Length of time each WWE Royal Rumble entrant was in the match

Dot Net Member Efren Bojorquez send the following times for how long the WWE Royal Rumble participants were in the match from the time they entered the ring through their elimination.

Roman Reigns: 59:49 (including the 15-minute break)
Rusev: 1:30
AJ Styles: 27:49
Tyler Breeze: 0:57
Curtis Axel: 1:08
Chris Jericho: 50:47
Kane: 18:43
Goldust: 5:56
Ryback: 12:19
Kofi Kingston: 8:00
Titus O’Neil: 8:56
R-Truth: 0:37
Luke Harper: 23:34
Stardust: 13:57
Big Show: 4:21
Neville: 10:00
Braun Strowman: 17:44
Kevin Owens: 4:26
Dean Ambrose: 29:35
Sami Zayn: 4:33
Erick Rowan: 4:15
Mark Henry: 0:28
Brock Lesnar: 9:12
Jack Swagger: 0:15
The Miz: 1:38
Alberto Del Rio: 6:47
Bray Wyatt: 10:44
Dolph Ziggler: 7:00
Sheamus: 4:19
Triple H: 7:49 (winner)

Powell’s POV: The total match time was 61 minutes and 42 seconds. Many thanks to Efren for taking the time to compile this fun feature.

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