Evan Husney on the future of Dark Side of the Ring, why the show went on hiatus, rumors that WWE convinced Vice to do away with Dark Side of the Ring

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast with Evan Husney
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On the fourth season of Dark Side of the Ring: “Dark Side is in the works. You know, there’s still some things to work out, can’t say anything official yet. We’re in talks right now, there should be an official word — wink, wink, nod, nod — soon we hope. But basically nothing we can say definitively right now. But we aren’t done with the show in terms of what popular thought may be, or what the rumor and innuendo is on the wrestling newsletter circuit. [laughs] But we’re definitely not done with the show.”

On putting the show in hiatus: “It would have been incredibly challenging for us to do another season of Dark Side and this [Tales From the Territories] at the same time. We’re way too much of control freaks to be able to do both of those, in order to let somebody else do it. So it would have been too tough. And we wanted to give Tales From the Territories its best chance to be its own thing and kind of create another brand.”

On Dark Side of the Ring rumors: “It was some rumor about how WWE was putting pressure on A&E to not air our shows and it could be too controversial, so they were going to cancel it. VICE would never do that because it’s their most successful show. If Dark Side wasn’t successful, I could see not doing another season. It was this weird thing where, yeah, season three had some controversial moments, I could see where people put two and two together, we see that happen every day in the wrestling news cycle of people guessing with the rumor mill and speculating what one thing means and two things are similar, you put it together and you have a story. That’s how our news cycle works. I totally understand how people come to that conclusion. 99.9% of the time of anything, any conspiracy, is always the most boring answer or reason. In this case, the boring answer is that we just made another show for a second.”

Other topics include the new documentary series, The Rock, Seven Bucks Productions, the entire season of TFTT, who are the other territories coming up, what legends will join the show, will Dark Side of the Ring be returning, and more.



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