Tommy Dreamer on his WWE return, elevating The Wyatt Family

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Tommy Dreamer on elevating young talent like the Wyatts: “If you look at when the Dudleys returned and they worked with the New Day, look how the New Day got elevated. This business is about that. I was blessed to have veterans do that for me and with me. That’s part of the evolution of the business.”

On this latest run with WWE and reflecting on his career: “For me to be performing, I was very, very sentimental driving up to Boston. That was the first town I ever wrestled in outside of New York when I was coming up on the indies. Passing North Chelmsford, where I worked Big Vito’s first match in North Chelmsford High School and I’m 19 years old and Taz is next to me, and just all the times I’ve been there. That was my first Royal Rumble and then, again, to be back on that stage and that place was sold out and the crowd was electric. I thought it was a very, very strong pay-per-view for in-ring performances and again, for me just to be back there and the week before, wrestling against the Usos who I’ve known since they were kids or Roman Reigns who I met when he was a teenager because I know his brother and wrestled his brother. It’s great to still be at this age and still be able to compete and still be able to contribute to the business that I love.”

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