Roadblock on jumping in the ring with One Man Gang in an unscripted moment and whether it was held against him when he tried out for WWE/WWF, his time in WCW, working with Lex Luger


By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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One Man Gang attack incident: “What happened was, as I jumped in the ring, you know, like I said, I wrestled amateur my whole life. And you know, the last thing I’m gonna do is predetermine what I’m gonna do, because if it doesn’t go the way you plan on, then you got a serious problem. So I went in there, amateur on him, and I tried to do a double leg pick ’em up and slam ’em. Being 500 pounds, 6’10, and that’s his actual size. There’s no way that’s happening, especially if he’s not, uh, going for it. And so I just, you know, went amateur on him and I did, I put a Navy on him. I took him down. I’m, you know, greener than the grass. And I’m looking for the ref to, uh, count 1, 2, 3, and all of a sudden Slick, he jumped on my back with his cane and he started wailing on me and I didn’t feel anything at the time the adrenaline flow was going. Um, he pulled my hair and when he pulled my hair, you know, you gotta go where that goes. So I just got up and I turned around and now it’s him and me face to face. And I’m not looking to try and, you know, take anybody out like that. So I just mushed him away from me. And when I did that, I turned around and guess what? There’s the One Man Gang on his feet walking towards me and I’m backing up I’m saying, oh boy, what are we gonna do here now? My back is at the ropes and the security guards pulled my legs out from under the bottom rope. They pulled me out and, um, they put me in handcuffs and I ended up going to jail.”

On his tryout for the WWF: “I had a couple dark matches with Vince (McMahon). A lot of people could say whatever they wanna say, but Vince, Vince held a grudge against me because of the fact that, um, there were two times I had dark matches with him. And the two times I had dark matches with him I was brought to his office. And see Randy Savage, when he was over in Japan, Randy Savage and I got talking and this and that. I said, he’s (Vince) never gonna let me come work for him after I jumped in the ring. And so anyways, we get back, it just happened to be the weekend that I come home from Japan, and the WWF is in my hometown doing a TV taping and everybody’s there on TV tapings, and Randy Savage is there and he says, ‘Hey brother, Block, what are you doing, you’re home?’ I said, yeah. He said, let me come introduce you. Let me bring you and introduce you to Vince. I said, oh shoot. This… he’s gonna look out for me. You know what I mean? So he takes me to Vince’s office, and, um, Vince answered the door and he goes, yeah, what’s up. And Randy Savage says, you know who this is? And Vince says, no, and he’s looking at me. And Randy says, you don’t know who this is. He goes, no. And Randy Savage, instead of saying, well, he just got back from Japan, you know, he’s a good worker bada bing, bada boom, putting me over. He stuck it to me and said, this is the guy that jumped in the ring against, you know, when Hulk Hogan was walking to the ring against the One Man Gang.”

On his time in WCW: “You know, there were guys there that had much more talent than me that were even getting overseen and couldn’t get a push because they were just so stuck on the Hogans and, and the Nash, and the clique’s 1-2-3 Kid and Scott Hall. Lex Luger and Savage and, you know, they, they, they weren’t thinking about the other talent. They wanted to keep running on the old guys rather than get the new guys in there and give ’em a push. See, I wrestled Bill Goldberg in his second match ever. And what I mean by ever, Bill Goldberg never laced up a pair of boots before he wrestled Hugh Morrus. Hugh Morrus was Bill Goldberg’s very first match ever. It’s not like he was on the road. Like everybody else, you know, paying their dues. You know, I drove from Rochester, New York to Preston, Maine, which is a 20 hour ride, believe it or not, for $50. You know what I mean? Bill Goldberg never did that. That one time, you know, God blessed him. He was in the right place again at the right time. Cuz that’s what you know, it’s really all about and God bless him, but you know, um, I was Bill Goldberg’s second match or third match, second or third match.”

On a match with Lex Luger: “He couldn’t get me the first time and then he was struggling the second time. I said, give it one more time, give it one more time. You know what I mean? And we just timed it right. And he got me up there, you know what I mean? And how he dropped me, that that was a, another comment on the, uh, post. Oh man. He must have. He just dropped Roadblock, like a sack of potatoes, didn’t even care. And I felt at that point, you know, I am a big guy. I was like 400 pounds. Right. And you know, for him to just get me off the shoulders, you know, it was all good. I gotta watch out for myself. As long as he didn’t throw me, you know what I mean? He basically just lifted his arms and let me fall on my own. If you understand what I mean, it’s not like he tried to hurt me cuz then we would’ve had a, misunderstanding, and things wouldn’t have been the same.”

Other topics include breaking into the business, One Man Gang incident, time in Mexico, time in Japan, time in Puerto Rico, WCW, Goldberg, Lex Luger, Kevin Sullivan, Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, tryouts for WWF, Vince McMahon, and more.


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