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Dutch Mantell (a/k/a Zeb Colter) one-man show review: “Dutch’s show can be summed up in two words: Freaking Hilarious”

dutch1Dot Net reader John Chastian of Ringgold, Georgia attended Dutch Mantell’s one-man show in Chattanooga, Tennessee at Comedy Catch on Thursday and sent the following report.

I got to the Comedy Catch about 6:40. Show started a bit late but not too much. If you’ve never been to this club, I highly recommend it. It is set in a historic part of downtown Chattanooga, it’s a beautiful part of the city. I am a huge fan of wrestling and a comedy fan too but I bought a ticket not knowing what to expect. It was a good crowd for a Thursday night. The opener Chris Killian, who introduced Dutch, was a good, seasoned pro.

Dutch’s show can be summed up in two words: Freaking Hilarious! I thought the show would just be wrestling stories like Jim Ross’s show, but it’s nowhere close. He wraps punchlines around stories, which he masterfully blends in. He goes into a story and then kicks out with the punchline.

I went to work this morning with three new jokes that I’ve never heard before and my co-workers now think I’m a comic genius. Thanks, Dutch.

The show lasted an hour and never dragged. I have been to Mick Foley’s show and Jim Duggan’s too, but Dutch’s show is better and more topical in my opinion. There were jokes about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and WWE. Dutch may be the best wrestler comic I’ve seen. He had great stories with a hilarious finish on his days in Memphis, Mid-South, and WWE. You have to see him to appreciate it. His Hulk Hogan Gawker sketch is F’n brilliant. If you get a chance to see him, please do. I left the club still laughing. I made a good decision going to see him last night.

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