigns to be if he were given the chance. If they refuse to turn Reigns, then it feels like they need feature Rollins as a heel because there is such a lack of strong, meaningful heels right now.

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