9/2 NXT Level Up results: O’Connor’s review of Xyon Quinn vs. Dante Chen, Arianna Grace vs. Erica Yan, and Duke Hudson vs. Myles Borne

By John O’Connor, ProWrestling.net Contributor (@thereal_JOC

NXT: Level Up (Episode 29)
Taped August 30, 2022 in Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center
Streamed September 2, 2022 on Peacock/WWE Network

Duke Hudson made his way to the ring as the broadcast team of Sudu Shah and Nigel McGuinness welcomed us to the show…

1. Duke Hudson vs. Myles Borne. Tie up to a stalemate by both men to start. Hudson gained the advantage with a scoop slam to Borne. Borne applied an arm lock to Hudson and transitioned into a roll up for a near fall. Borne went to the top rope but Hudson cut him off. Hudson chopped Borne across the chest in the corner but was hit by a dropkick. Borne went to the top rope and hit a crossbody but Hudson rallied and hit a big boot to the face for the win.

Duke Hudson defeated Myles Borne via pinfall in 5:39. 

The commentary team hyped Arianna Grace vs. Erica Yan for after the break…[c]

John’s Ramblings: Good opener. Hudson and Borne gelled well together and I am impressed by the progress of both men.

2. Arianna Grace vs. Erica Yan. Yan gained the early advantage with an arm bar on Grace and applied a headlock. Grace responded with an elbow drop and a kick to the gut to take control. Yan rolled up Grace for a near fall but Grace transitioned into a wrist lock on Yan and applied pressure to the ribs. Yan battled back with a reverse elbow and hit Grace with a facebuster. Grace countered with a drop toe hold on Yan on to the middle turnbuckle and hit a slam mid ring for the victory.

Arianna Grace defeated Erica Yan via pinfall in 4:45. 

The commentary team hyped the main event…[c]

John’s Ramblings: A few rough spots but a decent enough women’s match for the time it was allocated.

3. Xyon Quinn vs. Dante Chen. Quinn bullied Chen into the ropes to start but Chen responded with clotheslines early. Quinn hit a side slam and follow up splash for a two count. Quinn continued to work on the back of Chen whipping him hard into the turnbuckle and applied a bearhug. Chen attempted to counter but Quinn kept cutting him off, going back to working on the back area of Chen. Chen hit a drop toehold and punches to the face of Quinn followed by a boot to the face for a two count. Quinn responded and hit the Samoan drop driver and forearm smash for the win.

Xyon Quinn defeated Dante Chen via pinfall in 6:00. 

John’s Ramblings: Quinn ended his losing streak on Level Up in dominating fashion. Quinn is a competitor that should be pushed but I would have liked if the win hadn’t come at the expense of Chen, who also needs to build up momentum.


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  1. I think Dante Chen is pretty ho-hum. I think they should move on from him. It might be only me, but I think that smile on Erica Yan’s hand is creepy. It gives me the Willie’s every time I see it.

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